Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where are they now - Joe Anaoi

Unfortunately Joe Anaoi was released by the Vikings prior to their upcoming camp. Sources cited an undisclosed injury and he still may have a shot to latch on with the Vikes or another team if he is ready.

Where are they now - Craig Neal

Where is Craig? Well, recovering from a boating mishap. Check it out:

New Mexico guard Darren Prentice, forward Roman Martinez and assistant Craig Neal sustained minor injuries when their snorkeling boat's 60-foot mast hit a bridge and collapsed during an exhibition trip in the Bahamas.

Prentice had a gash under an eye, Martinez was cut on an ankle and Neal was struck on a knee by falling debris.

None of the injuries was serious enough to prevent the players or coach from participating in an exhibition game Tuesday.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hoops - Thad / Crit Updates

A blurb from Andy Katz:

Crittenton made his decision once it was clear he was going to sign with an agent (the son of the late Wallace Prather, a legendary summer league coach in Atlanta).

Thaddeus Young, Fr., Georgia Tech: A source close to Young said he is 50-50 on his decision. Young isn't a lock for the lottery and looks at the chances of going higher next season as a reason to return. Unlike Crittenton, Young isn't receiving news that would make him feel secure about staying in the draft. Crittenton was essentially told don't fret beyond No. 14 with the L.A. Clippers
Also, this on a recent workout by Thaddeus Young:

Another player who seems to be working just as hard here is Georgia Tech freshman Thaddeus Young. He also passes the “eye test” even more than Wright does probably, with an unbelievable frame and wingspan, huge shoulders, and solid athletic ability. He also reportedly has a similar attitude, although I did not get the chance to speak with him myself.

Young’s shooting mechanics are coming along very nicely, showing a high release point, good elevation on his jumper, solid arc, and very nice touch. It is a fundamentally sound shot, although a bit on the deliberate side. When pulling up off the dribble, he’s not nearly as fluid as Wright is for example. His shot at times fell very consistently for him, and at times didn’t. If he keeps working on it, it should steady out for him.

Young has been working on his ball-handling skills extremely hard in his time here—that much is not hard to tell. He’s polished up his technique considerably, to the point that he looks very smooth in the drills. There is a big difference between a “workout handle” and a “game situation handle,” when it comes to reacting to unexpected movements and being fluid changing directions and such, but this is something we really weren’t able to evaluate due to the non-competitive structure of the workout (like Wright, he did not play in the 5 on 5). Regardless, Young realizes what his biggest weakness is and is working very hard to improve on it. Procopio and Grover say they are most concerned with getting Young to maximize his excellent physical attributes near the basket more than he did in college, and from what they say, he is responding extremely well to their challenges. (Procopio: “I’m wearing a UNLV jersey Thad…show me what you got!”). They both mentioned on more than one occasion how much they enjoy working with him.

Young’s uncle, Kenneth Carter, is the one who is handling the NBA draft process for him. He does not seem to be rushing into things at all from what we can tell, saying that Thaddeus “needs to be a top 15 pick for him to stay in.” He understands the arguments for and against him staying in, and when we spoke, it seemed like he was still weighing both sides of the argument equally.

Beesball - Season's Over

In a disappointing turn of events, the Jackets found out today that their season is over. They failed to give the selection committee enough ammunition to make them the last ACC selection. A weak non-conference record (losses agains UGAg, GA St, GA Southern, Kennesaw St) and not enough conference wins just did in the Jackets. Yes, they have a VERY strong case that they should be in, but at the end of the day they shouldn't be placing this decision in the hands of the committee.

Danny Hall's not happy about it:

"Are they capping the league, that the ACC can only get seven teams in?" Yellow Jackets coach Danny Hall asked. "They can try to justify this thing any way they want. Bottom line, they just wanted to take seven and not eight ACC teams because they didn't want to hear it from the [northern and western leagues]. That would be my answer to any spin they want to put on it.

"They're basically saying the RPI doesn't mean anything."

It's nothing short of disappointing, but it is what it is. This just wasn't one of Danny Hall's better clubs. Well, it's off to the Cape Cod leagues for some and off to Scott Boras's office for others.

Until next season......................

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I told you so......

Fans, hopefully my care for your well being has prepared you for this - I told you so............ one down, one to go......

It was nice knowing you Javaris. Too bad we couldn't do more together. Best of luck in the NBA. Nobody in their right mind can blame you one bit for taking a shot to put your family in financial comfort for the rest of their lives. Take the money and run. Work hard and be succesful............... Just don't forget about our little trade school that you were once a part of.

........................ like ships in the night.....................

Hoops Reminder - Remember Your Hopes? Don't get them up.

I told you right at the beginning of this month - DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP. I told you to prepare your mind for the eventual truth that Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton will not be coming back to Georgia Tech. I want to reiterate that truth. Go back and and read my post and kick yourself if you maintained hope. Decisions are starting to be announced about guys staying in the draft or coming back. You'll be hearing about our guys soon enough........... and you won't like it.

Again, maybe I'm wrong........................... but I'm not.......................... I'm just not.

Your 2007/2008 Point Guard will be a battle between Mo Miller and Matt Causey. Start thinking about how that will play out, because it's going to be one of those guys. The hometown, homegrown kid is gone, and we'll barely know that he was even there..................... Your new small forward is likely to be a mix of guys like Anthony Morrow and D'Andre Bell - now that Lewis Clinch will be back on the team. The dreams of super-frosh leading us to the promised land is over. Just accept it.

Folks, all I'm trying to do here is prevent heartbreak. Georgia Tech probably has more one-and-done and/or early departures to the NBA than any other school. I don't know the facts, but we have a who's who of early departures. At Georgia Tech, they just don't stay. They move on, and they do it quickly........... JC and TY will follow in that tradition.

Stephon Marbruy (1 yr)
Kenny Anderson (2 yr)
Dion Glover (1 yr)
Chris Bosh (1 yr)
Dennis Scott (3 yrs)
Jarrett Jack (3 yrs)
Thaddeus Young?? (1 yr)
Javaris Crittenton?? (1 yr)

Now, to write off next season as a result of those guys leaving would be a MAJOR mistake. We all know what happened after the departure of Chris Bosh and Ed Nelson. That's why you have to play the games. But the media reports will all be the same - Tech is going to struggle and they're likely to be picked middle of the ACC pack AT BEST.......................... all the while Coach Hewitt tries to convince everyone that it would be a mistake to think this team cannot compete. Watch the spin, then watch the counterspin............. all in the game of managing expectations.

Stay tuned..............

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Tennis

Check out the final point here (after the UGAg men's win).

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


MAJOR congratulations are in order for Coach Bryan Shelton and his amazing team of ladies racquet-eers (ok maybe not a great term).................. but tonight they accomplished something truly impressive - winning the undisputed Women's NCAA National Championship !!!!!

Let that sink in.................


Just an amazing feat by this great mix of veterans and youngsters. Folks, the amazing part of this is that our leader and best player is junior Kristi Miller, but two youngsters, the "Amanda's" - Amanda McDowell and Amanda Craddock put their stamp on this season. While the Jackets dropped the double's point, they came through in the singles matches, with McDowell absolutely crushing her opponent 6-1, 6-0........................ Craddock lost her match, but Miller came through with a tough 6-3, 7-6 victory, even with a sore wrist. Christy Striplin won her match 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 and then Alison Silverio put the finishing touches on this true National Championship!!

Don't forget, this team also won the indoor NCAA National Championship earlier in the season. However, the NCAA does not recognize that tourney as the "official" NC.................. so the ladies went ahead and won both. All you can say is that this is a bigtim
e group of gals who know how to win in the clutch.

Congrats to the team and the coaching staff. Just an incredible job building a program by Coach Shelton.........................Congrats....... just amazing!!!

Here are some pics from the semi clinching match the night before against Cal

Tennis - Ladies Represent

Congratulations to our tennis babes, who have made it to the National Championship match, where they will play UCLA. This is an absolutely fantastic acheivement, win or lose. "justingt0820" at the Hive posted these predicted match-ups:

Predicted Matchups


#1 - (3) Kristi Miller/Whitney McCray v. (19) Yasmin Schnack/Riza Zalameda
#2 - (26) Amanda Craddock/Alison Silverio v. (53) Ashley Joelson/Alex McGoodwin
#3 - (UR) Kirsten Flower/Tarryn Rudman v. (42) Elizabeth Lumpkin/Stephanie Wetmore


#1 - (6) Kristi Miller v. (15) Riza Zalameda
#2 - (93) Alison Silverio v. (40) Tracy Lin
#3 - (71) Amanda Craddock v. (56) Yasmin Schnack
#4 - (94) Amanda McDowell v. (107) Ashley Joelson
#5 - (62) Christy Striplin v. (UR) Alex McGoodwin
#6 - (108) Tarryn Rudman v. (UR) Elizabeth Lumpkin

GT is 11-0 in 2007 using this lineup.

Also, here is the post-match press conference (scroll down towards bottom).

By the way, as an interesting subplot - the UCLA head coach called our Coach Shelton, and asked if the two teams could have a private scrimmage before the tourney started................ and they did.

So this match has already been played................ however, we don't know who won........... maybe we'll find out after the fact.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Football - The All-Tech Team (QB's)

Someone at the Hive had this idea, and I thought it would be a great way to create some discussion in the off-season, seeing that beesball is incredibly depressing at the moment.

So the question is - what is the all-time Tech football team? We'll take your comments and develop a 1st / 2nd / 3rd string.

So with that, let's start one position at a time. Let's start with the most obvious position - QUARTERBACK.

So who are the #1, 2, 3 all-time Tech QB's? Once we decide this one - we'll move to the next position.



Hoops - The Latest on Javaris / Thaddeus

Not much news on the Thaddeus Young / Javaris Crittenton front. However, this is what we have learned:

Javaris will participate in the NBA "showcase" at the Orlando Pre-draft camp. He will play with guys like Daequan Cook, Sean Singletary, in an effort to improve his draft status.

Thaddeus Young, on the other hand, has decided to sit out during the showcase. Other notables sitting out include Josh McRoberts, Nick Young, Aaron Afflalo and Glen Davis.

There are a list of guys invited only for their measurables - which are basically the Oden's and Durant's - guys that would only hurt their status by playing.

Where are they now - Stephon Marbury

Everyone knows where Starbury is now, but do you truly remember how good he really was during his one and only season with the Jackets? The answer - good........ really good. Check it out:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Campus Video

Far be it from me to post things that are fodder for promoting the nerdiness that people associate with Tech, but of course people's ability to make fun of themselves is a sign of semi-well-adjustedness. I ran across this rap video filmed by Tech students that was pretty darn cool.................. References to footage at Bobby Dodd & Centenial Park........ and the "T" from the Tech Tower........... even Chuck Norris............ Was the "T" real? Check it out. Pretty well done if you ask me............. even has a nice beat...............

Funniest line of the video - the Asian guy walking to the car with a Mountain Dew T-shirt with the following line:

"Sweet Zeus, is that a mountain dude?
Nah, it's sweet mellow yellow come to bring us some food"

Also good:
"We goin' get some chow main, cruisin' in the cadillac,
Guys don't worry, MSG no give heart attack,
Chi-nese foo-da
taste so goo-da
Poo poo platter
Make you fatter"

Not sure why the ethnic humor was funny but just was..........

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Football Recruiting - Jackets Pick up Commit #2

Well, both recruiting sites are reporting that the Jackets landed a RB out of Orlando FL named Embry Peeples.

Rivals profile
Scout profile

Here's a confirmation from the Orlando Sentinel and a quote from his coach.

"When we started the process," Pettis said, "I asked our players to write down their top-five and their top-10 choices. Peeples had Tech and FSU in his top two. Tech offered and FSU did not, and when he became inundated with offers from schools around the country and Coach [Chan] Gailey came to watch him practice, he decided to pull the trigger on his decision."

General comments:
  1. This guy is fast (4.3-4.5 in the 40 and 10.4-10.7 in the 100). Very impressive. To give you a comparison, Jonathan Dwyer is a track-and-field runner and ran in the range of 10.9 in the 100. Probably one of the fastest kids in the state of Florida this year.
    1. Quote from Peeples: "Speed kills," Peeples said. "That's my big thing. But I want to show the recruiters everything I can do this spring. You want to go 100 percent. It means a lot."
  2. Here are some stats:
    1. Last Year Rushing:
      132 Carries
      1130 Yards
      8.56 Yds/Carry
      11 TD's

      Last Year Receiving:
      4 Receptions
      108 Yards
      27 Yds/Catch
      12 Yds/Game
  3. He had interest from FSU, Notre Dame, LSU, Colorado and Auburn. However, it is not clear if any of these programs have offered him yet.
  4. Small guy. 5'8", 160-170lb. Obviously not a bruiser.
  5. Grades could be an issue. Reports of a 2.8 core GPA and a 900 SAT score, although another report has him with a 3.2 GPA.......... could be borderline.
  6. Recruited by Curtis Modkins.
  7. Here's some video.
Welcome aboard Mr.Peeples!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where are they now - Chris Dunlap

Congrats to Chris Dunlap as he was signed as a free agent by none-other than the New England Patriots. No word yet whether they have moved Randy Moss's locker to position him next to Tom Brady.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Discussion Question

What will be the "break out" story of our 2007 football team?

- Taylor Bennett?
- Tashard Choice?
- Phillip Wheeler?
- Michael Johnson?
- Daryl Richard?
- Vance Walker?
- The O-Line?
- Bebe Thomas?
- One of our new freshmen?
- Something else?

Discuss amongst yourselves in the comment section.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Football - Looking Ahead

Check out this exciting video of incoming RB recruit Jonathon Dwyer. Wow.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hoops - Ladies Add A Quality Assistant Coach

Looks like the lady hoopsters added an impressive assistant coach in University of Indianapolis Head Women’s Basketball Coach Teri Moren

Moren marked uncharted territory in the Greyhound annals, leading her 2003-04 squad to an unprecedented third straight 20+ win season and a return to the NCAA Division II tournament. The Hounds recorded a 22-10 mark and once again advanced to the round of 32 for the third straight season. UIndy compiled a 74-22 (.771) record in that span.

In her seven-year tenure, Moren compiled a 160-73 record (.687), the second-most coaching wins in the program’s history. Moren etched a milestone on March 4, 2005, turning in her 100th career victory in a 85-70 win over Wisconsin-Parkside.

Moren earned NCAA II Russell Athletic/ WBCA Region IV "Coach of the Year" and GLVC "Coach of the Year" honors in 2002-03 after leading her team to a 29-3 record and GLVC regular-season and tournament championships. Moren’s record-setting squad set school records for wins in a season (29), best winning percentage (.906), winning streak (17), and GLVC victories (18). Her Greyhounds earned the school’s first GLVC regular-season title since 1993 and just the second in school history.

Moren was an assistant under Olkowski at Butler for six years from 1993-99, as recruiting coordinator as well as assisting with on-court coaching, scouting, game preparation, and academic monitoring and scheduling. Seven BU players combined for 12 All-MCC selections during that time. Moren recruited nine Indiana All-Stars to Butler.

During that six-year span, the Bulldogs posted a 114-56 record (.671), earning their first-ever NCAA Tournament berth in 1996 by winning the Midwestern Collegiate Conference Tournament. Butler also competed in the Women’s NIT in 1998 after winning the MCC regular season championship with a 13-1 league ledger.

Moren was a four-year starting point guard at Purdue. She helped the Boilermakers to their first-ever NCAA "Sweet Sixteen" appearance in 1990, the Big 10 Championship in 1991, and three NCAA Tournament berths. Moren also excelled off the court, earning the Red Mackey Award for academic and athletic excellence and the Ruth Jones Memorial Award for team leadership and dedication.

Football - the Recruiting Class Jersey #'s

Here's the list of jersey numbers for the new recruits.

#1 Morgan Burnett
#2 Mario Butler
#9 Josh Nesbitt
#16 Steven Threet
#21 Jonathan Dwyer
#28 DJ Donley
#29 Roddy Jones
#35 Michael Peterson
#48 Jerrard Tarrant
#50 Albert Rocker
#51 Brad Jefferson
#59 Kyle Jackson
#70 Joseph Gilbert
#76 Nick Claytor
#78 Clyde Yandell
#88 Willie White
#91 Derrick Morgan
#92 Jason Peters
#96 Logan Walls

So J.Dwyer will be wearing Calvin's jersey........... guess it better get some use until he gets his degree and it's retired. Kind of thought we might want to give #1 a rest for a couple of years, but ok.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Congratulations Graduates

Hey, the definition of a student athlete is taking home your "sheepskin" when the time comes. A whole bunch of Georgia Tech Student-Athletes were able to do that. Folks, Check it out:

Spring, 2007 Graduates

May 1, 2007

Steven Blackwood, Baseball, Biology

Three-time all-ACC outfielder ... Academic All-America, Academic All-ACC and recipient of ACC Postgraduate Scholarship ... Plans to attend medical school.

Andy Hawranick, Baseball, Management

Four-year letterwinner as a catcher for the Tech baseball team (2003-06) ... Helped Tech win three NCAA Regionals and was a member of 2006 College World Series team.

Roberto Castro, Golf, Industrial Engineering

Three-time all-America golfer who is one of the nation's top amateur players ... Two-time Academic All-America and an Academic All-ACC selection ... Graduating with highest honor ... Recipient of ACC Honorary Postgraduate Scholarship.

Kevin Larsen, Golf, Management

Four-year standout for Tech's nationally ranked golf program ... All-ACC and third-team all-America in 2006 ... Dean's List student and Academic All-ACC selection.

Ofer Finkler, Men's Swimming, Electrical Engineering

Graduating with highest honor with 3.95 GPA ... Plans to pursue master's and Ph.D. in electrical engineering ... Academic All-ACC selection and recipient of ACC Postgraduate Scholarship and ACC Scholar-Athlete Award.

Sam Morgan, Men's Swimming, Management

ACC Champion in 1650 free in 2005 ... Two-time All-America honorable mention in 1650 freestyle (2004, '05) ... Three-time All-ACC performer in 500 free and 1650 free ...Only four-time NCAA qualifier in Tech history

Alex Williams, Men's Swimming, Mechanical Engineering

Four-year letterwinner for the Tech swimming program who was team captain for 2006-07 season ... Has top five times in Tech history in 100 and 200 breaststroke.

Josh Hammel, Men's Track/Cross Country, Biomedical Engineering

Lettered in both track and cross country ... Three-time member of the ACC Academic Honor Roll.

David Herren, Men's Track/Cross Country, Biology

Tech's top cross country performer last fall and an Academic All-ACC selection ... Also a track standout.

Taylor Narewski, Men's Track, Public Policy

Three-time member of ACC Academic Roll ... Served on Student-Athlete Advisory Board.

Zach Rath, Men's Tennis, Management

Four-year letterwinner who has helped men's tennis program to four straight NCAA Tournaments ... Dean's List.

Stephanie Higgs, Women's Basketball, Management

Two-time all-ACC performer who helped the Tech women's basketball program to a record-setting season as a senior ... The Jackets' leading scorer at 15.4 ppg ... Finished her career among the top 10 scorers in Tech history.

Kristina Hull, Softball, Science, Technology & Culture

Senior leader for Tech's nationally-ranked softball team ... Academic All-ACC selection ... Winner of Tech's Total Person Award and recipient of ACC Postgraduate Scholarship ... President of Student-Athlete Advisory Board.

Sarah Wood, Softball, International Affairs

Four-year letterwinner and key starting pitcher for Tech's nationally-ranked softball team ... Helped Tech to four straight NCAA berths ... Academic All-ACC honoree.

Meghan DeVinney, Women's Swimming, Industrial Engineering

Four-year letterwinner (2002-06) who was part of the school record 800 freestyle and 200 medley relay teams ... Also holds Tech's all-time best time in 100 butterfly ... Member of ACC Academic Honor Roll.

Elizabeth Foster, Women's Swimming, Civil Engineering

Four-year letterwinner (2002-06) and team captain for the 2005-06 season ... School record holder in 100 freestyle and 100 butterfly events and is part of four relay school records.

Amanda Korell, Women's Swimming, Science, Technology & Culture

Four-year letterwinner for the Tech swimming program from 2004-07 ... Two-time ACC Academic Honor Roll honoree.

Heather Matz, Women's Swimming, Biology

Four-year letterwinner for the Tech swimming program ... Holds six all-time top 10 times in Tech history.

Laurissa Prystaj, Women's Swimming & Diving, Materials Science Engineering

Four-year letterwinner (2002-06) and the first Tech female diver to qualify for the NCAA Zone Diving Championships ... Holds school records on both 1-meter and 3-meter springboards ... Two-time ACC Academic Honor Roll selection.

Vesna Stojanovska, Women's Swimming, Aerospace Engineering

Three-year letterwinner (2003-06) ...First ever female All-American and ACC champion in Tech swimming history ... 2005 ACC champion in 200 butterfly

Alison Walker, Women's Swimming, Management

Four-year letterwinner and team captain for 2006-07 ... Three-time ACC Academic Honor Roll honoree ...Setthe school record in the 100 breaststroke and swam on two record-setting relay teams

Kira Barcus, Women's Track & Field, Industrial Design

Lettered four years (2003-06) as a pole vaulter ... Three-time member of the ACC Academic Honor Roll.

Jewel Welch, Women's Track & Field, Science, Technology & Culture

Four-year letterwinner and one of the top throwers for the women's track and field program ... Two-time ACC Academic Honor Roll selection.

Alison Silverio, Women's Tennis, Management

Two-time All-ACC tennis standout ... Helped Tech to three straight ACC Championships ... MVP of 2005 ACC Tournament ... Academic All-ACC selection and recipient of ACC Postgraduate Scholarship.

Abby Showers, Volleyball, Management

Four-year letterwinner and starting libero in 2006 ... Academic All-ACC selection.

Chris Woods, Football, Management

Three-year letterwinner (2003-05) for Tech football program, helping the Jackets to bowl games each year ... Transferred to Tech from Morris Brown.

Kyle Wallace, Football, Management

Three-year starter at offensive tackle and four-year letterwinner (2001-04) for Tech football team ... Returned to school to finish his degree after pursuing professional football.

Darryl Richard, Football, Management

Earning his degree in Management after just three years ... Member of Student-Athlete Advisory Board ... "Peach of an Athlete" honoree by the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Ajenavi Eziemefe, Football, Management

Four-year letterwinner as a running back for the Tech football team from 2002-05 ... Helped Tech reach a bowl game each year ...Rushed for 136 yards in win over North Carolina as a freshman.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Street Cred or Just Embarrasing

Ok, it's one thing to have big-time rapper Outkast be a huge fan of your school. That is street cred if you ask me.

However, at what level of southern rapadociousness has your school become when a fictional student of your school is the subject of a duet between R.Kelly and Usher. It's true:

The singers' first duet, "Same Girl," hit the Internet Wednesday night. On the track, Kells and Ush find out they've been played. The record is in the form of a conversation between the two, during which the stars discover the truth and ultimately conspire to call the lady out on her lies.

Kelly starts off describing his fictitious girlfriend, who he is madly in love with and wants to marry. She lives in Atlanta, drives a black Durango and has a tattoo on her ankle. Usher then interjects, giving his own set of details about the woman: She works for TBS, has a child and went to Georgia Tech University. A stunned Pied Piper confirms everything, to Usher's dismay.

Of course R.Kelly's first draft was about about a 7th grader who convinced him to open up an ice cream parlor, but that's what collaboration is all about. You know, subtle changes...........

By the way - here's the song if you're interested.

Friday, May 04, 2007

There it is folks....

So you wanted to see Calvin in a Detroit uni? Here you go - click on the pic for a larger version. This from the start of the Lion's rookie camp.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Prepare Yourself

Listen, I don't have any inside information on the situation, but I'm just telling you - to protect your fragilities, your heart, you just need to prepare for the fact that we are going to lose both Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton. Again, I don't know.................. but I just know.......... We're just not one of those schools that keeps guys who are top 20 or 30 picks. We're not the feel good stories where 4 first round draft picks just decide to come back for giggles and "go for it all". Rah Rah...... That just doesn't happen at Tech............. At Tech, they go. Dennis Scott left after 3, Kenny Anderson after 2, Stephon after 1, Bosh after 1 ........................ just prepare your heart and mind for the fact that these guys are gone.

Oh, you can get your hopes up. You can get them up in the same way that you were 100% certain that Austin Jackson was going to play PG at Tech. You can get them up in the same way that you were certain Randolph Morris was going to be a Jacket (in hindsight things work out, but it stunk at the time). You can get them up in the same way that you thought Chris Bosh was coming back. You can even harbor hope like that ridiculous part of you that thought there was a chance Calvin Johnson was coming back for his senior season. I mean really.....

Should I cite 20 other examples? Just accept the fact that they're gone, and if by some miracle they bomb at the NBA Draft camps and do decide to come back, then just be pleasantly surprised and ride that emotion into next season................ but it's not going to happen......... Accept it............. Deal with it now................... Move on................Let the 7 phases of dealing with grief start now. It's easier and the fall is smaller.

Isn't it funny - if Javaris Crittenton was 2-3" shorter, I don't even think we're having this conversation. He's another Tywon Lawson - a talented guard but shorter guy - "not ready". But at 6'4" with great potential as an NBA PG - all of the sudden he's a lot more interesting to NBA scouts.......... a lot............. 3 inches could be the difference between 1 year and 2-3 years in college. The NBA learned a lesson with Sebastian Telfair and small guards...... three inches..........Amazing really............

.................... of course having said all that...................... can you imagine how good we can be if they come back? Man, that would be grea--------- Dang it, I can't help myself.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Calvin - The Jersey