Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hoops News

First, Anthony McHenry signs to play for England's Leicester Riders.

The Leicester Riders have pulled off a coup by signing former
Georgia Tech forward Anthony McHenry who starred for his college in the 2004
Final Four.

Oh yeah, guess who the head coach of Leicester is? None other than Karl Brown, another former Jacket player....... Here's the full story

Back to school for Brown as McHenry signs
DMU Leicester Riders Head Coach Karl Brown has gone back to his alma mater as he continues his team-building for the 2005/06 season.

Brown has signed Anthony McHenry, a 21-year-old 6'7" guard/forward who has just left Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

"Anthony has a great work ethic and is a fantastic defender," said Brown. "He's played on a quality team, with four guys who were drafted to the NBA and learnt the game from a great coach.

"He's a hungry young guy who is looking to make a name for himself in basketball and I'm really happy to have him here at the Riders. It's also nice for me to go back to my old school, because it's a quality basketball programme and I know exactly what I'm getting."

The highlight of McHenry's four years at Georgia Tech came in April 2004 when he was in the 'Yellow Jackets' starting five for the NCAA Championship Final.

Tech's surprise run to the final marked the first time since 1990 that the university had reached the Final Four. Back then Brown was in their backcourt and became the first Englishman to play in College basketball's showpiece event.

Described by the coaching staff at Georgia Tech as their "best defender", McHenry started all but nine of their 70 games in the last two seasons. A versatile player, he began his career at Georgia Tech as a point guard but ended up playing in all five positions in the line-up, before eventually finishing as a forward.

Great for T-Mac............. In other news, BJ Elder is also preparing to start his professional career in Europe as he chases his NBA dream. Here is a great article showing that he is still the high quality, high character guy we loved watching on the wing.................

In recruiting news, you knew that last weekend was a big recruiting weekend. Here are a couple of pictures from an online photo album from someone who snapped some shots from the GT/UNC football game. Of course, you probably recognize two of the guys in this picture - Jarrett Jack, and RaSean Dickey under the towel. However the guy in front is super-stud Thaddeus Young. I think (not sure) that the kid to Thad's right is Alex Stephenson, but I'm not sure. In this picture, you can see Coach Hewitt, Coach Zaharis, Coach O'Connor, and 2007 recruit Lance Storrs with the cast........... See a ton of great pictures from this album here. Lot's of good stuff....