Friday, September 23, 2005

Prediction Time - Battle of the Tech's

Well, my life has taken a strange series of twists professionally in the past week, so I do not have time to provide the normal in depth coverage of the game as I do. In fact, I will not even be able to see the game this weekend, as I will be on a couples-only marriage retreat in Gatlinburg TN this weekend (the first time my wife and I have been away from the kids for a weekend since we had them). I am quietly trying to figure out a way to monitor the game - and I have my phone setup to give me instant score updates, but not sure I'll be able to see any of it. It's funny because another couple going are friends of ours and he is a VaTech grad, so we are in the same boat. How do you approach the "Honey, I know this is a marriage retreat, meant to enrich and strength our union, but you do realize that GT and VT are on TV right now in the bar?".

Having said all that, I invite my Tech buds to post their own review of the game (if they remember how to post anything at all).

In addition, consider this your prediction thread. Make your predictions here in the comments. For me, I give Tech (the REAL Tech) about 25% chance of winning. I wish it was more. A healthy Reggie Ball a full game I probably give us a 40% shot. With that, I will NEVER predict a GT loss. So with that, I predict a final score of GT 17 VT 14. There will be points scored on specials teams so watch for that. Look for struggling offenses and strong defenses. Sound familiar?

What do you think the final will be?