Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Football - the "Stats" Story

This is a very interesting article about the role of statistics in football and the importance of the running game versus the passing game.

"Passing yards are overrated," Baker says. "You can throw for 130 or 140 yards
and still have a great game if you complete 80 percent of your passes and
complete passes on third down for first downs. Those might be short passes, but
they're big ones. As long as the running game is going well and you're getting
it done, 140 yards passing can be a big game even if people don't think that's a
big number."

Run the ball, win the game. Stop the run, win the game. The numbers suggest
it's more than just coachspeak. The further a team is behind in the score, the
more passes they're likely to throw. Passing yards can add up in a hurry, but
they don't always equal victories.

There are more stats in that article about North Carolina's record in good passing games versus running games............. It just reinforces that Reggie Ball does not have to go out and throw for 300 or even 200 yards per game for the Jackets to win. He has to be solid and not make mistakes. The key is PJ Daniels and the offensive line. We saw it time and time again last season. It showed again at Auburn. Folks, Reggie Ball's passing efficiency rating was the worst in the ACC in week 1, and yet he has received nothing but kudos over how he handled game management and provided leadership. PJ Daniels is the key. Mike Cox is the key. The O-Line is the key. The key is the D-Line stuffing the run.

He who controls the run, controls the ball and the clock. I heard another saying the other day I found interesting - You need a passing game to score, but you need a running game to win...........