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Great Holiday Video - UGAg Hitler

Back for a quick hit.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GT - LSU Preview Video from

Cool youtube vid put up by a Tigers fan. It's a pretty solid highlight reel for both GT and LSU. Good stuff for getting pumped about the bowl.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go check out more GT blogs!

Obviously no one has been tending to GTSB lately, but of course we want you to get your GT news and fan commentary all the same. I assume most of you know the message boards The Hive and BBuzzoff, but there are also several solid GT blogs out there. Please go check these out while we're away... as well as when we're around.

  • First off, there's the blog. This is run by the GTAA, and is more of a marketing tool for recruits than anything, but it's a good spot to see where the Jackets have been in the news.
  • TheLegacyx4 is definitely the best place right now for your GT blog needs. The language is a bit saltier than around here (but not extreme), so if you're reading with your nine-year-old or something, be aware.
(Note to any GT bloggers out there: If I did not include your site on this list, it is not meant as an insult. It is because the site has not updated much lately. The main point of this post was to offer places where you can expect to read new stuff.)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

GT - UGA Highlight video

Video from the GTAA's official football blog.

When you're done checking that out, be sure to watch WSB's clip of DJ Shockley wearing GT gear, a result of a bet between Shockley and Falcons teammate Keith Brooking. The smack talk between Brook and Shock is classic.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Paul Johnson, ACC Coach of the Year

It's official! After CPJ led his first Tech squad to 9-3, above all expectation, Coach Johnson was named ACC COY by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA), the same folks who choose the AP All-ACC team.

Coach Johnson will be honored Friday at the
ACC Coaches and Awards Luncheon in Tampa, along with other individual winners from around the conference. Congratulations, Coach!

...Now bring on the national hardware.

"The Man Who Broke Our Drought" by James Demby

Last week we referenced the poem "The Man Who Broke the Drought," by Georgia alumnus Harold Walker.

In the comments from our post about the Drought, we learned that the late Mr. Walker's grandson James Demby ended up at Tech, despite his whole family being Dawgs. After Saturday's game, James wrote a poem of his own. His poem follows this funny story he sent along with it.

Thanks a lot of sharing with us, James.

My family had Thanksgiving dinner at my mothers brother's (Harold's son) house, and they asked me to say the blessing. So, I said a blessing giving thanks for how fortunate we all where during these hard times and how fortunate we were to be able to spend the time with family, and at the end I said, "dear God please help Georgia Tech beat Georgia".

Then, Saturday, about twenty minutes after the game ended I received a call from my uncle informing me that I would no longer be saying the blessing at his house ever again.

That is where my pray Thanksgivings line comes from.

"The man who broke our drought"

Now we all revere John Heisman
And Bobby Dodd's praises sing
While talk of 1990
Still makes the heavens ring.
But now we have a new hero,
Oh what glory he's brought back,
We finally beat old Georgia
With his triple option attack.

Stand up ye loyal jackets
Wherever you are this day
Raise up your glass and give a cheer
For magnificent C.P.J.

I cheered him all this season
As he fought for every game
Using an "antique" offense
Where no one man gets the fame.
“Three yards and a cloud of dust,”
His detractors they would say.
Three yards were now quite enough
For wily old C.P.J.

He has not even started
This champion of mine.
He will build a better team
Which hard work will refine.
Though these are not the best of times
Of one fact there's no doubt-
We all can pray Thanksgivings
For the man who broke OUR drought!

James Walker Demby

GT to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl!

Barnhart's saying it at the AJC, and Scott just tweeted it: Georgia Tech will be playing in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl against LSU. (Yeah, I kinda still like calling it the Peach Bowl, but Chick-Fil-A is a product I love so I can accept their corporate overlording of the bowl game.)

The Champs Sports Bowl and Gator Bowl are both still possible, but Barnhart's a reliable source, and the other options don't seem likely to me. The Gator Bowl would be ecstatic to invite Florida State, who will essentially bring a home crowd to Jacksonville. The Chick-Fil-A Bowl, as the AJC noted the other day, strives to arrange the best game possible, and GT is playing well down the stretch. Also, based on listening to "The Good Word" on the radio, it sounds like Radakovich has established a good relationship with Gary Stokan, president of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

This will make a rematch of the 2000 Peach Bowl, when Tech got beat by LSU 28-14. I recall how miserable I was on the MARTA ride home from that game, with their corndog-smelling fans. I blame that more on me than them, though; I was in high school and still didn't "get it." Speaking of LSU fans, you'll want to prepare one of these if you're going to tailgate for the bowl game:

Your historical notes on this bowl selection: Georgia Tech has never won the Peach Bowl/CFA Bowl. LSU is undefeated in the Peach Bowl (four appearances). Also, you may hear fans say we play there every four or five years, but that's historically untrue. GT has played in three Peach Bowls: 1971, '78, and 2000.

The one reason we want this bowl invite, despite being o-fer in the series so far? (I learned this face in Cromartie's Clean Old Fashioned Hate.) Only three teams in the country have won each of the seven eight oldest bowls (Rose, Orange, Sugar, Sun, Cotton, Gator, Citrus (CapitalOne), and Liberty): Alabama, Georgia, and Georgia Tech. Only one team has won each of the eight nine oldest bowls (Peach is the eighth ninth): Georgia. If and when we win the Peach Bowl, that will be a point of pride for all Peach State fans, not just the boys up the road.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Congrats to GT's All-ACC winners!

Today, the Associated Press announced their All-ACC team. Georgia Tech had one unanimous selection, Mr. Jonathan Avery Dwyer. Dwyer was the only unanimous selection from ANY team on offense. GT selections listed below, full list here.

The Jackets had more players on the first and second team than any other school. Tech led with seven players selected, followed by Boston College and Florida State with six. (UNC, Clemson & VPI 5; Maryland & UVa 4; Wake & Duke 3; Miami 2; NC State 1)

First place votes are two points; second-place votes one point. The All-ACC team was selected by the 67 members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association.

First Team
Jonathan Dwyer, RB (134 votes)
Andrew Gardner, OT (107)

Second Team
Cord Howard, OG (45)

First Team
Michael Johnson, DE (99)
Vance Walker, DT (62)

Second Team
Darryl Richard, DT (50)
Morgan Burnett, S (85)

Honorable Mention
Derrick Morgan, DE (26)

Sucks to be You (G A)!

Here are some sweet GT-over-GA-styled Demotivators. I saved the best for last.

(Note: Someone posted these to facebook. If you made them and you'd like to see your name here, just post in the comments and I'll give credit where credit's due.)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clean Old Fashioned Hate 2008: Jackets Win!

UPDATE: When I put up the post, the link to the ACC Football Report from bullet two got deleted. I put it back in.

Roddy Jones, ballin' outta control
(Photo from the AJC, Johnny Crawford/

Time to talk about that (totally awesome) game. I've had rambly thoughts for this post since last night, so hopefully doing a bullet list will mitigate the ineloquence. For the "pure news" aspects and coverage of the game, I of course direct you to the AJC's Georgia Tech page. I also always dig The Macon Telegraph's coverage.

  • First off, Tech defended the Drought. As you know, that was the biggest storyline of the game to me, and we still own the series record for longest streak. Sorry, pups, no "EIAR,B!"
  • Another big storyline from the game: We just posted the ACC's biggest OOC win of 2008, pending any huge bowl game upsets. Last year, as we all know, the ACC got a lot of flack for its crappy non-conference record, and there was all this hoo-hah being thrown around about "The Big East is better"; "The Mountain West should get the ACC's BCS bid"; "I'm a jagoff and think one year trounces decades of history and don't realize that you need a much longer skid than that to actually mean anything"; etc. This year, the ACC is 37-11 (0.771) in non-conference games, 15-8 (0.652) against BCS teams, and 6-4 against SEC squads. The ACC Football Report blog did a rundown of ACC OOC games couple weeks ago, which showed our record stacked up well nationally, and it's only gotten better in the weeks since.
  • Dwyer's TD run to start the 2nd half is a nominee for ESPN's Pontiac Game-Changing Performance. Go vote! As Rece Davis says in their video, "This one probably defines a game-changing moment... the entire momentum of the game shifted in Georgia Tech's favor."
  • Yahoo/Rivals's Dr. Saturday--arguably the best college football blogger around--asks, "Is there a way to send Georgia Tech to the ACC Championship game by acclamation?" It's unfortunate (not just for us as Tech fan's but for the league's image) that the Coastal Division's only nine-win team will not be in Tampa to represent. Thankfully, BC also has nine wins, so it's possible that the Atlantic Division's best team will win the ACC. I still consider Georgia Tech the best Coastal Division--and ACC overall--team; we were the only division team to go undefeated vs. the Atlantic, but lost too many Coastal games. The good news, of course, is the Jackets should only get better in future years under Paul Johnson.
  • That leads me well to my next point: Paul Johnson is the right guy at the right place at the right time. This season (and the way our fans have embraced the new coach) reminds me a bit of Mark Richt's first year at Georgia... except that they didn't really have the same first-season turn around that Tech did. (Georgia went 8-4 both in 2000 under Donnan and 2001 under Richt.) Of course, in Richt's second year, the Dawgs went 13-1 and won the SEC. Can Tech do something similar next year under CPJ? I see no reason why not, since we were a handful of plays away from 11-1 this year. (The UNC game, obviously, is the one that we really, really lost.)
  • On to specifics about Clean Old Fashioned Hate 2008. In the sense of civility, I'll start with nice things to say about Sanford Stadium. I like that they replay nearly every play on the scoreboard promptly, regardless of whether it's a questionable call. It doesn't always seem like that at Bobby Dodd. Also, the Munson tribute after the second quarter was nice. Many of you hate him, I'm sure, but I've always loved his calls when Georgia's losing as much as Dawg fans love him when they're winning... Scope this one from 2000; you'll love it I guarantee.
  • How about that Roddy Jones? I told a Georgia friend before the game, I thought the story of the game for Tech would ride on Dwyer's shoulders. Dwyer was a huge part of what the Jackets did, but I did not expect Roddy's 214 yards or 16.5 (!!!!!) yards per carry average. Big ups to him and the whole offense, not only for all the huge runs and scores, but for protecting the ball. One turnover in the game, a didn't-really-matter Hail Mary interception to end the first half. Wow.
  • Speaking of points scored, we can all count ourselves lucky that the offense blew up like it did. You're not going to win many ballgames where you allow 42 points. Of course it's a concern that the defense allowed so many points, but I discredit them much less than I give it up to Georgia's offense. Knowshon, Stafford, and MoMass played the kind of lights-out football that you almost cannot defend. Especially with some of the Stafford-to-Massoquoi passes, the level of precision the Dawgs showed on offense was remarkable.
  • I've gotta admit, I think it's too bad that so many Tech players were snagging bits of the hedges. One of our commenters (Anon @ 8:28 AM) expressed that regret, saying "Magnanimity always - in defeat AND victory." I entirely agree, but I also realize this is a bunch of college kids, many of them 18 and 19 years old. Oh well.
  • Last but not least, I'd like to remind you that the option will never work in major college football, especially against speedy SEC defenses.
Please feel free to post all your post-game thoughts below. I assure you, we'll keep talking about this. My next post will probably be about where I see us bowling.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jackets 45 - Dawgs 42

(Photo from the AJC, Brant Sanderlin /

Obviously a huge day, and a great win. I was at the game, and it was quite the spectacle in person. I'm exhausted from the long day in Athens, but I'll post my thoughts tomorrow.

Enjoy it, Tech fans... It lasts a year, much to the chagrin of your Bulldog friends and coworkers.

Go Jackets!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nicki Meyer - video interview

Our newest volleyball recruit, Nicki Meyer, who also happens to be Urban Meyer's daughter:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GT Photos from Life Magazine

Hey everyone; this is off-topic for Hate Week, but if I don't post it now I'll forget to.

Life Magazine has posted their whole photo archives (published and unpublished) online, hosted by Google. There's some GT gems in there, if you just search for Georgia Tech. The vast majority of photos are from Tech's 28-7 win at Duke in 1952, but there's a handful from other games. I encourage everyone to check out the Tech photos, as well as whatever else you like. Life's archives are quite impressive.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Clean Old Fashioned Hate - Why This Year Matters

Does that headline seem odd? "It matters every year!" you might say, and you would be right. But this year matters more than any other in Tech history. This year, we defend the Drought.

Here's a little history, for the kids. For eight glorious years from 1949 to 1956, Tech beat Georgia in football. The margins ranged from one point (1949) to 42 points (1951), but every year the Yellow Jackets came out on top. Georgia fans refer to it as "the Drought." When the Drought ended, it was a huge deal for Dawg fans. Theron Sapp--a player with an otherwise unremarkable career--ended Tech's eight-game streak by scoring the only touchdown in 1957's Tech-Georgia game. Sapp became Georgia's only non-Heisman winner to have his jersey retired, just for ending the Drought. Alumnus Harold Walker wrote an epic poem in praise of Sapp.

Only once before has Georgia gotten to seven in a row vs. Tech, winning from 1991-1997. Ten years and one day after the 1998 game, which Tech won 21-19 in Athens, the Jackets have a chance to once again stop the Dawgs at seven and preserve history.

Georgia owns the series record (59-38-5) and total points (1694-1439), but we own the longest streak. Let's defend the Drought. Like no other year, this year matters.

Go Jackets!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Duke-VT Moneyline

According to, you would win $450 if you put $100 down on Duke to win. At the moment, the odds of GT going to Tampa is currently 9-2. Unbelievable.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Video from the Miami Win

Hate Week begins early this year, but I'm reserving today for enjoying the Miami win. Tomorrow we'll move on to hating on UGA.

Here's a slick video from the GTAA of highlights from last night's win over "Da U."

ACC Coastal Championship Odds Calculator

My friend Peter threw together this Excel sheet which has all the remaining coastal division scenarios, and you can calculate odds of each team winning. It uses home team victory odds (e.g. UVA 60% chance over Clemson) to calculate the chances, and you can feel free to change each of those numbers to what you think is realistic. (Note: When emailing this out, Peter said "I realize I am a ridiculous toolbag," so please refrain from comments about whoever put it together being a toolbag.)

My call on the odds put Tech with about a 14% chance at the Coastal Title... sounds about right to me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Game Day

AJC's Larry Hartstein says Josh Nesbitt will start:

It'll be a cold game night in Atlanta, and the 'Canes aren't to thrilled about it as the Miami Herald explains:

The Miami Herald also has their injury report:

The Sun Sentinel says that the players, but wah-wah the writers won't like it:

St. Petersburg Times game preview:

Tony Barnhart says the key to the game is the Miami QBs:

Florida Today wonders if we can make it 4 in a row:

AJC's Tim Tucker tells how UGA starts to prepare for the triple option:'s game preview, courtesy of Coley Harvey:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We're in the Sun-Sentinel !!

It's Scott. I'm back for a quick hit - I was invited for a little Georgia Tech / Miami fan discussion by the Sun Sentinel's 'Cane blogger Shandel Richardson. I was asked to outline why Georgia Tech would win Thursday night. Unfortunately I didn't have time for a long, well thought out thesis, but I did put some thoughts together during a break in the conference I'm at in Boston.

I never saw the Miami fan's thoughts before I sent mine. Here's the link to the post - link here.

GT-Miami Links

A little more than 24 hours before Thursday's big matchup against the 'Canes.

Georgia Tech's depth chart:

Miami's depth chart:

Good article from's Coley Harvey about if there are increased chances of injuries in Paul Johnson's offense, including quotes from the Navy QB with 75 letters in his last name:

I'll post all the links I can find tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where are we now? - ACC Coastal Standings & Bowl Chances

The ACC Coastal Division is a total cluster right now, with only Duke mathematically out of the race to Tampa. Heather Dinich has a great post describing everyone's possible road to the ACC Championship Game; here I'll summarize GT's could-be road. (Dinich writes ESPN's new-ish ACC blog, which I highly recommend. The WWL (World Wide Leader) is finally "getting" new media, slowly but surely.)

Georgia Tech (4-3 ACC) can win the Division only one way: UNC (3-3), VPI (3-3), and Virginia (3-3) all lose one more, and Tech beats Miami Thursday night. Because GT has lost to all three, a tied conference record would not cut it.

Here's my guess at the chances of each of those schools losing another conf. game, based on the remaing schedule:

Remaing Games: vs. NCSU, @ Duke
Chances of a loss: 25%
This is a longshot. Three weeks ago, I would have said Duke had a shot at beating Carolina, but not NC State. Now, I'd say they both have a realistic--albeit unlikely--chance.

The Wolfpack started the season pretty weak, with a win over East Carolina in OT the only decent victory before November. Now, the 'Pack is on a hot streak with wins at Duke and over Wake at home. That momentum, combined with NC State's bitter hatred of haughty Carolina, could push the 'Pack over the Heels.

Duke is coming off an embarassing loss at Clemson (31-7) and will probably see more of the same when they visit Blacksburg this weekend. They hate UNC probably as much as NC State does, and because this is a home game for the Blue Devils (and the only game likely to actually fill Wallace Wade Stadium with Duke fans), this may actually be a tough game for the Tar Heels.

Remaining Games: vs. Duke, vs. UVa
Chances of a loss: 15%
This is the least likely team to lose another game. Despite Duke's obvious improvement under Coach Cut, there is very little chance they can go into Lane Stadium and beat a 6-4 Hokie squad... although VPI did lose to ECU. (Note: I hate VPI.)

Virginia Tech's last game is against Virginia, same as every year. The Cavs are the most bipolar team in the ACC this year, with inexplicable bad losses at UConn and Duke paired with big wins over GT and rival Maryland. Virginia's on a two-game losing skid, and unless they get the home win over Clemson this weekend for a momentum boost, I doubt they pull it over the Gobblers.

Remaining Games: vs. Clemson, @ VPI
Chances of a loss: 85%
Clemson has a decent chance of beating the Cavaliers, more because of Virginia's inconsistency than because of their own decent play. The Tigers have been nearly as up-and-down as the Cavs, but there's not doubt they have talent on the roster.

The game I truly anticipate Virginia losing is down I-81 in Blacksburg. Lane Stadium really is a tough place for opposing teams, and the Hokies have the good fortune of ending the season at home.

Bottom Line
Georgia Tech's chances of making it to the ACC Championship Game are really slim. The most realistic scenario that puts us there Virginia beating VPI and Clemson beating Virginia. And even then, we depend on the mediocre Devils or Wolfpack beating UNC.

I encourage everyone to be realistic, and admit that we are not going to the ACCCG. Pre-season, knowing we'd be in the mix at all would have sounded spectacular if not absurd (especially if you watched the spring game).

Dinich has a post on ACC bowl predictions, and calls GT possible for the Meineke, Emerald, and Music City Bowls. (Reminder, the ACC bowl pecking order is: 1) Orange, 2) Chick-Fil-A, 3) Gator, 4) Champs Sports, 5) Music City, 6) Meineke, 7) Emerald, 8) Humanitarian, 9) Eagle Bank Bowl.)

I've been calling GT for the Music City Bowl since the UVa loss, and I'm sticking with that prediction. If we beat both Miami and Georgia, I will say the Peach Bowl or Champs Sports Bowl becomes likely.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Where do you think we'll go? Where, as a fan, would you like to see Tech?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tech / Georgia Kickoff set for Noon

(Image Courtesy Rob Skinner)

As many of you already know/are enraged about, the kickoff for GT vs. UGA is set for noon on Nov. 29. This is relatively unsurprising, since CBS releases a tentative pre-season TV schedule every year, and they listed our game as noon back then.

Thanksgiving weekend, CBS has the rights to both Tech/Georgia and the good ol' Urrn Bowl (Iron Bowl, for the Southern-phonetically challenged). A game featuring both the #1 team in the country and one of the most vicious rivalries in college football is a pretty thrilling TV draw, so it was fully expected they'd get the later/better time slot.

So what's the good news? First off, Coach Johnson said on his radio show a couple weeks ago that he prefers earlier games. I don't know the reasons why (if he said them and I forgot, please throw it in the comments), but he even said something like "If they'd let us play at 8 AM, I'd love to do that." I trust Coach, so if he likes the noon slot, I'll try to be happy about it.

Also, since it's Thanksgiving weekend, the noon scheduling is a bit more forgiving than on your average weekend. Lots of people will have Thurs/Fri off, so taking it easy Friday and heading up really early on Saturday is a little more do-able... Or you can do like me and head to Athens Friday.


P.S. For anyone who's wondering "Who is Jeff?", I wrote the now-defunct GT blog "Ramblin' Racket," and volunteered to help keep GTSB going strong while Scott's on hiatus. My style's a bit different than what you're used to here, but I hope to help keep GT Sports Blog the premiere unofficial place for all your GT news and content. You'll be hearing from me a good bit in the coming weeks. Go Jackets!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

11.09.08 Links

Cancel those tickets to Miami.

GT's defense fought hard all day, but couldn't overcome some terrible offense and some embarrassing special teams as the Jackets fell 28-7 to the Tar Heels.

When Paul Johnson does his coaching evaluations after the season, one thing he will have to address is this special teams by committee coaching staff. When coaching special teams is your #2 priority like it is with all coaches involved in special teams, you get inconsistent to poor performances every week. Hire a special teams coach in '09.

Some lowlights from Furman Bisher and Jeff Schultz of the AJC:

Brett Friedlander tells of the advantage the extra week was for Butch Davis and his staff:'s game story:

Friday, November 07, 2008

2-Deeps for tomorrow's game

Georgia Tech:

North Carolina (see page 8):

Thursday, November 06, 2008

11-06-08 Evening Links

AJC's Larry Hartstein talks about possible bowl scenarios:

Another article from Larry Hartstein about Jaybo Shaw and how plans to bounce back:

Third article (cut down on the Red Bull, Larry) about GT's kickoff return coverage:

Wes Durham gave some comments at the Macon Touchdown Club. Michael Lough writes for

To Hell With Georgia gives their analysis of the FSU game:

ACC teleconferences from's Coley Harvey

Offensive development so far.....

To what degree can Paul Johnson's offense now be called proven at the BCS level?

I'm not sure, but here are GT's offensive numbers vs. the 7 BCS league teams we have played in 2008 and they're not too bad:

Rushing: 250.4 YPG vs. teams giving up 114.1 YPG to their other opponents.
Total offense: 353.7 YPG vs. teams giving up 298.7 YPG to their other opponents.

11-06-08 Links and 11-03-08 CPJ Press Conference Notes

Notes from Paul Johnson's press conference on Monday (available on iTunes):

- 16 of 22 starters this week will be freshman or sophomores, not including the kicker.
- 13 scholarship seniors, 12 scholarship juniors.
- CPJ thought it may be a blessing. Easier to change the culture of the program.
- CPJ has been able to hold out the nucleus of true freshman lineman this year. He thinks that some of those redshirts may start next year, even though the incumbent may return.
- 4 Offensive lineman and 3 defensive lineman are committed for next year's recruiting class.
- Emery Peebles and Domonique Reese are both expected back for Saturday
- CPJ thought Michael Peterson played very well
- GT played more nickel than base against Florida State. He would expect more base defense this week.

Paul Johnson press conference.

Terence Moore writes about the change of culture on the Flats:

It looks like Josh Nesbitt will play, Jahi Word-Daniels is out as Larry Hartstein writes:

Another A-Back on board for next year's class. Carver-Atlanta tailback Demond Dennis

Butch Davis post-practice comments from Wednesday from Greg Barnes at Inside Carolina

Ken Segiura talks about how banged up GT is, plus the advantages UNC has because of their off week.

Greg Barnes at Inside Carolina gives Butch Davis teleconference

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

11-04-08 Links

Our worst fears about Andrew Gardner have come to fruition. He is out for the year. Andrew, thanks for your four years of effort for our program. Looking forward to seeing you on Sundays.

AJC link from Ken Segiura here:

Tough spot for Paul Johnson. Do you lift a redshirt off of one of the freshman?

Larry Hartstein is wondering where the love is for Jonathan Dwyer:

Phil Fulmer ripple effects benefit GT. Offensive lineman Antonio Foster from Valdosta changes his commitment from Tennessee to GT:

Future A-Back Orwin Smith from Alabama is on board. 13 commitments for next year's class. Keep in mind that our scholarships jump from 76 to 85.

Monday, November 03, 2008

ACC Referee Crews

I thought you might like to know which ACC Referee crews have worked GT games so far this year:

Keith Auden - Boston College
Mike Webster - Virginia, Virginia Tech
Jeff Flannagan - Duke
Jack Childress - Clemson, Florida State

Generally speaking, I think we would like to see a crew that has seen how GT's offensive line has been blocking and is familiar with cut blocking.

GT is 0-2 in games refereed by Mike Webster's crew. Coincidence??

Afternoon Links 11/3/08

For all you Doc Walker fans, Saturday's UNC-Georgia Tech will be a Raycom game at noon.

Larry Hartstein of the AJC gives his two cents on the game here:'s Coley Harvey tells about how proud Paul Johnson is about what this team has accomplished so far:

As of Monday afternoon, the casinos in Las Vegas have not set a line on the GT-UNC game.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

More Links 11/02/08

A play that we will likely forget that was a huge play. Scott Blair running down Michael Garvin at the GT33 down 7-3. Garvin was gone. It saved four points.

Georgia Tech accomplished some things yesterday against Mickey Andrew's defense that haven't been seen in a while. Miami Herald's Ira Schoffel explains:

A game report with a 'Noles perspective from the Palm Beach Journal:

Here are the links to Atlanta Journal Constitution stories:

Furman Bisher column:

Game notes, including Josh Nesbitt injury info:


Some great photos by Mash on the gas:

Finally, another fine performance by Roddy Jones. Two huge kickoff returns. A profile from here:


GT 31 FSU 28

Wow. Georgia Tech defeated Florida State 31-28 in what was probably the best game in Bobby Dodd Stadium since defeated UGA 51-48 in 1999 (ironically, a game decided on a fumble in the end zone).

Maybe the most important accomplishment of this win is that we will be going to a bowl. This means that this team will have an additional 15 practices in December, critical with developing a team of freshman and sophomores for 2009 and 2010.

Ken Sugiura gives props to a couple of true freshman here:

Huskers for Paul Johnson gives their take on the win:

They also give their take on what a truly amazing accomplishment this team has produced:

Florida State tries to figure what wrong on defense:

I'll try to throw a few more posts later today.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going on Break

I know you don't want to hear this in the middle of football season. However, personal circumstances necessitate that I take a break from the blog for awhile. I may put something on here occasionally, but I just need to focus more of my time on other things.

Hope you understand. Maybe some of my other friends want to pick up the slack (Trey, Lennie, etc). If anyone else is interested in posting items occassionally, drop me a line.

I will still be following the Jackets and cheering loud-and-proud.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Biggest Game of the Season

Are you going to be there Saturday? If not, hop in your car, head to BDS, but a ticket and enjoy the festivities. Should be a fun day and a critical one for the football team.

Make no mistake - the Saturday match-up against Virginia is without a doubt the most important game of this season. There are key ACC Coastal games that determine who's going to end up in the ACC championship game, and they all start with the teams on your side of the bracket. The VaTech game was clearly the previous biggest game, even though we lost. However, the fact that we have been victorious in every other game is the driving force. Virginia and Virginia Tech control their own destiny. Georgia Tech does not. It's that simple. Either of those guys can win out and end up in the ACC Championship. We need to win out AND need VaTech to lose.

So Saturday's game is a step closer. Beat the Cavs and we can almost knock them out of the running and put that much more pressure on VaTech. With an FSU match-up looming Saturday for the Hokies, a loss is a distinct possibility. A win and the Jackets are bowl-eligible. There were certainly a lot of folks who thought our bowl streak would be up in the air this season. So there's a lot on the line Saturday.

Will the Jackets man-up and get the job done? Can the Jackets avoid the letdown loss that has plagued them in recent years? Can we continue the home mojo we have enjoyed in the UVA series? Is UVA for real?

Clearly the betting community sees most of the angles in the Jackets favor. Home advantage. Revenge advantage. Coming off a win. Offense GT advantage over the UVA D-Line. Jacket DLine advantage over UVA OLine. I think the spread has creeped up from the 11 pt range to closer to 14 points.

On paper and in Vegas things look good, but football's a funny game. Things happen. That's why the play the games, as the saying goes.

I'll be there with family in tow, in section 218. I'm expecting to see the offense rack up a lot of yards. UVA's defense has been prone to give up field in the running game. Could be a big day for Jon Dwyer. Could be a big day for Roddy Jones. UVA plays a 3-4 defense, which means 3 down linemen and 4 linebackers. That's their base defense. For a pretty detailed primer on the 3-4, check this out.


Embry Peeples, Fr., A-Back (ankle)
A.J. Smith, Sr., OL

Martin Frierson, Jr., DB (knee)

Tyler Melton, Fr., WR/KR (knee)
Quincy Kelly, So., B-Back (medical condition)
Jahi Word-Daniels, Sr., CB (hamstring)

Aaron Clark (knee)
Max Milien (foot)
Zane Parr (knee)
Keith Payne (hand)
Joe Torchia (shoulder)

Antonio Appleby (ankle)
Nick Jenkins (ankle)
Yannick Reyering (knee)

Maurice Covington (leg)
Andrew Devlin (shoulder)
Alex Field (back)
Steve Greer (knee)
Raynard Horne (hand)
Curt Orshoski (hand)
Austin Pasztor (ankle)
Zak Stair (knee)

Make sure to hang around for this:

HoopsFest Set for Saturday

Oct. 23, 2008

ATLANTA - Georgia Tech's men's and women's basketball teams will host their Hoopsfest celebration this Saturday evening at Alexander Memorial Coliseum following the Yellow Jackets' football game with Virginia, which kicks off at 3:30 p.m. There is no admission charge for this event.

This will be the first chance for Tech fans to watch the men's team, which will stage an intrasquad scrimmage at approximately 7 p.m., and meet the women's team. The men will play a full-game intrasquad scrimmage, and the women's team will be introduced at halftime.

Earlier in the day, both teams will conduct an autograph session on top of Peter's Parking deck at 1:30 p.m. In addition, the brand new 2008-2009 basketball posters will be available at no charge.

Click here for more information about the autograph session

GT - Clemson Video Highlights

Nice highlight package:

Just for fun, thought I'd throw in this video "The Legend is Born"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Revisiting Expectations

One of our readers, Matt, requested that we go back and review our pre-season expectations and revise them for the 2nd half of the season. Here's the original post.

So let's go re-post our original expectations along with some updates:

Date Opponent / Event

08/28/08 vs. Jacksonville State, Win 41-14, 1-0, 0-0 ACC
ORIGINAL:A must win. I don't care who their QB is. He's one guy and the rest of the team is mostly made up of guys that didn't get DI-A offers. New offense or not, fumbles or not, this is a must win game. No excuses here.... 1-0

UPDATE: Jackets dominated 41-14 and had former LSU QB Ryan Perrilloux running all day. He was sacked 4 times enroute to a dominating victory in the opening stanza of the Paul Johnson era. Jax St has gone on to prove that they are a very good IAA tea with Perrilloux leading the way.

09/06/08 at Boston College, win 20-17, 2-0, 1-0
ORIGINAL: BC won't be the same team they were last season. However, they have a good coaching staff, and they'll be tough to beat on the road. I give us a 40% shot to get the W here, which means I'm really picking us to lose in a close one....... 1-1

UPDATE: In a hard-nosed game, it took at Jonathan Dwyer 43 pitch to break things open in the 2nd half. The Jackets survived three first half fumbles and pressured Chis Crane into some mistakes of his own. No matter how it happened, a road ACC victory against the Atlantic champion in noteworthy. Since that time, BC has gotten better and we remain the lone loss on their schedule
09/13/08 at Virginia Tech, lost 20-17, 2-1, 1-1
ORIGINAL: Not a game I expect us to win. Still too early in the season for our team to be hitting on all cylinders and our youth will ultimately hurt. I expect VaTech to take this game soundly...... 1-2

UPDATE: Another incredibly hard-fought, physical game. Unfortunately the Jackets could not overcome another 3 turnover day, but they came darn close. A questionable helmet-to-helmet call on Cooper Taylor kept VaTech's go-ahead scoring drive alive and proved to be the difference. This is the game that got away. VaTech currently leads the ACC Coastal and sports a 5-1 record. They are clearly in the drive seat.

09/20/08 vs. Mississippi State, won 38-7, 3-1, 1-1
ORIGINAL: Swing game for me. Could go either way, but we really should get the win. I would put the odds at about 60%...... 2-2

UPDATE: We heard all week about the stout Miss St defense that held Auburn to 3 points. We knew their offense was struggling. We now know that Auburn's offense was nothing to write home about. In the end, the Jackets ran all over Miss St, to the tune of 438 yards on the ground, routing them in the process 38-7. Josh Nesbitt goes out on the first series and Jaybo Shaw comes in and runs the offense efficienty and effectively. Miss St has since played better, beating undefeated Vanderbilt.

10/04/08 vs. Duke, won 28-0, 4-1, 2-1
ORIGINAL: Another must-win. I hate playing Duke any more. They're like a live grenade rolling around the floor. It's going to go off on someone eventually. However, we should still win this one - no excuses. 3-2

UPDATE: The good news is that the hand grenade went off against Virginia. Against the Jackets, there was no more powder in the musket, as the Jackets beat the BlueDevils 27-0. Yeah, it was close early in the 2nd half, but the Jackets were in control of this game all day long but just made some mistakes at key times. The Jackets racked up 454 yards of offense, including 230 in the air, all to Demaryius Thomas. Jaybo Shaw proves that he can throw as well as pitch. Winning in winning, and just because a Paul Johnson team puts up bigger passing numbers means nothing about the quality of your defense. He adjusted and Cutcliffe didn't. The key stat was 27 Jackets, 0 Duke.

10/11/08 vs. Gardner-Webb, won 10-7, 5-1, 2-1
ORIGINAL: Another must-win. If we win our opener, this one won't even count towards bowl eligibility, but it will be important in working on schemes and execution.... 4-2

UPDATE: Well, what do you say. An emotional downer as the Jackets truly survive a scare against an undermanned but emotionally charged Gardner-Webb team. They had a bunch of guys from the state of Georgia and they played like they wanted it, while the Jackets mostly went through the motions. If not for a 79 yard screen pass from Calvin Booker to Jonathan Dwyer, it would have been a much worse week. A win is a win. Survive and advance.

10/18/08 at Clemson, won 21-17, 6-1, 3-1
ORIGINAL: I live in upstate SC. The Tiger expectations this season have almost become a joke because they are so high. However, if Clemson doesn't win the ACC this season, it won't be because of the talent on the field. We'll find out how good of a coach they have once and for all.... maybe. For GT, I expect a loss. The rivalry is one of the most underrated in the ACC and other than a couple of blowouts is always down to the wire. Having said that, I do not expect Georgia Tech to win 2 years in a row here...... 4-3

UPDATE: It wasn't pretty. Week one of life without Tommy Bowden for the Tigers was an emotional one as interim head coach Dabo Swinney fired up the troops. Unfortunately emotion only got them to the starting whistle. Lots of turnovers but in the end the Jackets made the big plays when they counted. A 24-yard hitch-and-go TD pass from Nesbitt to BeBe Thomas put the Jackets up for good in the 4th quarter. The Jacket defense had a pick-6 along with a myriad of other INT's and a fumble recovery. No matter how you cut it, a road ACC victory is impressive. The Jackets are ranked #18 in the BCS standings and top 25 in every poll. Can they handle the success?

10/25/08 vs. Virginia (Homecoming)
ORIGINAL: GT does not lose homecoming games. It's become an amazing streak by itself (something like 11 in a row, although I didn't look it up). Virginia lost half it's team to academics, arrests or other issues. Key players too. They season last year was marked by a bunch of amazing close victories. It's a statistical fact that the law of averages will catch up to them. They won't win so many close ones again. The Jackets will prevail on homecoming once again...... 5-3

UPDATE: Virginia started the year looking like the keystone cops with ugly losses against both good and bad teams. Then something changed. Their QB got some reps under his belt. The team got back powerback Cedric Peerman. Now all-of-the-sudden, Virginia, along with Virginia Tech, are the only two Coastal teams that control their own fate. Georgia Tech still needs to win out and needs someone to knock off VaTech again. This year's UVA game is homecoming for the Jackets, and Georgia Tech never loses a homecoming game. We've won 12 in a row. The Jackets will open as 7-11 point favorites, and we should win. We should. I'm still predicting the win.

11/01/08 vs. Florida State
ORIGINAL: Things are starting to get interesting. Why? It's this final stretch in the season that I expect to see a step change in the timing, execution and precision of the offense. The FSU, NC and Miami games also present a perplexing unknown in what we will be facing. Will FSU be "back"? Is UNC really that much better? We'll know. Is Miami "back"? Well, I think this will be a close game, but that GT will fall short..... 5-4

UPDATE: Aside from Georgia Tech, FSU might be the most consistent ACC team. They lost a tough one to Wake Forest, but won the rest. This will be potentially be Georgia Tech's first top 25 opponent. In fact, I'm guessing it could be the ACC's first match-up of top 25 teams from their own league. All of this presumes victories the prior week. Beating FSU would be sweet for many, many Jackets fans, as it's never happened since they joined the ACC. It's time for a new era. I put this game at 50/50. It's like VaTech / BC / Clemson - it could go either way, and it'll probably be close. In the end, I say we lose this one. I don't see us running the table.

11/08/08 at North Carolina
ORIGINAL: By this point we'll know if Butch Davis has taken his team to the next level. However, I think Paul Johnson will have plenty of unanswered questions for Butch and the Jackets will take home the victory..... 6-4

UPDATE: UNC's season took a major hit when they lost to UVA in overtime. They won't win the ACC barring a major collapse from multiple other teams. They lost their #1 playmaker for the season in Brandon Tate. In the end, this'll be another 50/50 game in my book, but I think the Jackets can get the W.

11/20/08 vs. Miami
ORIGINAL: It's dangerous to predict that you'll beat a team for the 4th year in a row. It's just seems crazy to think it could be the Miami Hurricanes. There aren't many teams that have beaten them 4 times in a row. Could we join that club? I honestly don't think Miami will be "back" yet. I'm just not sold on Randy Shannon and I'm really not sold on Patrick Nix. I think we can win this one.... 7-4

UPDATE: Thursday night match-up. I still have a hard time bringing myself to say we'll beat Miami for the 4th straight season. It just doesn't happen against any team that often. However, I'm going to stick with my original prediction. The Canes are going down....... again.

11/29/08 at Georgia
ORIGINAL: Heart versus head. Heart vs head. I keep going back to Paul Johnson's 1st season at Navy. His only losing season as a head coach. A season where his daughter cried the streaming tears of someone experiencing losing for the first time ever.......... then a crazy thing happened. In the midst of finishing the season with only 1 victory, Navy ended their season with stunning victory over Army... Whoah. Where did that come from. That victory was the springboad and soapbox for Paul Johnson's success at Navy. It made people believers, and they never looked back. PJ has made the Georgia game a priority for everyone. We know what it means to us. We know what it means to him. In a year where UGAg opens the season #1 in the coaches poll, is it conceivable that the Jackets actually win? Could the Jackets play spoiler to the mutts national title hopes. I will dream about it, and relive it over and over if it happens. However, my head is overruling my heart on this one. Jackets lose a heartbreaker, but the battle has only begun..... 7-5

UPDATE: Turns out Paul Johnson didn't want to wait until this game to change our expectation levels. He started right away. Combine that with a UGAg team that has struggled at times, overwhelmed nobody, lost in embarrassing fashion to Alabama, but found ways to win. People will forget that this series has been very competitive the last number of years. Theyre is every reason to think the Jackets can win this game........... finally. Georgie has some playmakers but a banged up OL / DL. Georgia Tech has playmakers and a weaker O-Line. Both teams have good defenses. How will it play out? I see Georgia Tech's chances in the range of 40%, which is better than I thought originally. Unfortunately I see us losing the game again this year. Either way it should be hard fought and close.

ORIGINAL: So that puts us at 7-5, with the bowl streak extended. How do you see the season playing out? Post it in the comments.

UPDATE: We're sitting at 6-1 and I had us projected at 4-3 at this point. I originally projected us to finish the season 7-5 by winning 3 of the last 5 games. I haven't changed my opinion, although I clearly believe we could run the table.

If it plays out like this, we'll finish the regular season 9-3, which was the top end of anyone's realistic expectations. An outstanding season by any measure that should result sin a nice east coast bowl game.

............... of course there's another possibility. What if the Jackets do run the table? What if they do beat Georgie? What if they do go to a BCS bowl and win?

............... let's worry about UVA this week and let each game grow in importance because we've won the week before. Like a small snowball rolling down a hill, gathering momentum, growing, becoming a runaway, unstoppable force............. one game at a time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hoops - D'Andre Bell out for season

UPDATE: AP Story, RamblinWreck Story,

According to Jeff Goodman at Fox Sports, D'Andre Bell is out for the season with spinal stenosis. What a terrible blow before the season even gets started.

If this turns out to be true, this is a big blow to this year's team and to D'Andre. Bell is a versatile guy who can play multiple positions, anywhere from the PG/SG/SF. He has the best mid-range offensive game on the team and is the best on-ball defender (I'm not sure the #2 defender is even close). He's been a team-first guy, sacrificing his game at times because he could better contribute out of his natural position.

Assuming Bell takes the medical redshirt, he could play again next season. Of course that completely assumes this type of injury can result in a full recovery. That's a big assumption. Another issue might be scholarships. We have a large recruiting class coming in. How many ships will be left when all is said and done?

This will be the 3rd year in a row we've lost a key guy before or early in the season (Ra'Sean Dickey, Lewis Clinch in prior years).The bright spot there is that we could be weak on the wings with Lewis Clinch leaving next season.

Either way you cut it, you just feel terrible for D'Andre, and it certainly seems like Paul Hewitt just can't catch a break. Mo Miller and Iman Shumpert are going to be on the court a lot. Lance Storrs will need to show some significant development this season. Lewis Clinch is going to need to get back to his form of 2 years ago. You'll likely see Zachery Peacock at the 3-spot more often this season. Adjust and move on. Paul Johnson has done it this year, losing all sorts of guys. The other Coach Paul is going to have to find a way to do the same.

There has no other conformation of this story yet.

Georgia Tech Cool Stuff

Some cool stuff goes on in the research labs around Georgia Tech - like this, wireless power. That's right - the holy grail - getting rid of batteries:

Wirelessly Powered Robot Swarm from Travis on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Rap

This isn't about politics. It's about the humor. This cracked me up:

Vote for Georgia Tech

You really should go here and vote for Georgia Tech's Nesbitt-to-Thomas play vs Clemson as the Pontiac Game-changing Performance, because it could result in $5000 in scholarship money for GT:


Need Restaurant Advice

I'm in Atlanta for a couple of days with some international folks in my company (England, Mexico, Asia). We're staying at the Westin near the airport and need some advice for a good restaurant. Something fun, not too high-end, but a good dining experience for non-Americans. We're not looking for a long night either.


Sting Stats -- GT passing game....

I saw a Clemson fan who was upset at giving up so many big passing plays to "that terrible passing offense in that awful scheme."

That just made me laugh.

It's true that GT passes the least of any BCS team at 11.9 times per game. In the NCAA, only the three service academies pass less -- no big surprise that the four triple option teams are the four last teams in passes per game.

VT throws the next fewest passes behind GT, 19.0 times per game. That's a big margin between the lowest and second lowest in the BCS leagues. However GT is clearly a better passing team than VT, since they throw 60% more often but we have more yards per game and more TD's.

GT also has the lowest completion percentage in the NCAA, at 48.2%. That number alone could bring back some unpleasant memories from the previous regime.

The thing is, GT still leads the ACC in passing efficiency.

Sounds impossible: how can you have the lowest completion percentage of all BCS teams, but lead the ACC in passing efficiency?

The answer is: you throw a lot of long passes!

GT is third in the BCS leagues in yards per pass attempt, at 9.9. Only OU and Okie State are higher.

GT is first in the NCAA in yards per completion, by a huge margin, at 20.5 yards per catch. The next best team has 17.2 yards per catch.

None of this is new for this coaching staff. From 2003-2007 Johnson's Navy teams were #2 overall in the NCAA in yards per pass attempt (behind Louisville), and they were #1 in yards per completion, once again by a huge margin of over 3 yards per catch.

Of course the reason for all this is that teams sell out to stop the running game, allowing the offense to go over the top to wide open receivers. Also, while GT doesn't pass that much, we throw almost as many long passes as many "conventional" offenses. The passes that aren't getting thrown as often are screens and short dumps.

Watch and Listen

Listen to this clip (right at the end) from a new HBO series "Generation Kill".

Monday, October 20, 2008

South Carolina fans roast Dabo

Ah, the sweet smell of rivalry.........

Blog Poll Ballot - Week 8

Here is my Blog Poll ballot for week 8.

1 Texas 1
2 Alabama 1
3 Penn State --
4 Oklahoma State 1
5 Texas Tech 1
6 Oklahoma --
7 Florida 1
8 Southern Cal 2
9 Utah --
10 Ohio State 3
11 LSU 1
12 Georgia 3
13 Boise State 1
14 Tulsa 6
15 TCU 11
16 Georgia Tech 9
17 South Florida 6
18 Ball State 6
19 Pittsburgh 7
20 Florida State 6
21 Brigham Young 14
22 Boston College 4
23 Northwestern 3
24 Minnesota 2
25 Cincinnati 1

Dropped Out: Missouri (#11), Virginia Tech (#16), Wake Forest (#17), North Carolina (#18), Vanderbilt (#19), Kansas (#21), Michigan State (#22).

I flip-flopped #1/2. I felt that Texas's resume is clearly the strongest and they have performed against the best, while Alabama hasn't been as consistent in their wins.

In my ballot, you're out if you have two losses at this point in the season. That means a bunch of folks dropped out and a bunch of new names made their way in.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jackets Ranked #21 AP/Coaches, #18 BCS

The first BCS poll is out, and Georgia Tech clocks in at #18. In a fitting twist, it's the computers that help move us into better position, since the human votes barely see fit to keep us in the top 25.

In both the AP and Coaches polls, Georgia Tech comes in at #21, the highest ranking of any ACC team. In addition, Tech moves up to #16 in the Sagarin Index. Sagarin actually has three different types of rankings and their "Elo Chess" ranking, which is used in the BCS calculation, has Georgia Tech ranked #14.

Here is who voted for Georgia Tech in the AP Poll:

Voter Rank
Adam Van Brimmer 15
Aditi Kinkhabwala 20
Anthony Gimino 15
Barker Davis 21
Bill Cole 25
Bob Hammond 22
Bret Bloomquist 24
Brett McMurphy 21
Chris Fowler 18
Craig James 14
Doug Lesmerises 16
Doug Segrest 19
Eric Hansen 19
Eric Page 21
Ferd Lewis 22
Glenn Guilbeau unranked
Herb Gould unranked
Jake Schaller 16
Jason Franchuk unranked
Jeff McLane 21
Jeff White 24
Jim Lamar 15
Jim Mashek 17
Jimmy Burch 23
Joe Giglio 22
Joe Person 23
Joe Rexrode 18
John Heuser 18
John Hunt 21
John Silver 20
Jon Johnson 22
Jon Wilner unranked
Joseph Duarte unranked
Kent Taylor 19
Kevin Pearson 21
Kirk Bohls 20
Kirk Herbstreit 16
Marcus Fuller 23
Mark Anderson unranked
Mark Tupper unranked
Matt McCoy 21
Maurice Patton 20
Mike Ceide 23
Mike DeArmond unranked
Mike Prater 17
Mike Strain 18
Mitch Vingle 22
Molly Yanity 16
Myron Patton 24
Pete DiPrimio 21
Randy Harrison 24
Randy Rosetta 21
Ray Fittipaldo 20
Ray Ratto 15
Robbie Andreu unranked
Sal Interdonato unranked
Scott Wolf unranked
Steve Conroy 16
Steve Sipple 23
Stewart Mandel 15
Taylor Zarzour 20
Tom Hart 23
Tom Keegan 18
Tom Mulhern 19
Tom Murphy 19