Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Football Assistant Coaching Salaries

Found this mention of assistant coaching salaries:

Two more ACC coaching staffs are million-dollar groups, according to
figures obtained last week.
Virginia's assistants make a combined $1,187,700,
and Georgia Tech's make $1,068,000.

Eight of Virginia's nine assistants make at least $100,000, and the
coordinators have the top salaries ($210,000 and $161,200). Seven of Georgia
Tech's eight assistants make at least $110,000, and defensive coordinator Jon
Tenuta makes $250,000, twice as much as offensive coordinator Patrick Nix.

Seven of 12 ACC staffs combine to make at least $1 million, with
Clemson, Virginia Tech, N.C. State, North Carolina and Florida State joining
Georgia Tech and Virginia. Salary information for the remaining five league
schools is not available.