Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm Back - So anything good happen this weekend?

Well, I'm back from the marriage retreat in Gatlinburg TN and now I'm in need of a football retreat. Ok, first of all, I want to thank my buds for getting my back this weekend while I was out. Outstanding coverage and there is no doubt that my friends have a much sharper sense of humor than myself. They certainly add some nice edginess and I encourage them to post more often. To Walt, Terry, Bryan, Patrick, Jeb - this is your official invite to post anytime.

Ok, now on to the game. I actually managed to see much of the first half and ABC decided to switch to the Notre Dame game in the 2nd half. Of course I was in SEC territory, and we all know they don't need an excuse to switch to Notre Dame. Well, there was also the fact that the game was a complete embarrassment.

Here's my take - First, it's just one game. GT gets crushed but it still only counts as one loss. There is still a chance for a great season. A lot of great things can still happen. Second, VaTech is a great team. There is no shame in losing to the Hokies. Ok, there is a little shame in how we did it, but this is a game we weren't supposed to win - period. If going into the season, I told you we were going to be 3-1 with a win over Auburn and a loss to VT, we all would have been pretty happy with that. Third, that game yesterday was just one of those snowball things that kept getting worse and worse. It was just one of those days. Time for the 24-hour rule and let it go.

Here's the problem. We now have serious questions about our talent level. The O-Line, special teams, defense. Who are we..... really? How good are we..... really? Guess we're just going to have to wait to find out. Can we keep beating the teams we are supposed to beat, knock off maybe another 1 or 2 as an underdog, and beat most of the middle-of-the-pack ACC games?

I do have one question - anyone have the quote where PJ Daniels said that the Hokie defense was overrated? Personally, I will NEVER believe he said that unless someone can show me the quote. I heard that on the broadcast and thought - there is no way Daniels is that stupid........ I hope.

The Jackets are still ranked in all the polls, although barely. #25 in the AP, #24 in the Coaches poll................

Personally, I'm still on board 100%. I'm still with Coach Gailey. I'm still with Reggie Ball. Why? Because I'm a Jacket fan, and I support my team and coaches. Time to buck up and get ready for a big game against the Wolfpack..

Well, disappointing news, but tall sharp-shooter Phil Nelson chose Washington over Georgia Tech for hoops. Nelson might be one of the best shooters in the nation, and certainly at the top of his class................ In addition, per one recruiting service Lance Thomas has narrowed his list from 7 to 5, and the Jackets don't make the cut. Not sure if that is 100% though........... Also, Stanley Robinson had his official visit with the Jackets this weekend. He is close to Javaris C..............