Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Football - Supporting the Team

Over at the Hive, there are details about the bracelets you'll see people wearing. Here's the scoop from AFRJacket at the Hive:

The creation and promotion of the players' bracelets is a parent fundraiser to help offset post home game meal location. Fan Day was the launch of the bracelets and was sold by the parents at a special introductory price. There are only 3,500 bracelets left and they will now be available through their distribution partner, Tailgaters Alley. There are 3 ways to purchase:

1) Go to Tailgaters Alley at Discovery Mills Mall
2) Visit their location on game day outside the stadium near Yellow Jacket Alley
3) Order by phone by calling Tailgaters Alley 678-584-9688 or send an email to:

Cost is $4.00 each (plus shipping, if required)

Player moms convey their appreciation to all Hivers, Alumni, and Fans for your support of the team and this effort. Due to the overwhelming response, we plan to continue this new tradition annually.

Here's the picture of the bracelet and team motto: