Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chan Gailey - A Peaceful Man

Say what you want. I like Chan Gailey. I like what he stands for. I want him to win more games BECAUSE he's the type guy I like leading our young men. This is a great read from the AJC....

"The early church, when they started, they were together. They had unity. They had oneness. And they ended up impacting the world," Gailey said. "One morning I read that and I said, 'That's just like the game of football.' It's not necessarily that the church had the richest people or the brightest people, but they had unity and they had oneness. A football team, you don't necessarily have to have the biggest and the fastest, guys who can jump the highest and bench press the most, but if you've got unity and oneness, you have a chance to be a champion."

On his weekly TV Show, Can Gailey said that Mike Knobler's article was probably the truest one ever written about him, but then he added "not that anyone cares". Well, Coach, I do. I appreciate what you stand for.