Monday, September 26, 2005

Tuberville Likes Cupcakes

Interesting comment from Auburn's Tommy Tuberville:

FOR OPENERS: In a perfect world, Tuberville admits, Auburn would have played someone like Ball State or Western Kentucky in the first week -- not an experienced ACC team like Georgia Tech.

Auburn fell to Tech two weeks ago and lost to Southern California in the opener two years ago.

"You would hope that you wouldn't open up every year with a very good football team," Tuberville said. "We don't have to apologize for our schedule, because of who we played in the last few years. This would have been a great year not to open up with a team like Georgia Tech, with all their experience.

"Schedules are put together in advance and you play them. We look for challenges every week, and there are always different challenges in this league because of how good the teams are in the conference. We take them as they come."

Interesting for sure, since he got his wish the prior year, and it was a "perfect world", excpet that his pansy schedule prevented his team from competing for the National Championship.......