Friday, April 30, 2004

Celebrate GT Hoops with Coach Hewitt on May 3

Details here. If you live in town, BE THERE!!!

Coaches Gailey and Richt invited to Falcons mini-camp

Story here.

Where is the Hoops Talent in the 2005 class?

Story indicating that the talent level in next year's high school class is weak outside of the top 25 (story here).

Jeremis Smith wins DFW All-Star MVP / Dunk Contest

Jeremis Smith did it all, scoring 27 points (in a losing effort though) and winning the dunk contest. (story here).

Jeremis Smith of Dunbar led the Tarrant County team with a game-high 27 points. Smith, a Georgia Tech signee, highlighted the game with an array of dunks in the first half. At halftime, his dunking show continued in the slam dunk contest. Smith won the title over Tarrant County teammate Robert Lee of Eastern Hills. In the final round of the dunk contest, Smith ran the length of the floor and leaped just beyond the free-throw line for a crowd-pleasing dunk. Smith was also named MVP of the game.

Guess who was the MVP for the other team? None other than Joel Bosh. Any relation you say? Yes - the younger brother of our own Chris Bosh. Joel is a 6'8" player who was not recruited by GT and will probably sign with a mid-major squad.

More on the 5/8 Rule

Story by a KY paper that this will now officially allow them to offer R.Morris. Of course their real problem is not the limits of the 5/8. It is that they are already at the 13 'ship limit. So to make room for Morris, at least one player will have to leave or lose his 'ship.

Hargrove hangs tough Rams mini-camp (story here).

from article:
Third-round pick Tony Hargove, a defensive end from Georgia Tech, didn't get to see much of Martz. The attention he got from vocal defensive line coach Bill Kollar made up for it.

"He was at me all day," Hargrove said. "I think he was trying to break me down, but I wasn't going to give in."

Top Alabama Football HS Player Considers GT

Terrell Smith is considering Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, Florida and Georgia Tech. Not a bad list to be associated with. Showing yet again that we are starting to make the short lists of some talented kids.

Mike DeCoursey's Solution for the NBA

An age limit - not original - but the catalyst might be Maurice Clarett (story here). We will see. It would be hard for the NBA to use the same arguement as the NFL - their bodies are not ready for the pro game - since the NBA has proven that many of these kids are physically ready. From the article:

It is true the past two rookies of the year, Amare Stoudemire and LeBron James, entered the league out of high school. But the NBA as a business and basketball as a sport cannot afford to sacrifice their future for the rare players who develop rapidly and the shoe companies that adore them.

Of 25 highly rated U.S. high school players who entered the draft since 1995, seven are out of the league and three spent all or most of this season hidden on the injured list. Six others, including five lottery picks, averaged fewer than a dozen points. Basically, two-thirds aren't cutting it. And the list of collegians who entered the draft early without sufficient experience to make a difference or make a team is even longer.

Story on SELC Lacrosse Championship

Well, here is the story on the big win for the Jackets.

GT and UGAg eye Postseason Beesball

Still alive, both squads look to finish strong.

NCAA Overturns 5/8 Rule

Coach Bob Huggins likes the change (story here)............... While Coach Hewitt likes the dropping of the 5/8, the academic reform package that replaces it is not one of his favorites (story here). Quote - "The last I checked, across this country, high school students are receiving an education that varies in levels," he said. "If we have such a wide range in the quality of education that is given to young people, why should we blame them for coming from a school district that doesn't have the best funding? People at the NCAA have made an awful lot of money on kids they are going to turn their backs on." .............. Here is another quote from Coach Hewitt - "Two things are going to happen out of this rule - athletes are going to be encouraged to take the easiest major possible, and if you decide to change majors and you don't have the necessary credits in your major, you're going to become ineligible," Hewitt told the Baltimore Sun."............. Obviously Coach Hewitt feels strongly about this, because here is another quote to the Washington Post - "Walking in the door, if your desire is to find what computer science of engineering is all about," Georgia Tech men's basketball coach Paul Hewitt said yesterday, "and you decide after a year to change majors then you are going to lose credits and there would be no way for you to meet the percentages. . . . Instead of improving the opportunity for a kid to get an education, we are going to absolutely dumb down college athletics."

And check out the last part of that article - "Coaches and the NCAA are not on the same page, said Hewitt, pointing to a July meeting in Indianapolis between NCAA administrators and coaches regarding the academic reform proposal. There, he said, an NCAA administrator said: "It's simple, guys. All you have to do is start recruiting guys that look like graduates. I was offended by it, but I didn't take it personally," Hewitt said. "It reaffirmed in my mind that there is a major disconnect between what we're doing as coaches, what students are trying to achieve and what [NCAA administrators'] perception is of us."

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Recruiting early entry list

Here are a list of early entries to this year's NBA draft - high school seniors and non-senior collegiates. You have 5 high school kids so far.

Sympathy for Duke losing kids in hoops? NO WAY!!

Story on Duke joining the party when it comes to losing players early. This time they may not be able to make up for it.

Recruiting - Sebastian Telfair

Take it to the bank - Telfair is going pro - no question. He'll announce in early March. Story here.

Tyler Greene invited back to try-out for Team USA beesball. Here's the list of 19 collegiate players invited to try-out. Greene was on the team last year.

Duke Staff Still trying to Glaze Over Luol's brain

Ok, Luol, you will be a top 5 pick this year, but you could be the #1 pick next year and National POY if you stay. (And by the way, we need you more than you need us). Andy Katz is reporting that the game is not over yet.

Coach Gailey speaks to Dallas YJ Club

Interesting report from "txsting" over at the Hive. I especially like the recruiting tactics to counteract the UGA tactics:

"UGA (and other) coaches will recruit against us by showing recruits our Calculus book and asking them if they want to go through that. Our coaches respond by appealing to the competitive nature of the kids - i.e. "they (UGA) don't think you're smart enough to handle it!"

Where are they now - Bryce Molder

Looks like he will be paired with Kevin Costner at the BMW Charity Pro-Am this weekend, along with Brian Hull as a 3rd. (pairings here). Evidently Molder last year was paired with Costner's then girlfriend (now wife) - per "BigOldStinger" at the Hive, so they must have developed a shine to one another.

What an honor............................................... for Kevin Costner to be paired with a Tech man.

Dave Telep thinks Morris will end up at GT...

Evidently he was on the radio up in Raliegh NC yesterday - going through a bunch of recruiting notes. Said he believed Morris would chose college and would eventually chose GT over UK. Time will tell. Thanks to "Y Jacket" over at StingTalk for sharing that comment.

Weekend Beesball Series Changed

It will now be a Sat / Sun series with a doubleheader on Saturday. Why? Exams - although maybe GT will have an advantage. Our exams are over on Friday, while NCST starts their exams on Monday. Maybe our guys will be clear-headed with lower stress while NCST will have tests are their minds.

Blackwood named ACC Beesball POW

Congrats Steven!! Keep it going (story here)

O'Connor named Director of Basketball Operations

Story here. I could be wrong, but I think this is the guy who called Coach Hewitt and tipped him off about Luke Schenscher, who had originally committed to Drexel.

Baseball Recruit that Never Was...

Story on David Wright, the kid that was supposed to be Mark Teixeira's replacement at 3rd base, but never made it to college, heading right for the Mets farm system.

Volleyball team inks a top 50 star

Looks like even our volleyball team is in solid hands with Coach Bond Shymansky (story here)............... In other smaller sport news, GT WON the Div A Lacrosse championship by taking down Florida - congrats!!

The Strain of being an AD

Interesting article on changes in the job of Athletic Director.

Football Recruiting

Check out Aaron Lewis, a talented defensive end recruit. (story here). Quote - "This is exciting and I hope things go well. Right now, I am open and I like Florida State, Michigan, Georgia Tech, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Notre Dame."........... Now, isn't it nice to be mentioned in the same breath as FSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc. If Coach Gailey can continue to improve his recruiting classes as he has 3 years in a row, we will be just fine. No doubt we are more and more being mentioned in many of the top players' top 3-5 schools. Oh we may not win them all, but win one this year, maybe 2 next year, maybe 3 the following year, and who knows.

Here's an article about the psychology of championship rings, with a quote from a kid who eventually plans to transfer to GT and the football program - Andrew Schmidt (story here).

New NCAA academic reform package

Well, it looks like a new academic reform package will be put in place that requires athletes to make steady progress towards their degree, and Coach Hewitt does not seem to like the new proposal any better than the one already in place.

Coach Hewitt:
"Two things are going to happen out of this rule - athletes are going to be encouraged to take the easiest major possible, and if you decide to change majors and you don't have the necessary credits in your major, you're going to become ineligible," Hewitt said.

You know what - he is right. You start penalizing schools by taking away 'ships if players are not making enough academic progress and you are going to see more "basket weaving" majors than ever before. How many engineering majors do think we will really see among our student athletes - not many.

Where are they now - Bobby Ross

Looks like Coach Ross is steadily building confidence on the Army team.

Utah signs 7-foot white guy from Australia named Luke

Story here. Not kidding - Luke Nevill - and Coach Hewitt had made inquires for the guy as well. So now two big men (Pettway the other) have passed up on GT as we wait for R.Morris's decision. While on the surface this can look frustrating, don't get too frustrated, because here is the situation.

1. We don't know if these guys would have actually chosen GT had we NOT been pursuing Morris
2. We will be fine next season in the middle with Luke, Tarver and incoming frosh Ra'Sean Dickey. We don't need to fill that 'ship
3. Evidently next year's high school seniors have a strong class of big men, so no doubt Coach Hewitt will look to grab one of those talented guys to build around.

Of course the most frustrating aspect of this is it appears our best opportunity to win it all really is next season. After next year we lose Isma'il, Luke, Elder, McHenry, Bynum and likely Jack as well. That's 6 major contributors. Of course with the 4 guys already coming in the program seems to be in good hands, but we will be back to the youth cycle. Add Morris next season would seem to really give us incredible strength down low AND at the guard spots. The weakest part of our game last year - the half court set - would be instantly strengthened. But in the end, we are still going to be VERY strong in the middle.

Oh, the possibilities.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Tony Hargrove shaves his legs???

Ok - check it out here: "Rams draft pick Tony Hargrove, a defensive end out of Georgia Tech, shaves his legs three times a week, believing this ritual makes him faster, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Maybe he can compare techniques with team owner Georgia Frontiere. "

Good recruiting wrap-up for hoops - all ACC teams

Nice review by team, including a detailed look at the Jackets.............. Here's a story about one of Duke's keys to success next season now that Deng is leaving - keeping S.Williams out of foul trouble.

GT Upsets FSU in Lacrosse - what does it mean?

Always good to take down these guys, but certainly these are not major bragging rights. Congrats to the Jackets!! Story here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It's Official - Deng is Gone

L.Deng will enter his name into the draft - but won't sign with an agent - so an outside shot he could return (right).

JP Foschi signs with Jets

Congrats to JP - (story here).

Jonathan Smith

Well, this is a fairly brutal assesment of J-Smith's game at WR from I can buy a lot of it, but a "questionable work ethic" seems a bit fishy.

Remember playing "21" ???

Just a fantastic article about that brutal game most of us played growing up in hoops.

Beesball team looks to make a final run for the post-season

Make no mistake - the Jackets beesball team is not dead for the post-season. They are squarely in control of their destiny. Whether they make it happen is another story. Here is a story from the Macon Telegraph. GO JACKETS!!

Where are they now - Andy Hall

Can Andy shake the tag of a non-Div I-A player and prove himself in the NFL? I sure hope so (article here).

Recruiting - more on Pettway

Blurb from ESPN on A.Pettway going to OSU.

Where are they now - Chris Bosh

Made the all-NBA rookie team (story here).

National Football Title Game Unlikely

But the NCAA board is talking about it. Guess who is a member of the board? None other than our own Dr.Wayne Clough. (story here).

Monday, April 26, 2004

Nice story on Daryl Smith

Very nice article on D-Smith - talking about guys who make plays, and that he is one of them.

Stroke of Genius set to hit screens

Story on the movie and some facts about lead Jim Caviezal.

Hugh Reilly signs free agent deal

... with the Titans !!! Couldn't find any mention of JP Foschi signing any deals.

NFL Draft Picks - by ACC team

A look at draftees from ACC teams (thanks to the NCST board for this):

Clemson (2)
DT - Donnell Washington (3rd, #72) - Green Bay
WR - Derrick Hamilton (3rd, #77) - San Francisco

Duke (1)
OT - Andrew Strojny (7th, #203) - New York Giants

Florida State (5)
OLB - Michael Boulware (2nd, #53) - Seattle
RB - Greg Jones (2nd, #55) - Jacksonville
DT - Darnell Dockett (3rd, #64) - Arizona
OLB - Kendyll Pope (4th, #107) - Indianapolis
WR - P.K. Sam (5th, #164) - New England

Georgia Tech (5)
ILB - Daryl Smith (2nd, #39) - Jacksonville
DE - Tony Hargrove (3rd, #91) - St. Louis
OLB - Keyaron Fox (3rd, #93) - Kansas City
OT - Nat Dorsey (4th, #115) - Minnesota
WR - Jonathan Smith (7th, #214) - Buffalo

Maryland (5)
S- Madieu Williams (2nd, #56) - Cincinnati
DT - Randy Starks (3rd, #71) - Tennessee
OLB - Leon Joe (4th, #112) - Chicago
TE - Jeff Dugan (7th, #220) - Minnesota
RB - Bruce Perry (7th, #242) - Philadelphia

Miami (9)
S - Sean Taylor (1st, #5) - Washington
TE - Kellen Winslow (1st, #6) - Cleveland
ILB - Jonathan Vilma (1st, #12) - NY Jets
OLB - D.J. Williams (1st, #17) - Denver
OG - Vernon Carey (1st, #19) - Miami
DT - Vince Wilfork (1st, #21) - New England
OLB - Darrell McClover (7th, #213) - NY Jets
CB - Alfonso Marshall (7th, #215) - Chicago
OT - Carlos Joseph (7th, #254) - San Diego

North Carolina (3)
S - Dexter Reid (4th, #113) - New England
CB - Michael Waddell (4th, #124) - Tennessee
OG - Jeb Terry (5th, #146) - Tampa Bay

North Carolina State (3)
QB - Philip Rivers (1st, #4) - NY Giants
OG - Sean Locklear (3rd, #84) - Seattle
WR - Jerricho Cotchery (4th, #108) - NY Jets

Virginia (1)
QB - Matt Schaub (3rd, #90) - Atlanta

Virginia Tech (5)
CB - DeAngelo Hall (1st, #8) - Atlanta
RB - Kevin Jones (1st, #30) - Detroit
C - Jake Grove (2nd, #45) - Oakland
WR - Ernest Wilford (4th, #120) - Jacksonville
DE - Nathaniel Adibi (5th, #145) - Pittsburgh

Wake Forest (0)

Looks like Kerry Collins gone with the Giants

Make way for Sir Manning - and to Mr. Collins............. bbbbbbbbbbbye bye. (story here)

Mel Kiper has James Butler #9 on his "Big Board"

... for next season. (link here). See the list further down the page.

It's Official - Aaron Pettway to Oklahoma State

Well the Cowboy nation is probably happy tonight (story here). Pettway did commit to OSU. Guess who else is talking to OSU - none-other than UNC cast-off and busted drug dealer Jameson Curry.

Which teams had the most players drafted

Interesting look at draftees by school. Of note is that Miami had 6 players taken in the 1st round (holy cow).

osu - 14
miami - 9
purdue - 9
lsu - 7
arkansas - 6
pitt - 6
umd - 5
fsu -5
g tech - 5
va tech - 5
nd - 5
fla - 5
iowa - 5
neb - 5
alabama -4
auburn - 4
wash - 4
miss - 4
usc trojans - 4
tenn - 4
texas - 4
georgia -4
michigan - 4
ucla - 4
oregon - 4
oregon st - 4
penn st - 4
csu - 3
wash st - 3
wisc - 3
ok - 3
ok st - 3
nc state - 3
unc - 3
so. car - 3
so. miss - 3
stanf - 3
syrcuse - 3
clemson - 2
ksu -2
tulane - 2
tex tech - 2
msu - 2
ill - 2
rut - 2
col - 2
asu - 2
cal - 2
bc - 2
del - 2
hawaii - 2
virgina - 1
duke - 1

NFL Draft Notes

This site grades each team's draft picks. The Rams get a B-, who as part of their picks went for Tony Hargrove. The Vikings get a B+, including their pick of Dorsey. The Chiefs get a B+, with their pick of K-Fox. The Jaguars get a B, including their pick D-Smith. Buffalo gets a B-, who picked Jonathan Smith late in the draft........... Here's more on J-Smith - "Smith caught 78 passes for 1,138 yards and five TDs, but the Bills think his greatest chance to contribute will be in the return game. He averaged 11.7 yards per punt return and scored two touchdowns. Mularkey also couldn’t ignore the fact that Smith lined up as a quarterback and a running back on occasion, and don’t forget, Mularkey coached the original “Slash,” Kordell Stewart. ”I’ll be honest, that intrigued me,” Mularkey said. “They tried to get the ball in his hands. Whether he can do it at this level, I don’t know, but I know he had experience at a high level of competition.”.............. Here's more on Hargrove. Can you believe this guy came to GT as a 220lb QB with a 39inch vertical, and gained 50 lbs of muscle and left as a top defensive player weighing 270 with a 39inch vertical - and just as quick. Amazing.

Former GT QB Andy Hall is happy to be an Eagle.

The NBA Draft - notes

Well, Sebastian Telfair will make his decision known on May 5. It still looks strong towards skipping college. Shaun Livingston is another PG still figuring out what to do. He is projected as a top 10 pick and I don't see what type of sales job Coach K could do for the kid to keep him a Duke for a year. Maybe I'm wrong - but we will see.

Also note in this ESPN update that Randolph Morris will in fact make an announcement on May 6.

Today we are also likely to hear about Aaron Pettway's decision - which looks to be either Ok.St. or Alabama - my guess is OSU.

Beesball standings

Here are the current ACC standings:

Team Conf. Overall
Virginia 14-4 35-9
Clemson 11-4 27-14
North Carolina 11-7 31-11
Georgia Tech 7-5 25-17
Florida State 6-6 27-16
NC State 9-9 27-16
Duke 7-9 22-20
Wake Forest 4-14 15-24
Maryland 3-15 18-24

What this means is that our NCAA hopes are alive and well. Critical series with NCST and Clemson are coming up.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Where are they now - Joe Hamilton

Joe goes 17-24 for 218 yards and 6 TD's. (story here).

College Football Honors "Unsung" Heroes

Not sure any more than you will find in this article, but two former GT football players, Rob Healy and Brad Bourne were honored by the Football Foundation Banquest of Champions with the "Bill Wade Unsung Hero Award". Congrats, even though I don't have a clue what it is about.

Where are they now - Bryce Molder

Guess who Molder's golf teacher is now - none-other than CBS Analyst Peter Kostis, who is evidently a well-know coach as well. Here is a nice story about him trying to turn his game around again.

Raptors were advised not to pick Chris Bosh...

... by Dr.Herbert Greenberg, who administers a psychological test that tries to evaluate players on their inner make-up. However, the good news is that Dr.Greenberg uses Bosh as an example of where he sometimes gets it wrong. (story here).

"But Greenberg says he has been wrong about some athletes. He advised the N.B.A.'s Toronto Raptors to steer clear of Georgia Tech's Chris Bosh, who just completed a solid rookie season."

The NFL Draft Marathon is Over

It ain't a sprint - it's a marathon. Could we please shorten the 1st round time between picks from 15 minutes to 10 at least? How about 6 picks per hour, not 4? Better yet, how about less?

Well, that aside, I sit here from Jacksonville FL (yes T) ona business trip reviewing the draft results. Overall the Jackets have five players drafted over the weekend (3 on day 1, 2 on day 2).

#39.....Daryl Smith.........Jaguars
#91.....Tony Hargrove....Rams
#93.....Keyaron Fox.......Chiefs
#115...Nat Dorsey.........Vikings
#214...Jonathan Smith...Bills

Also worth mentioning that former Jacket QB and transfer Andy Hall was drafted #185 by the Eagles (link here). All Jacket fans should wish him the best. Interesting - here is a QB that didn't get much PT at GT - transfers to Delaware and leads them to a National Championship - then gets drafted. Did we miss something here?

So let's look at stories on each of these guys:

Daryl Smith
Here is reaction from Smith on being selected. "The world lifts up off your shoulders," Smith said. "It's a great feeling."......... Same story but without the other crap - just Smith........... Smith is excited about being close to home in Jacksonville.................. Here is an interview.............. Here are HC Del Rio's comments on Smith.

Keyeron Fox
One comment on Fox's challenge on the Chiefs where his position is crowded - "The Chiefs' last pick of the day was their third-round choice, linebacker Keyaron Fox of Georgia Tech. Fox joins a crowded field of candidates for backup spots at outside linebacker. The field also includes Monty Beisel and Quinton Caver."............... This article shows that Fox is willing to do what it takes to play at the next level.............. Read here is you want to know why Fox chose GT over UGAg out of high school............. Here's some Q&A with Fox. On being asked about the Chief defense here was his quote - "Defense, from what I’ve been told, they need a little help.”

Tony Hargrove
Some great comments from Rams HC Martz -
“We are excited about Tony. Bill (Kollar) just went down and worked him out, again. The measurables were off the charts for a man his size. He had a terrific year, obviously he had academic issues last year and sat out, but the year before that, he’s what we look for in a defensive lineman. He has a terrific motor, I think he had a 39-inch vertical jump, 31 reps on the bench, he’s a big guy with speed that plays with a great deal of passion. He’s very athletic, he came to Georgia Tech as a quarterback.............. Interestingly, it appears that the Rams were poised to take QB Matt Schaub with the #91 pick, but when the Falcons took Schaub with #90, the Rams went for Hargrove instead.

We became intrigued with him in the last few weeks, and this is a guy that we spent a lot of time and did our homework on. We really felt like we’d like to have him in this draft and we felt like this was a guy that will ascend quickly, somebody that Bill can develop. All the tools are there. He’s a high-motor guy. He’s got a terrific test score. He’s got a 27 (wunderlic) test score. The athleticism, the speed, the strength, all those things that you’re looking for in a pass-rusher and defensive end are there, and I think this is a guy that will develop pretty quickly for us.”

On trying to keep Hargrove a secret: “We did. He made 11 trips. It wasn’t much of a secret. I think when you sit out a year like that, when that happens, people are always a little bit leary, but there’s a lot of character with this young man. And again, I can’t say this enough, we did our homework on him. We know a great deal about him. And passing the Kollar test, as far as the intensity and the willingness to play at that level, he has that, that high motor, along with his athleticism. The thing he just doesn’t have is experience. He just hasn’t been there very long. I think those things that we’re all excited about are the willingness, and obviously he’s smart enough to learn all those things.”

Here's another story on Hargrove with similar quotes.

Nat Dorsey
From the AP, here is a story on Dorsey. Dorsey also joins former Jackets Kelly Campbell and Nick Rogers on the Vikings........... Here's mention of Dorsey on insiders - "The Vikings added depth Sunday on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Offensive tackle Nat Dorsey of Georgia Tech needs to physically mature as he’s played only three seasons of college football but the fourth round pick has the skills to develop into a starter in the NFL"............... Of course we also have to remember that Dorsey was recruited to GT by none-other than George O'Leary, who just left the Vikings to take over the hc job at UCF................... For an interview with Dorsey click here............ Here's a full rundown on Dorsey's career.

Jonathan Smith
Smith will join former Jacket Joe Burns on the Bills. Here are Tom Donahue's comments on Smith being a "slash" type player - "I'll be honest, it intrigued me. Yes. I looked at all the returners, I looked at all the receivers, when you see in evaluations from scouts and you talk to head coaches - Chan Gaily down there at Georgia Tech - he's used him as a quarterback. They try to get the ball in his hands, whatever fashion it was - he's that type of guy. It does intrigue me. Whether he can do it at this level or not, I don't know, but I know he's at least experienced at a high level of competition, and that part can be used for us."................... Here's a full rundown on Smith's career.

WOW - Beesball team SWEEPS FSU AT FSU

No ACC team had done it yet - but GT put their game on the line and took it to the Seminoles. Absolutely outstanding. A 3-game sweep at FSU. Maybe the tourney isn't so dead after all. Remember what I said early in the year - could this be the year Hall reverses our fortunes and plays their best ball at the END of the year instead of the beginning? Hopefully they didn't wait too long.

Game 3 Re-cap

2007 Hoops Recruiting Board


Gani Lawal, 6'7", 170lb, GA, 5-star, offered
GT has already offered a 'ship to this talented young big man who is still growing. Long and slender, very athletic, runs the floor well, finishes well around the basket and has a soft touch. Certainly UGA and GT will be looking hard at this GA state prospect.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

A New Walk-On to the Football Team

We have a new wide-receiver - Tyler Davis, from Duluth, GA. (story here).

Jackets Crush FSU on the Road

Nice way to start a 3-game series in Tallahassee. Now if we can just take the next two. (detailed re-cap here). This was the first time we have beaten FSU on a Friday night since they joined the ACC.

NFL Draft today

Well, today is the big day for D-Smith, K-Fox, N-Dorsey, T-Hargrove, JP-Foschi, H-O'Reilly. Will they all get drafted? Where will they end up? The drama unfolds today............ Hargrove will watch the draft from his parents house (story here)............... Dorsey cannot stand the wait any longer (story here)............. Here are 3 mock drafts in one (Mel Kiper Jr is one), where D-Smith goes as high as #19.

The Boulware family has quite a legacy. Today Michael is likely to get drafted from FSU, older brother Peter was the NFL Defensive ROY and has a SuperBowl Ring, and older older brother Raleigh JR was a defensive lineman on the GT 1990 NC team. And notice that he is now an engineer. (story here).

Coach Gailey's new spring update

Head over to Coach's website for his latest write-up.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Luke's Posse T-Shirts had their 15 minutes...

... now it is the "Dumbdawgs" t-shirts. (story here).

Where are they now - Bobby Ross

Good article on Ross at Army.

Recruiting Notes

Coach Hewitt comments on the likely repealing of the 5/8 rule (story here)........... Here's a snippet on Alex Galindo and who's interested. No doubt Kansas has the upper hand.......... As far as Aaron Pettway, it's looking more and more like it's down to Ok.St and Alabama. Our eggs are in the Morris basket for now. Let's be realistic about this though. If we don't get Morris and we don't get Pettway and we don't get Galindo, and we don't get anyone else, we will still be in great shape for next season.

Where are they now - Jon Babul

This former GT player was just named Director of Basketball Operations at JMU. (story here). Congrats to Jon, as he goes to work for his former assistant coach Keaner.

Who's declared

Here's a good site to keep track of who's going and staying. Also, here are a list of head coaching changes.

Morris set to announce decision

It looks like May 6 is the date for his announcment. So where do we stand?

- UK insiders think once again that he is leaning towards UK
- National recruiting analysts talk more in terms of GT
- GT insiders are mixed - mostly not sure

It does appear that R.Morris and family are not making their intentions very clear - staying very tight-lipped. On the surface it appears that he is changing his mind a lot, but who knows for sure? We will know soon.

By the way, A.Pettway was going to visit last weekend, but did not, as the staff held him off. Now it looks like things have cooled with him. So the staff is sticking with Morris as the #1 guy.

Laugh of the Day

From Kirbee over at the Hive (link here);

Terror Alert System Announced For Stadium

by Harry Kanine

Athens - University (sic) of Georgia officials announced a new terror system for their football stadium today. Recent revelations about strange behavior surrounding football games led to the decision by University (sic) officials.

"People have always acted a little funny when attending football games" said Vince Dooley, recently ousted Athletics Director, whose programs recorded a probation every 4.16 years. "You know, it used to be barkin' and woofin' and screaming at our own players when they we losing. Now its like I don't even know these people." Mr. Dooley couldn't provide further comment because he said he was "like a dog after a bone to figure out how to expense all these damn caterers, lawn care workers, and contractors" called in by his wife.

The move to a Terror Alert System is due in part due to a recent report online by a Georgia booster named "Bulldog". Mr. Bulldog reported "roving bands of frat boys patrol the visitors section just calling people out."

This revelation comes after recent reports of University (sic) frat boys killing and eating a rabid raccoon and fans urinating from above on other spectators entering the stadium.

At the press conference, University (sic) of Georgia President Michael Adams stated that "the system should be simple enough for our fans, athletes, and visiting fans alike. We have a strong tradition at Georgia for elementary level testing and comprehension. Even our freshman students should be able to grasp the color-coded concept even if they don't know how many points a 3 pointer is yet."

"We just want the world to know that we love our Dawgs and we will do just about anything to get that through to people."

Prosser speaks on WF hoops

Interesting interview about their program.

Dorsey ready for draft to start

... or should I say, get over with. Sounds like he is a bit nervous, and likes to watch water boil. (story here).

Chaunte Howard - Track and Field

"Chaunte Howard of Georgia Tech, the NCAA indoor champion, equalled the carnival record in the college women's high jump with a leap of 6 feet, 31/4 inches and won the event for the second straight year."

story here

Thursday, April 22, 2004

ACC / Big10 Line-up Rumors

Rumors on the net have Michigan coming to AMC for the Challenge next season. If I hear confirmation I will post it.

GT High-Jumper Eyes Athens

That's right - the Olympics. (story here).

NBA Salaries

Look at this and tell me if you really wonder why high school ballers want to leave early. Can you say "bling bling". Can you believe K-Garnett is making $28 million per year? If you add up all the GT players on the list, you are talking the neighborhood of $35 million (8 guys).

Of course there is the good old rookie salary cap - here are the details of that.

Around the ACC

Nice article on Philip Rivers who could end up just about anywhere in the first 12 picks of the draft...........

In hoops, we heard yesterday about Derrick Byars deciding to transfer. Now freshman TJ Bannister gets arrested for disorderly conduct after a brawl at a frat house. Just what Coach Gillen needs in what could be his last season if things don't turn around.

Is coaching salary and shoe contract info public info? Probably. (story here).

Hewitt hitting the Recruiting Trail

The job never ends. Coach Hewitt just went out to Chi-town (Chicago) to visit talented PG Bobby Frasor. Coach Reese was in Las Vegas to visit with Jamal Boykin. Meanwhile one of the assistants was in Miami visiting David Heurtas.......... Not only that, Coach Hewitt will be at the Houston Kingwood Classic this weekend (story here). Hewitt will be one of the featured lecturers for a clinic for coaches.

Meanwhile on the R.Morris front, recruiting analysis Greg Swain evidently wrote in an article his "information" leads him to believe Morris will end up at GT. Also mentioned that A.Pettway was getting impatient with GT and would likely end up at Ok.St. Over at the Hive, someone reported that Dave Telep reported the same thing last week, although I never saw it myself.

In other news, CJ Giles, who has asked for his release from his LOI at Miami (after the coach firing) has yet to decide where he wants to go. GT has expressed interest, but of course we don't know if his release will be conditional.

Here's another look at UK, but some general comments on recruiting that are interesting........ Here's more on the 5/8 rule potentially being dumped.

College Players Dealing with Bloodsuckers...

... I mean agents. (story here).

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Recruiting Watch - Jermonte Bush

Story on a fast-rising Junior PG out of Tallahassee (story here). Getting letters from GT.

ACC Investigation - cable in the clubhouse?

... only "Sex and the City" is not the problem. More like closed circuit TV of the game you are playing. Of course if you are coaching, the best view is from centerfield - so you can get the signals. I guess Miami also likes to read their murder mysteries starting with the last page. Certainly not from our beloved ex-coach? Story here.

Nepotism is alive and well at Georgetown

Their new head coach - soon to be John Thompson. Yes you read right - only this is JT III - that's right "son of John". (story here).

Where are they now - Joe Hamilton

Short Q&A with Little Joe (interview here). Interesting that there is hardly mention of GT and college at all.

Where are they now - Keith Brooking

A nice story about giving back to his community.

"From TD's to Testimony"

Former NFL Running Back Derrick Moore is the GT football team's current chaplain - something I was not aware of (story here).

Gary Guyton ready to contribute

Well, linebacker positions have been the most up-for-grabs in the spring. We can expect increased competition in the fall when the new freshman show up, including Gary Guyton and Travis Chambers, among others. Here is a story on Guyton and the fact that he has added weight and increased his speed since signing.

"Shoe-pla, Hoop-la"

More from the Jordan Capital Classic, played on Saturday and replayed on ESPN2 tonight. I didn't see it, but did record it. Sitting here in Cowansville Canada with NO ESPN at all - only "TSN". Let's just say, if you like hockey, this is the place to be.

Anyway, looks like J.Jack was yucking it up with Lebron James. Also a report that Chris Paul was interviewed and said he needed to work on his strength and get as strong as Jack to be more successful in the ACC next season.

More on UK and the 5/8 rule

Well, Tubby may have gotten his silver bullet. It does not mean he necesarrily gets Morris, but abolishing the 5/8 rule could certainly help his case. Of course he still needs one more player off scholarship to make room for Morris. (story here).

NBA Rookie of the Year - did they get it right?

Generally you have to say yes - Lebron and Carmellow were clearly #1 and #2, but this article from SLAM! says that Bosh "got jobbed" by not being the #3 guy - instead coming in #5 behind Dwayne Wade and Kirk Hinrich. You know what - he is right - I can buy finishing 4th behind Wade. He could be considered the best player on that team. However, no way he finished behind Hinrich - NO WAY. The biggest factor is that Bosh played out of position. Starting center in the NBA for a 19 year old 6'11" 220lb guy going against 7 foot + guys at 280+. He had a very solid season considering the pounding he had to endure.

Let's compare stats:

Bosh......... 11.5 pts.....7.4 rbds.......45.9% FG.........35.7% 3pt.........70.1% FT%......1.0 assists.......0.79 steals......1.41 blocks......1.43 to's
Hinrich...... 12.0 pts.....3.8 rbds.......38.6% FG..........39.0% 3pt........80.4% FT%.......6.8 assists......1.33 steals......0.28 blocks......2.68 to's
Wade....... 16.2 pts.....4.0 rbds.......46.5% FG..........30.2% 3pt.........75.7% FT%......4.5 assists.......1.41 steals......0.56 blocks......2.0 to's

What this really shows is that it is hard to compare guards against centers - boards versus assists. But there is no doubt that Bosh took a more physical toll and still put up good numbers.

You know - this class is shaping up to be one of the top classes produced in a LONG time.

Where are they now - Charlie Rogers

Former GT kicker Rogers was cleared of charges in a bar brawl.(story here).

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A Blow for the Cavaliers

Their talented F/G Derrick Byars has announced his intention to transfer from the program (story here). That will certainly hurt their program.

Bob Gibbons - Exuding Modesty

Story here:

Gibbons also can take at least some credit for the trend of high school players forgoing college to play professionally. Gibbons was one of the early ones to discover Garnett, who became one of the first in a long line of players to go directly to the NBA. “Indirectly, I played a part in that,” Gibbons said. “I spotted Kevin when he was still a relatively unknown player in Mauldin and got him national exposure.”

I met this guy in Greenville SC last December. Had George Raveling sitting next to him - all the high school stars of the tourney made stops to his table courtside. Obviously modesty is not his strong suit. In this internet-driven, super-fanatical fan-following time in sports, he has found a niche and made a name for himself.

By the way - I shook his hand and asked him if the Jackets and Coach Hewitt had a chance at landing R.Morris. He answered - "A REAL good chance". Of course, we know that by now.

Indiana Recruit Josh Smith to go pro...

... so he will never step on the floor for Indiana (story here). I think that makes high schooler #2 going pro along with Dwight Howard.

Great Report from Rome GA and Coach Hewitt

A great report on Coach Hewitt speaking in Rome GA from "techfowl" over at Stingtalk (thread here). A lot of good comments about recruiting, growth of the players, the media, lunch with Mark Bradley, etc.

By the way, Coach Hewitt has now replaced Coach Keaner - with Peter Zaharis (story here).

6'11" Miami hoops recruit asks for release - GT mentioned

CJ Giles has asked for his release from Miami (story here).. He is a 6'11" all-state star from Washington who wants out. Here is the quote about his interests - "Several schools, including Washington, are interested in Giles. The list is known to include Arizona, Kansas, Duke, UCLA and Georgia Tech. "All the big guns," said Bethea."

However, let's not get our hopes up. It is not likely that Miami would release him unconditionally I sure doubt they would let another ACC school have him. (Remember Ed Nelson). Besides we are already of course in the running for R.Morris / A.Pettway....... and an outside shot at Alex Galindo....... and of course only one 'ship to give out.

More Trouble for the Butt-Sniffers

Imperonating an officer............ Theft........... two different incidents......... just what the Bulldogs need right now. (story here).


More on Luke and the Olympics

Written Bard at Ra'Sean Dickey

This story about the Capital Classic and Bradon Giles, mentions autograph seekers and Dickey's cold shoulder:

"Then there were the autographs. After the game, a handful of youngsters were hanging over the rail pleading to get Giles' autograph, and he happily obliged them. Not all of his peers were so kind. National game all-star and Georgia Tech recruit Ra'Sean Dickey brushed off a teenage autograph seeker with cold denial."

Let me say this - I saw Dickey play in Greenville SC last December. He stopped and talked to just about everyone in attendence prior to his game. He made the rounds around the arena, went into the stands, shook hands, signed autographs, etc. In fact, I even got Dickey's autograph. I asked him if he had been watching the Jackets and he smiled and said "yeah". The impression I got was a nice kid, nice smile, laid back.

I guess all it takes is one writer seeing something and putting it in print.

NCAA takes first step to eliminate 5/8 rule

Story here - don't know if this would be applied retroactively to this season - which could impact R.Morris's ability to go to UK. Probably the best news for fans of the true "student-athlete" concept, is that much closer monitoring of academic progress will occur and the ability of schools to add 'ships will be more closely related to academic progress. Stay tuned.

Lunch Bunch Report - Chan Gailey

Coach Gailey was the guest at Monday's lunch bunch. I was not there, but will pass along some comments from our Coach as told from people who were there:

1. Reggie Ball will absolutely BE the starting QB this season. There is no QB controversy with Patrick Carter. In fact, Carter's success has only assured him of one thing - that he will likely be put on the field at another position. Coach Gailey has said that he is too talented to have him sitting on the sideline.

2. Salih Beseravic has stepped up bigtime in the spring. He has gone from back-up to starting O-Line right tackle

3. Lavon Thomas will handle kick-off returns, but the punt-return duties are still open. Incoming frosh Patrick Clark is a possibility

4. Up to 10 of the incoming freshman could see PT on the field

5. Linebackers are KaMichael Hall, Gerris Wilkinson and Chris Reis - the incoming frosh could play as well.

6. Coach Gailey said that PJ Daniels is THE best pass-blocking running backs in the country. This is where PJ's back-ups need work.

Humanitarian Bowl Changes Name

Now it will be have the much sexier "MPC Computers Bowl" (story here)...... OOOOOoooooohhhhh, what a name. Honestly, we have been treading on the Bowl Mendoza Line for the past few years. Hopefully we can step things up and make it to a slightly more established bowl this year.

Hoops notes

Story on recruiting with UNC flavor........ Here are some recruiting notes from the Fayettville Online.

NFL Draft Notes

K-Fox and D-Smith made a trip to the Jets facility in Hempsted (story here)......... Here's a look at Linebackers from a Broncos perspective - both guys get mention............ Could N-Dorsey get a shot with the Bears? Probably not, but you never know.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Ra'Sean Dickey Scores 6 points at Capital Classic

They finally posted the box score - Dickey went 3-6 from the field, scored 6 points, grabbed 2 boards (1 off), committed 3 fouls, had 1 block and 1 steal, all in 13 minutes. In the 1st half, he played 9 minutes, hit 2 of those buckets. Only played 4 minutes in the 2nd half. Of course he was on the same team as Dwight Howard and Malik Hairston and Robert Vaden, all who had great games. (Official Box Score).

The replay of the game will be broadcast Wednesday night on ESPN 2 at 5:00pm EST.

M.Clarett Blocked from the Draft

What an interesting turn of events - complete crap imo. Let the kids go, let them get beat up - let capitalism reign.

Do you feel sorry for UGAg?

Read this story on the Harrick NCAA hearings on the hoops scandal. Do you feel any sorrow for them? Honestly, I have a small part of me that feels a little bad for them. But then again, I also have a small part of me that wants to watch the Bachelor - but it doesn't mean you do it!!!

The War for Recruits Rages - into your backyard

When a recruit committed, there used to be a respect among the coaching bretheran to back off. With millions of dollars and jobs on the line, backing off is not as common. Interesting article about coaches "stealing" players who have committed to other schools. I guess I look at it a little differently. Until that LOI is signed, don't count your chickens. You cannot lose something you never had and the LOI is the only tangible item that says you have something. The word of an 18 year old is not exactly something I would go to the bank with.

Now, what seems the most ridiculous to me in this whole process is kids committing while they are junior and even sophomores in high school. Why on earth are they doing that and who is advising them? If it is just wanting less pressure during the recruiting process - forget it - they are still going to come after you. Countless recruits have committed as juniors and then backed off. The most recent was Joey Cameron, who verballed to Clemson, but then decided to see what else was out there for him. If a recruit wants to tone down the recruiting process, and lower the pressure, then make it very clear what your short list of 5-10 schools are, and do not accept calls from anyone else.

The only thing more uncertain than the opinion of an 18 year old, in the opinion of a 16 year old. What a crazy business - and I do mean BUSINESS!!!

Luke Schenscher named to Aussie Training Squad for Olympics

Our man Luke was named to the "Boomers" training squad for the Athens Olympics. These guys will be on the "shadow squad" and will ultimately have a great shot at making the official team. The team goes into camp May 10-14, followed up with 2 more camps before heading on tours in Italy, New Zealand, Serbia and Montenegro. (complete story here). Congrats Luke - Aussie Aussie Aussie.... Oy Oy Oy!!!!!

8'4" tall and GROWING

Check this out. The question - how many years of eligibility does he have remaining? Only kidding of course - you have to feel for a guy like that and what his life must be like.

Props for J.Jack

Well, Jarrett Jack has said he is coming back to GT for his junior season. But check this out - ESPN Insiders top PG's. Jack is at #4 on the list, only behind Shaun Livingston, Ben Gordon and Devin Harris. They have him ahead of Sebastian Telfair, Jameer Nelson and Chris Duhon........... So why is ranked so high? Well, my guess is that this list is based on potential and size. Jack's potential is as good as anyone of the list, but then you throw on the fact that he is 6'3" with a big strong body and there is a lot to like. Make no mistake - he is probably our best NBA prospect right now. Again, Jack has told the staff he will return. Let's hope he does not change his mind.

You can also click on other positions and note that R.Morris is shown as the #7 center on the list.

In NBA draft news, one recruiting "insider", Kurt O'Neill, reported on the radio that Luol Deng is going pro - nothing confirmed - could be one of those famous internet rumors. If that is true, and S.Livingston declares out of high school, Duke will be seriously weakened next season - start crying in your beers. Over at Chapel Hill, UNC fans are praying that this drops JR Smith, their hot recruit down another spot in the draft and convinces him to go to school - fat chance........... Of course, by reading this article, it leads you to believe that parents selling out their children is alive and well. Based on that, JR wants to go to school, but his dad sees dollar signs in his eyes. Another 7 footer, Colorado junior David Harrison, has announced his intentions to enter the draft, probably dropping Smith even another spot. Stay tuned.

For some REALLY long-term recruiting, check out this profile of Curtis Kelly - evidently he has some strong interest in GT, and is probably a heavy UNC lean - of course he is also a sophomore in high school, so let's not get too wrapped up in this one.

Hoops recruits garner post-season honors

Well, Buck Fredrick was named Mr.Basketball in SC this season. Ra'Sean Dickey was POY in his classification. Anthony Morrow was the Charlotte Observer's POY and 1st team. Now Jeremis Smith wins the boys POY in his region, was named to the 1st team, was selected 1st team all-state by the Texas Association of Coaches. He was also named the Fort Worth Region POY.

Here is what was written:

Boys Player of the Year I Jeremis Smith F, Dunbar, Sr.

"Before departing for Georgia Tech, the super-strong Smith capped his Dunbar days with career-high averages in scoring (26.1) and rebounding (8.3). In Smith's final three seasons, the Wildcats were a combined 101-6 with three Whataburger Basketball Tournament titles, two state tournament appearances and one Class 4A championship.

With a rare mixture of size, strength, quickness and ball-handling ability, Smith left a giant footprint on Fort Worth-area basketball during his four seasons with the Wildcats. The 6-6 Smith averaged 26.1 points per game in 2003-04 and was selected first-team all-state by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches."

NFL Draft - scouting the O-Line

Another mention of N.Dorsey

Nat Dorsey/Georgia Tech/6-5/325/5.34/Junior: Big, athletic blocker that does not give up an inch to defenders, Dorsey has proven to be a dominant force and effective blocker for both the run and pass. Still very rough around the edges, he is a work in progress but the upside Dorsey offers is very enticing.

On the defensive side of the ball - here is a profile of D-Smith:

Jordan Capital Classic

Still cannot find out how Ra'Sean Dickey performed. Found this article about the game, with mention of Dennis Scott, when discussing players leaving early. - "I go back to 1986 when I had [former Georgia Tech and NBA guard] Dennis Scott, who was the national player of the year, the Naismith player of the year and as good as anybody on the floor," said Montrose Christian School and white jersey team head coach Stu Vetter. "There was no talk of him going to the NBA [out of high school]. That's how things have changed drastically in the last 15 years or so."

NFL Draft Notes

Mention of Dorsey - "Georgia Tech’s Nat Dorsey is considered a potential first-rounder, and has a desirable wingspan at 6-7. But his 5.4-second 40-yard speed leaves questions. Purdue’s Kelly Butler has almost the same dimensions. His quickness is better than Dorsey’s, but he hasn’t been as successful over the course of his college career"............. Mention of D-Smith here - "Linebacker Daryl Smith of Georgia Tech, slated to come off the board at No. 28 in some mock drafts, would surprise no one by dropping to the second round."

Stewart Cink sparks slight controversy

Cink almost lost the Heritage after it was over, as a move he made in the bunker almost cost him a penalty (story here).

Sunday, April 18, 2004

NFL Draft - Defensive Ends

Tony Hargrove gets mention as a likely day 2 pick in the upcoming draft. (story here)

Beesball team post-season hopes just about gone

Jackets get crushed by Washington today 16-2, virtually killing any remaining possibility of post-season play. Who knows, but hopes are fading fast.

More good pictures from Spring Scrimmage

Click here for pics.

Where are they now - Stewart Cink

Congrat to Mr.Cink. The former GT player won the Heritage Title today, by overcoming a 9-shot deficit, only one short of the PGA record of 10. (story here). CONGRATS

One Recruiting Site that just ruined its rep

Any site that has GT's hoops recruiting class #43 in the nation obviously knows nothing about hoops. (check it out).

Where are they now - Joe Hamilton

Joe has a nice day in his return to the ATL - going 14-24 for 158 yards, 3 TD's and 1 INT. Gets the game MVP.

Hoops recruiting

Looks like UNC recruit JR Smith will be heading to the draft - cutting that awesome class in half, since J.Curry was busted for drug dealing and lost his 'ship.

The Capital Classic was played last night. Here are the results:

- Dwight Howard gets the MVP, scoring 18 points and grabbing 15 boards, along with 6 blocks
- Al Jefferson scored 17 and grabbed 10 boards - expect him to announce for the draft in the next week or so.
- Our own Jarrett Jack was in attendence, along with M.Jordan, Lebron, T-Owens, Red Auerbach, Chris Paul,
- I cannot find how Ra'Sean Dickey performed - have not found a box score.

Re-cap here.

Meanwhile, Jeremis Smith was the biggest star at the Pittsburg Hoops Classic, showing off his ability to throw-down. From this article - "The high-flying Smith, who has signed with Georgia Tech, was on the receiving end of many of those passes, scoring 19 points and throwing down an array of impressive dunks."

Here's more on other players considering leaving early.

GT isn't the only school struggling with terrible NCAA rules on what defines a "graduate". UK is even worse (story here).

More on spring scrimmage

Another story about the game and results........ More on Kenny Scott and others who had a strong spring.......... For some pics of the game, click here.............. Here's a good overall article on changes made.

Look at the draft by position...

... as it pertains to the Denver Broncos (story here).

Will the NCAA overturn the 5/8 rule?

Could happen on April 29 - stay tuned (story here).

A little respect for Coach Hewitt

Nice article from the Macon Telegraph, talking about Coach Hewitt's comments on the NBA game (story here).

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Reports from the scrimmage

Being an out-of-towner, I was mowing my grass today, but here are some reports from the boards about the scrimmage today:

1. Most people said that Patrick Carter clearly outplayed Reggie Ball today. Carter had a much better touch on his passes, showing good skills with the fade pass and short outs as well. Ball evidently was solid early, but still floating a few jpasses and ran around an awful lot. Ball finished 9-16 for 116 yards, while Carter was 5-11 for 117 yards.
2. Also making a good showing at QB was Taylor Bennett, showing good touch and a tight spiral
3. PJ Daniels looked good in limited snaps, with 74 yards and a TD
4. Chris Woods the good - showed some breakaway speed with a 53 yard dash and score in the 1st half, finishing with 73 yards
5. Chris Woods the bad - fumbled at least once. R.Grant fumbled once on his very first carry.
6. Eric Henderson was the man on defense today, causing all kinds of problems for the offense
7. The punting game is still not in order yet. One nice 50+ yarder, but a bunch of short ones also
8. Nat Curry looked very good at wide receiver, although he did not have a strong cover guy on him

The scrimmage pitted mostly 1st team O with the 1st team D, although there was some switching to test players.

Didn't seem to be any serious injuries - a few guys got banged up like Eric Henderson and D-Bilbo, but nothing serious.

Here's one report on the game........... Here's an AJC version of the game.

Sports Illustrated Piece on Dorsey

Nice article on Nat Dorsey (story here).

Padgett not likely to head to UNC

Evidently there was a bit of bad blood between Williams and Padgett's father. Check out this article by Andy Katz, as posted on an AZ board (story here).......... Meanwhile, here is the latest on UNC's current class and the possibility of them going to the NBA early.

Recruiting Watch - Running Back

One of the top RB's in the nation has GT in his "top 5" for next season. That would be Maurice Wells (profile here). This kid is the real deal and led the state of Florida in rushing last season. Also happened to rush for 429 yards in one game, breaking the state record. Right now he is getting offers from anyone and everyone. His high school coach happens to be Adam Geis, son of GT assistant coach Buddy Geis.

Quote from his coach: "He's unbelievable," said Sandalwood Coach Adam Geis. "Teams know what's coming, and they still can't stop him."

Over at the Hive, they said he was at the scrimmage today and Coach Geis took him around and introduced him to everyone on the field after the game.

In my mind the team to look out for might be Ohio State. Saw an unconfirmed report he was born in Ohio and might even have family there. Certainly the big Florida schools will be in the running. But every big Div I-A school is after him, so we will see what happens. No doubt when the star rankings come out, he will probably be a 5-star kid and peg the scale.

Bobby Jones - A True Champion

Nice story on Bobby Jones, the GT grad. I am sure we will be seeing more stories on him as the new movie of his life "Stroke of Genius" hits theaters.

GT Track / Field star ties best jump of the year...

... in the high jump by clearing 6' 4-3/4".... wow!!! She set the ACC mark in her final jump and has already won the national title. (story here).

Beesball team defeats Washington 8-4

Story here.

Where are they now - Joe Hamilton

Joe will be back in town Sunday and back on the field with the Orlando Predators, after recovering from bone spurs in his knee. So far this season he is the 9th rated passer and has thrown 27 TD's and only 3 INT's. Not bad at all. He will have about 50 relatives at the game Sunday when he returns to the ATL. (story here).

Fredrick learning how to send the alley-oop to J-Smith

Check it out: (story here).

Odia is joined on the USA team by 6-2 guard Zam Frederick of St. Matthews, S.C., and 6-6, 230-pound forward Jeremis Smith of Fort Worth, Texas, who have signed with national runner-up Georgia Tech.

"Being a Georgia Tech recruit makes it harder for us now that they made it to the national championship game," Smith said. "That raises expectations for us."

Both were 3,000-point scorers, but they worked well together in practice, as Frederick threw alley-oops of the backboard to Smith for crowd-pleasing dunks.

"Everybody is trying to make a name for himself; it doesn't matter which game you play in," Frederick said. "It's what you do when you get to school. People can shine early and fall off. We're hungry. We want to show what we can do."

GT Football notes

Story on Chris Reis flourishing at linebacker............ Kenny Scott is having an "explosive" spring. You can tell from the quotes this guy is a major competitor and wants to play every snap.......... Here's a detailed look at all the position experiments Coach Gailey has tried this spring.

Chris Bosh's coach fired

Kevin O'Neill has been a big supporter of Chris Bosh and his development, but their improvement this year was not enough to save his job (story here).

A look at the NFL Draft

Here's an overall look at the draft, including mention of D-Smith.......... Here's a profile on D-Smith......... JP Foschi is mentioned in the top 20 tight-ends available here.......... Here's a look at O-Line prospects with Nat Dorsey #8.......... Here's another look at the O-Line.

More on UK and 'ship situation

Story on Adam Williams going to prep school

Friday, April 16, 2004

Attend Spring Scrimmage

Check it out - 10:30 am Saturday - it's free - be there.

Okafor makes it official

Wow - he's going pro - what a surprise.

UK 'Ships and Morris

Story on the UK situation and the waiting game with R.Morris.

Chris Reis stepping up

Every time this guy got into a game last year, good things happened. Looks like we are in store for more good things (story here).

Where are they now - Travis Best

I'll tell you where they are - sitting home on the couch watching the Mavericks playoff games. Best was left off the playoff roster in favor of Tony Delk (story here). That seals it - I hope the Mavericks get smoked in round 1.

Clemson hoops recruiting

Editorial on recruiting as it pertains to Clemson hoops.

Coach Hewitt helped Smith / Fredrick get to Pitt Classic

Article here. Quote - "The Classic is gaining so much attention that Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt, who led his team to the NCAA title game, called scouting coordinator Marvin Wright to ensure that two of his recruits -- Jeremis Smith and Frederick Zam -- would be invited to the game."

Article on how recruiting has changed

Notice the mention of GT (story here). From article - "Greg Oden is ranked as the top recruit in the sophomore class by, and Mike Conley is No. 39, but National Collegiate Athletic Association rules prohibit coaches from contacting them until their junior season. Instead, coaches leave messages for Keefer. A Georgia Tech coach called during the Final Four and concluded a message with, "Say hello to Mike and Greg."

Since you mentioned UConn...

... in some of the comments, here is a story on two of their recruits coming in, one of whom is still considering the NBA. Also notice the mention of Dennis Scott

From the article:
"The atmosphere is nothing like, say, 1986, when a young sharpshooter from Flint Hill (Va.) named Dennis Scott, who was coached by Vetter and rated the top high school player in the nation, never thought twice about attending Georgia Tech. Scott left for the NBA after three seasons with the Yellow Jackets.

"Probably the best player I coached in high school was Dennis Scott. He was by far the best player in the country, and there wasn't even talk about [going straight to the pros]," Vetter said.

"Dennis could have done it. He's in the category of a Rudy Gay. It just shows how high school basketball has grown every year."

More on Morris

Well, the speculation is really heating up now. Let me re-cap what people are saying:

- An article that came out yesterday quoted Morris's father as saying the NBA is OUT. It will be GT or UK.
- UK insiders believe he is UK bound, and have not wavered much on that position in the last few weeks.
- Bob Gibbons, a national recruiting analyst, has said it was down to GT and the NBA
- A handul of GT people who claim to have "inside contacts" say he is GT bound for sure. However, their credibility is completely unknown
- RamblinRed, who is probably the most credible GT poster on hoops has said he doesn't know and believes the NBA is a stronger option than we have been led to believe.

Meanwhile, one of the subplots has been the availability of 'ships over at UK. The GT 'ship situation became clear when Jim Nystrom headed back to Europe. Over at UK, news just came out that recruit Adam Williams has agreed to attend prep school for one year (story here), which basically gets them in compliance with the 5/8 rule. However that is BEFORE Morris. So it is not clear if they would qualify for the 5/9 exemption that allows one additional player is someone leaves early but is in good academic standing.

What is clear is that a decision will not occur until May. Stay tuned.

On another note, it looks like at least one of UNC's recruits will go to school this season - Marvin Williams (story here)............ Also, it is confirmed that David Padgett will transfer out of Kansas - his finalists were UNC, AZ and Standford originally. And remember who recruited him to Kansas - Roy Williams. Here is another story on that.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Reggie and the shotgun

Reggie Ball seems to be handling the shotgun well (story here). Also note at that Coach Gailey attended the UConn final four game. A lot of changes going on in the line-up this spring.

Beesball team loses to UGAg

... on an HR in the 8th inning, 6-5. Tough home loss for the Jackets. (story here).

More hoops notes

Story from Savannah paper - no decision expected until May.

We all know he is going pro, and he will make it official on Friday.

Don't expect Clemson to stay at the bottom of the ACC. Oliver Purnell has brought in a solid 1st class to Clemson, signing 5 players (story here).

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

More hoops draft notes

Story on Howard and his decision............ Julius Hodge has decided to return for his senior campaign at NCST, which will make that team a real contender again next season. Good news for the ACC as Felton / McCants / May at UNC also announced their return.......... The Big East takes a hit as both Omeka Okafor and Ben Gordon made their NBA departures official.

On the high school recruiting front for GT, here is a nice story on Alex Galindo, someone we are looking at depending on the outcome of the Morris / Pettway saga.

Lastly remember a guy Coach Hewitt was recruiting awhile ago - Davis Nwankwo (6-9-1/2, 235, Georgetown Preparatory Academy / North Bethesda, Md.). Today he committed to Vanderbilt along with another big power forward. I would say they just landed a top 25 class with those guys. Nwankwo wanted to go to AZ but his parents wanted Standford. Not sure what happened, but he is SEC bound.(story here)

College Recruiting Notes

Well, Dwight Howard announces his decision. Was there a surprise? Actually YES. He announces he will be enrolling at UNC................BBBBBBUUUUUUTTTTTTT he will ALSO be entering his name in the draft. So he will forgo his college eligibility to play hoops, but will enroll as a student and NOT forgo his education. How about that? (story here)............. To read Dwight's personal account, click here - you can also find out what "ride" he plans to buy.

Guess who is going to be riled up over this? How about UNC fans!! Talk about ironic. You know the old saying "A bird in the hand sometimes is just as bad as one in the bush".

We know about R.Morris and A.Pettway. There could be another outside possibility on the radar - Alex Galindo. A 6'7" forward who originally signed with UTEP but was released from his LOI when the coach left for Texas A&M. RamblinRed over at the Hive describes him (thread here) as a very versatile guy who does many things well, but nothing great. Can score, shoot, handle the ball - top 75 type player. We'll see if anything materializes depending on what happens with Morris / Pettway.

Roy may lose up to 3 of his new star recruits, but he got good news - that R.Felton and R.McCants will be staying put for at least another year. Sean May also previously announced his return as well.(story here). Pretty "confident" bunch.

Nice story on Eric Henderson

Story here............. Here's more on the dance shuffle of shifting positions on the football team in spring practice.

A rarity in softball - double no-hitters

How about this. GT plays Alabama, GT wins 1-0 and BOTH teams fire no-hitters. Talk about rare. It happened this week (story here). "Following a one-hour, 15-minute rain delay in the third inning of game one, the Yellow Jackets were able to scratch the game's lone run across on a walk, a stolen base, a sacrifice and an advance to home on a double steal attempt for a 1-0 lead."

Keaner trying to keep his recruits

First order of business when taking a new HC job - make sure the signed recruits are "stroked" properly and will still show up on campus. (story here). That's what Keaner was doing even before he turned in his resignation letter to GT.

Where are they now - Kyle Bakker

Bakker got a victory for the Rome Braves, pitching 3 scoreless innings. (story here).

Hoops Recruiting

Here is an article about UK and an update on their recruiting class, including mention of Randolph Morris, whose family is not returning phone calls right now. (I don't blame them)................ Here's another article on the UK situation with quotes from recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons.............. Meanwhile, looks like Aaron Pettway will make his official visit to GT this weekend. This article mentions that as well his recruitment by Miss.St.

And here is an article on the recruiting efforts on Morris by another UK recruit - pushing hard.

Rating the NBA Rookies

Chris Bosh gets a strong showing on the list, and years from now, this class may end up being one of the best in a LONG time.

Changes at Linebacker

- Gerris Wilkinson, who started the spring at strong side outside linebacker is now working at middle linebacker.
- Chris Reis looks like he will flank Gerris on the strong side, and
- KaMichael Hall on the weak side linebacker position.

Obviously it is a challenge to replace three talented linebackers (Smith, Fox, Brown). For the full story, click here............... Here's the AJC spin.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hoops recruiting - Adrian Thomas

The Sun-Sentinel Class 6A-5A-4A Player of the Year has had GT assistants watching him game. He is a junior. (story here).

UNC's hoops recruiting class could fall apart

Been discussed before here, but here is the latest with quotes from recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons. Could go from 4 top 50 players to only 1, with one getting busted on drug charges and 2 possible NBA draft entries straight from high school.

Who says GT girls aren't hot?

How about Miss Georgia, who just finished in the top 10 of the Miss USA pageant - who also happens to be a management major at GT. Not bad at all............ Of course the deck may have been stacked - guess who one of the judges was? None other than our own John Salley.

Luke Schenscher humor

From DIME Magazine (list here):

11. Utah Jazz (Last week No. 12) - Maybe the Jazz should just give up so they can get a lottery pick and draft Georgia Tech's Luke Schenscher.

Not exactly what the list is about, but there it is.

The Morris wait continues

Well, Coach Hewitt is of course going to continue to wait out Morris, but says that we will not use the 'ship just to use it if he doesn't come. (story here).......... This article mentions Morris at the bottom and says his decision will come in May.

NFL Draft Notes

Well, talk of the NFL is heating up as it gets closer........... Here, a mock-draft has D-Smith going #36 to the Lions. From the article - "36.Detroit Lions: Daryl Smith LB Georgia Tech- Daryl would be a quality edition to a mediocre Lions defense. He would compliment Boss Bailey and help set up a future dynamic duo at linebacker."

This site looks at the top linebackers in the draft and actually has K-Fox listed as the #4 guy and D-Smith #5 and Tony Hargrove comes in at #19 and a real wild card in the draft.

From article:
4. Keyaron Fox, Georgia Tech (6-2 3/8, 227)
At the combine, a hamstring problem limited him to lifting (28 times). At Georgia Tech's Pro Day, he ran two 40s in 4.73 and 4.79, the short shuttle in 4.24 and the three-cone drill in 7.11. He also had a 361/2-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-6 broad jump. Named MVP of the Georgia-Florida All-Star Game (10 tackles, pass breakup, forced fumble). At Georgia Tech, he played as a true freshman in 2000 but missed three games with a broken arm. He started for three years and had 155 tackles in 2003. Played some defensive end during games in 2002. Aggressive, nasty, great temperament for position, hard worker. He can play in space. Rangy-type frame.

5. Daryl Smith, Georgia Tech (6-1 5/8, 234)
Only lifted at the combine (24 times). At Georgia Tech's Pro Day, he ran two 40s in 4.60 and 4.63, the short shuttle in 4.21 and the three-cone drill in 7.25. He also had a 361/2-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-3 broad jump. He played baseball in high school; also a linebacker. He played in the Georgia-Florida All-Star Game. At Georgia Tech, he started 10 games as a true freshman in 2000. He returned an interception 70 yards for a touchdown that season. He started the past three seasons. He had 122 tackles in 2003. A high-effort player who gives 100 percent every play. Has good strength and athletic ability. Good, thick upper body. Can play in space. Size is a question mark; not as big as you would like, but can run.

19. Tony Hargrove, Georgia Tech (6-3 3/8, 269)
Hargrove ran his 40s in 4.68 and 4.70. He had a 39-1/2-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot-2 long jump, 30 strength lifts and ran 4.24 in the short shuttle and 7.14 in the three-cone drill. Hargrove didn't play last year (academically ineligible) but has sure gotten the attention of scouts around the league. This is a wild card in this year's draft. He could go in the third or fourth round as a linebacker or defensive end.

Check out this impressive article on Tony Hargrove from You NEED to read the article. I started to paste in some quotes, but I would end up pasting the whole dang thing. It is a fascinating look at a guy on nobody's radar who puts up "freakish" physical workout numbers and all of the sudden he is flying around the country working out for all kinds of teams and being talked about as a possible 2nd round pick. Also note the comments about him flunking out of GT. Note his workload - Calculus, Accounting II, Financial Management. Don't give me crap about cake classes for athletes at GT. These are the classes EVERYONE takes - athletes included.

On Tony Hargrove:
"....Teams that run the 3-4, like Houston, are intrigued with Hargrove's ability to play outside rush linebacker, and still be able to put his hand on the ground and generate pass rush in the 4-3 -- a rare combination in today's NFL. Once considered a likely second-day sleeper pick by many clubs, Hargrove ruined that plan with his workout, which exhibited his almost freaky blend of explosiveness, speed, strength and high motor.

"People always fall in love with measurables,'' said Atlanta head coach Jim Mora, whose Falcons have visited with Hargrove, a prospect in their own backyard. "You see a guy with his size and his explosion and ability to run and jump, and you say, 'Wow. I can make something of this guy.' It doesn't surprise me that people are talking about him in the second round...."

Here's more on D-Smith / K-Fox (story here):
Georgia Tech's Daryl Smith, 6-1, 234, is a smart inside linebacker who is rarely caught out of position and offers all of the intangibles teams love. But he's a marginal athlete and runs a 4.7, which could drop him into the third round.

Tech teammate Keyaron Fox, 6-2, 227, is an athletic and explosive outside linebacker, though undersized. He flashes and is disruptive at the point of attack. Fox can cover backs and tight ends and would be a solid pick in the third round.

ProFootball Weekly says that the Eagles will grab D-Smith.

Everyone looking for "the next Paul Hewitt".

Well, St.John's didn't get their guy Paul Hewitt, but they did get "a young Paul Hewitt". What? Hewitt is barely 40 years old and you're getting a "young" Paul Hewitt. Wow. The new hc is Norm Roberts, an assistant at Kansas (story here). From the article - "Roberts, who withdrew his name from consideration for the SMU job, has been described as a young Paul Hewitt. Hewitt, who has spoken highly of Roberts, guided the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to the national championship game this season."............ Here's another version chronicling the search and the candidates and the final choice............ Here's the AP Story.............. Here's the NY Post article, which seems to endorse the move. Hewitt even gets quoted. Without heading over to the St.John's boards, my bet is that most of that fickle fan-base is probably ok with this move, even though it is a risk. They all know that aversion to risk 5 years ago cost them Paul Hewitt.

In other coaching news, Miami named Frank Haith their new hoops HC, an assistant with Texas under Rick Barnes. And check out this article reference - "Two weeks ago, Dee set out searching for the next Paul Hewitt, who has taken Georgia Tech's programs to great heights in a relatively short time." So Paul Hewitt has become a catch-phrase, the next big thing......... Here's more on the hire............. Here's one more on the Haith hire.

Guess what - Dwight Howard is going pro....duhh

Looks like a formal decision will be announced on Wednesday. (story here).

Also on Wednesday, Ben Gordon of UConn is expected to enter his name into the draft. (story here).

Also, Lamarcus Aldridge will make it official that he will go to college at Texas, making that recruiting class probably #1 or 2 in the nation. This guy is compared to Chris Bosh a lot. (story here).

UConn goes after vandals

Check this out.................... and the article about them now getting caught.

Pictures of Coach Hewitt throwing out the first pitch

Click here for a handful of photos from the game.

Here are a couple more, donated generously by someone at the Hive:

Clemson Proposal to renovate Death Valley

Check out proposed plans to renovate and add more seats with the "West Endzone" project. (click here for pics).

Where are they now - Tony Hargrove

From ESPN here:

Sleepers: End Tony Hargrove (Georgia Tech) didn't even play in 2003, after he was ruled academically ineligible, but certainly bears consideration. He is a pure outside rusher, who can really get upfield and had double-digit sacks, and might project to linebacker in a 3-4.

Nexst season's hoops recruits

Well, we lose Bynum, Luke, Isma'il, McHenry, Elder.... possibly Jack...... if Morris comes a possibility he goes. If all these things came to pass, we would be looking at 7 departing players (worst case). Needless to say, next season's recruiting class is just as important as the one Coach Hewitt just signed. "FreshJacket2007" over at the Hive just posted a look at some of the key players we are looking at (link here).

Here is the list (with Rivals rankings shown):

PG -
1. Bobby Frasor(IL) - 33rd - Tech in his top 8 - scholly offered; tough hard-nosed player
2. Byron Eaton(TX) - 57th - We're on his radar, should be able to climb up his list with NC appearance (was teammates with Chris Bosh one year)
3. Josh Thornton(DE) - 74th - Not in his top 4, but we are in the mix
4. Denis Clement(FL) - 95th - In the mix
5. Brian McTear(CA) - NR - KU is at the top right now, beating them early next year could move us higher up his list
6. Sean McCurdy(NJ) - NR - Could become a top recruit, coached by Bobby Hurley
7. Justin Wheeler(SC) - NR
8. Jermonte Bush - NR - can put points on the board., from Tallahassee

SG -
1. David Huertas(FL) - 19th - Five Star, in the mix, Ariz and KU leaders, another situation that makes the KU game huge next year (visited by Hewitt last week)
2. Austin Jackson(TX) - 35th - Tech is probably his leader right now, great baseball prospect as well
3. KC Rivers(NC) - 59th - Tech is in the mix along with NCState and Wake, doesn't have any favorites yet
4. Sead Odzic(IL) - 99th - Have a great chance to land this kid if unable to lure Jackson or Rivers

SF -
1. Rashad Woods(TX) - 22nd - Medium interest at the moment
2. Calvin Miles(TX) - 28th - Not strongly in the mix, can play SG
3. Casaan Breeden(SC - Marlboro County) - 47th - In the mix along with a lot of SE schools, no favorites (teammates with Ra'Sean Dickey)
4. Jamal Boykin(CA) - 54th - Great shot at landing this SF
5. Octaviaus Spann(GA - College Park) - 58th - Competing with Louisville and UGAg for this local recruit, great chance at landing him - scholly offered
6. Rasheem Barrett(GA - Stone Mt.) - 68th - Another local SF prospect, many SEC and ACC schools in the mix

PF -
1. Theo Davis(CAN) - 23rd - Rising star from up way North, would be tough to get him so far south
2. Amir Johnson(CA) - 29th - We don't have a great shot at getting Amir, one of the best recruits in the nation
3. Rashad Chase(GA - ATL) - 72nd - We have a great shot at this local big man(6'7, 225)
4. Mike Freeman(MD) - 100th
5. Jay Brown(GA - Griffin) - NR

C -
1. Tyrell Biggs(NJ) - 38th - Big big man with tremendous upside, if we beat KU next year, we have a great shot at landing him

Monday, April 12, 2004

Buck Fredrick the real deal on and off the court

Well, we looked at Anthony Morrow earlier in the week. Now lets look at Zam "Buck" Fredrick. Bottom line - Buck is a winner. He has been on his high school varsity team since he was in 8th grade. They have been to 5 straight state championship games. They won 3 times, including recently in his senior year. Some stats of interest:

8th grade......... 10 points/game
freshman.......... 20 points/game
sophomore....... 25 points/game
junior................ 31 points/game
senior............... 34 points/game (and 8.5 boards, 5 assists, 3.5 steals, shot 52%FG, 79% FT and 42% 3pt)

And how about these academic stats:

#1 in his class
4.5 GPA
1200 SAT score

His game is a combination of long-distance range and ability to get to the hoop. He handles the ball well and seems to get to the free throw line A LOT. He is a big guard at 6ft, 200lb. When I saw him in person, my opinion was that he was not quite ready for a grueling full ACC season. He will benefit from Coach Hewitt's off-season conditioning would help. The great thing is that he is not expected to fill an empty hole. He will have an opportunity to grow and contribute as a #1 back-up with both Jack and Bynum at the PG spots and Elder at SG. He will not have to play major minutes but should defnitely be in the regular rotation.

Just another example of the quality young men Coach is recruiting - smart, well-spoken, talented, coachable. Everything indicates that he is excited about getting to campus and runnin' with his new team. Definitely looks like he will help carry on the legacy for the program.

To see more pictures from my gallery when I saw him in person - click here (the password is "stinger92").