Friday, September 18, 2009

A** Kicking

As I watched the U score touchdown after touchdown and saw defensive ends tackling Josh, Roddy et. al. six yards in the backfield, I was reminded of Little Bill beating the crap out of English Bob in Unforgiven.

My observations:

- 3 Offensive TD’s against BCS opponents since UGA.

- If you have the game on DVR, Miami’s defensive line was so dialed in that he was a half step before the snap count all night long. Georgia Tech was tipping the snap count.

- Eight fault start penalties. Eight.

- Derrick Morgan and Morgan Burnett. You’re GT’s two best defensive players. You haven’t made a play in six quarters. That's 4 1/2 hours! Got to start making plays.

- Brad Jefferson and Cedric Griffin. You haven’t made a play against a BCS opponent in twelve quarters. That's nine hours!! Really got to start making plays.

- UNC coming in next week. After that, Mississippi State in Starkville, FSU in Tallahassee, home to VT. 2-5 is just as possible as 5-2.

- How bad of an offensive coordinator is Patrick Nix?