Thursday, December 25, 2008

Great Holiday Video - UGAg Hitler

Back for a quick hit.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GT - LSU Preview Video from

Cool youtube vid put up by a Tigers fan. It's a pretty solid highlight reel for both GT and LSU. Good stuff for getting pumped about the bowl.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go check out more GT blogs!

Obviously no one has been tending to GTSB lately, but of course we want you to get your GT news and fan commentary all the same. I assume most of you know the message boards The Hive and BBuzzoff, but there are also several solid GT blogs out there. Please go check these out while we're away... as well as when we're around.

  • First off, there's the blog. This is run by the GTAA, and is more of a marketing tool for recruits than anything, but it's a good spot to see where the Jackets have been in the news.
  • TheLegacyx4 is definitely the best place right now for your GT blog needs. The language is a bit saltier than around here (but not extreme), so if you're reading with your nine-year-old or something, be aware.
(Note to any GT bloggers out there: If I did not include your site on this list, it is not meant as an insult. It is because the site has not updated much lately. The main point of this post was to offer places where you can expect to read new stuff.)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

GT - UGA Highlight video

Video from the GTAA's official football blog.

When you're done checking that out, be sure to watch WSB's clip of DJ Shockley wearing GT gear, a result of a bet between Shockley and Falcons teammate Keith Brooking. The smack talk between Brook and Shock is classic.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Paul Johnson, ACC Coach of the Year

It's official! After CPJ led his first Tech squad to 9-3, above all expectation, Coach Johnson was named ACC COY by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA), the same folks who choose the AP All-ACC team.

Coach Johnson will be honored Friday at the
ACC Coaches and Awards Luncheon in Tampa, along with other individual winners from around the conference. Congratulations, Coach!

...Now bring on the national hardware.

"The Man Who Broke Our Drought" by James Demby

Last week we referenced the poem "The Man Who Broke the Drought," by Georgia alumnus Harold Walker.

In the comments from our post about the Drought, we learned that the late Mr. Walker's grandson James Demby ended up at Tech, despite his whole family being Dawgs. After Saturday's game, James wrote a poem of his own. His poem follows this funny story he sent along with it.

Thanks a lot of sharing with us, James.

My family had Thanksgiving dinner at my mothers brother's (Harold's son) house, and they asked me to say the blessing. So, I said a blessing giving thanks for how fortunate we all where during these hard times and how fortunate we were to be able to spend the time with family, and at the end I said, "dear God please help Georgia Tech beat Georgia".

Then, Saturday, about twenty minutes after the game ended I received a call from my uncle informing me that I would no longer be saying the blessing at his house ever again.

That is where my pray Thanksgivings line comes from.

"The man who broke our drought"

Now we all revere John Heisman
And Bobby Dodd's praises sing
While talk of 1990
Still makes the heavens ring.
But now we have a new hero,
Oh what glory he's brought back,
We finally beat old Georgia
With his triple option attack.

Stand up ye loyal jackets
Wherever you are this day
Raise up your glass and give a cheer
For magnificent C.P.J.

I cheered him all this season
As he fought for every game
Using an "antique" offense
Where no one man gets the fame.
“Three yards and a cloud of dust,”
His detractors they would say.
Three yards were now quite enough
For wily old C.P.J.

He has not even started
This champion of mine.
He will build a better team
Which hard work will refine.
Though these are not the best of times
Of one fact there's no doubt-
We all can pray Thanksgivings
For the man who broke OUR drought!

James Walker Demby

GT to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl!

Barnhart's saying it at the AJC, and Scott just tweeted it: Georgia Tech will be playing in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl against LSU. (Yeah, I kinda still like calling it the Peach Bowl, but Chick-Fil-A is a product I love so I can accept their corporate overlording of the bowl game.)

The Champs Sports Bowl and Gator Bowl are both still possible, but Barnhart's a reliable source, and the other options don't seem likely to me. The Gator Bowl would be ecstatic to invite Florida State, who will essentially bring a home crowd to Jacksonville. The Chick-Fil-A Bowl, as the AJC noted the other day, strives to arrange the best game possible, and GT is playing well down the stretch. Also, based on listening to "The Good Word" on the radio, it sounds like Radakovich has established a good relationship with Gary Stokan, president of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

This will make a rematch of the 2000 Peach Bowl, when Tech got beat by LSU 28-14. I recall how miserable I was on the MARTA ride home from that game, with their corndog-smelling fans. I blame that more on me than them, though; I was in high school and still didn't "get it." Speaking of LSU fans, you'll want to prepare one of these if you're going to tailgate for the bowl game:

Your historical notes on this bowl selection: Georgia Tech has never won the Peach Bowl/CFA Bowl. LSU is undefeated in the Peach Bowl (four appearances). Also, you may hear fans say we play there every four or five years, but that's historically untrue. GT has played in three Peach Bowls: 1971, '78, and 2000.

The one reason we want this bowl invite, despite being o-fer in the series so far? (I learned this face in Cromartie's Clean Old Fashioned Hate.) Only three teams in the country have won each of the seven eight oldest bowls (Rose, Orange, Sugar, Sun, Cotton, Gator, Citrus (CapitalOne), and Liberty): Alabama, Georgia, and Georgia Tech. Only one team has won each of the eight nine oldest bowls (Peach is the eighth ninth): Georgia. If and when we win the Peach Bowl, that will be a point of pride for all Peach State fans, not just the boys up the road.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Congrats to GT's All-ACC winners!

Today, the Associated Press announced their All-ACC team. Georgia Tech had one unanimous selection, Mr. Jonathan Avery Dwyer. Dwyer was the only unanimous selection from ANY team on offense. GT selections listed below, full list here.

The Jackets had more players on the first and second team than any other school. Tech led with seven players selected, followed by Boston College and Florida State with six. (UNC, Clemson & VPI 5; Maryland & UVa 4; Wake & Duke 3; Miami 2; NC State 1)

First place votes are two points; second-place votes one point. The All-ACC team was selected by the 67 members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association.

First Team
Jonathan Dwyer, RB (134 votes)
Andrew Gardner, OT (107)

Second Team
Cord Howard, OG (45)

First Team
Michael Johnson, DE (99)
Vance Walker, DT (62)

Second Team
Darryl Richard, DT (50)
Morgan Burnett, S (85)

Honorable Mention
Derrick Morgan, DE (26)

Sucks to be You (G A)!

Here are some sweet GT-over-GA-styled Demotivators. I saved the best for last.

(Note: Someone posted these to facebook. If you made them and you'd like to see your name here, just post in the comments and I'll give credit where credit's due.)