Thursday, September 01, 2005

Football - Interesting Insight into Patrick Nix

It's interesting. We know Patrick Nix is the offensive coordinator. We also know that he doesn't call the plays. We also know that Coach Gailey thinks he's a bright young coach with a lot of potential. This article from the AJC digs a little deeper into a couple of Nix's key contributions from the past:

It's not always Gailey who does the tweaking. Two seasons ago at
Vanderbilt, quarterbacks coach Patrick Nix noticed the backside defender wasn't
staying home when Tech ran a handoff to the right side. So on the first play of
overtime quarterback Reggie Ball faked the handoff and bootlegged 25 yards for
what proved to be the game-winning touchdown.

Nix also calls the plays in Tech's two-minute offense, with Gailey having
veto power.

Well now, there's a concrete example of his contribution that I don't think we've heard at this point. Nice to see. Most Tech fans don't get a chance to see his contribution and unfortunately he's remembered for the UGAg 4th-down issue last season.

Also, here's a great case for watching the Georgia Tech / Auburn game from CFN.......... Tony Barnhardt writes a nice piece on the RamblinWreck car, which celebrates 75 years at Tech this fall............... Meanwhile, UGAg continues to celebrate the last time they won a national title, way back in 1980. Wow, 25 years. That's a LLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG time.

Travis Bell wants to kick the game-winner against Auburn. Fine by me.............. But folks, did you notice the level of praise heaped on Bell in that article. Man, they make it sound like Gailey thinks Bell could be the next "great one".

Gailey says he believes Bell is bound for kicking greatness.``I think
that's another step in him being the kicker that I think he's going to be at
some point in time,'' Gailey said. ``I think he might be one of the best in a
long time.''

Lastly, note this site, which gives the Jackets 20-1 odds to win the ACC Championship..... That is 7th best odds in the ACC.

Lastly, looks like GT has cut a deal to advertise on goal-post nets with All-State....... Here's more.

The goal-post nets are typically raised before field goal and extra point attempts to keep the football from going into the crowd after it passes through the goal post. Allstate will donate $300 to the school's general scholarship fund after each successful field goal and $100 after each extra point, the company said.