Friday, September 16, 2005

UNC - "Upper Echelon Big 10 Team" - Barry Alvarez

Barry Alvarez is trying to rev up the hype machine, as his Badgers take on the TarHeels this weekend. Of course maybe he's right. Maybe the team that beat Miami last season is no doormat after all. Maybe Georgia Tech's slim victory last week will prove to be a serious quality win by the time the season is complete:

"But this is a better football team. North Carolina is a much better football team, better athletes, deeper than Bowling Green would be. This outfit will be very similar to an upper-echelon Big Ten team, I think. I think they’re a very good team. They played, very easily could have won last week on the road against Georgia (Tech). They had a decided disadvantage because it was their opening game. Georgia Tech had a game under their belt where they had beaten Auburn already. So this will be our sternest test, but we’ve been tested already.