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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coach Paul Johnson's Contract

A tip of the hat to USA Today for getting a copy of Paul Johnson's contract, which can be seen here:

I'll let you all take a gander for yourselves, but here are some of the highlights:

- Contract expires December 31, 2015.
- Paul Johnson can buy out his contract for $1,000,000 before Jan 1, 2010. It gets reduced to $750,000 after that date.
- His 2.3 million dollar salary is broken down as follows:
- $325,000 salary
- $150,000 for apparel
- $1,300,000 for radio & TV (Hey CPJ, would it kill you to buy us a beer at Fox Sports Grill?)
- $525,000 for twenty personal appearances
- Incentives he has reached:
- $75,000 for a bowl game.
- $10,000 for getting GT in the Top 25
- Incentives he can attain:
- $125,000 for a 70% graduation rate
- $25,000 if the APR rates are over 930 and $75,000 if the APR rates are over 950.
- $200,000 if he beats Duke and the ACC Championship game.
- An extra $125,000 for a BCS game, which is 2 wins away as well.
- $50,000 for a bowl win
- $25,000 if he is ACC coach of the year by a media outlet listed in his contract
- $50,000 if he is National coach of the year by a media outlet listed in his contract
- An extra $15,000 if GT is in the Top 25 in the final poll, or an extra $40,000 if they finish in the Top 10.
- Other perks:
- A skybox
- 20 season tickets; 12 tickets to all away games
- 6 basketball season tickets
- Golf membership
- Two courtesy cars
- The facilities for his summer camp

Worth. Every. Penny.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daily Georgia Tech News !!!


Scott here. While I am no longer an active blogger on this site, I decided to do a little link magic below which will allow you to come back and visit to get links to all the latest and greatest in GT news, both with current teams and players as well as key nuggets on former players.

Check back often, because it is updated continuously.


News links should appear below - some issues at the moment

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Offensive Genius

To paraphrase Roddy Piper, just when you think you know all the answers, Paul Johnson changes the questions.

Mickey Andrews has 75 minutes during the lightning delay to go over everyone's assignments, what they've seen, and how it can be covered. First play for the GT offense after the delay, down 14-7.

- 1st and 10, ball on the right hash mark.
- Trips formation - left side. Roddy Jones at left A-Back. Anthony Allen in the slot and starts in motion to the right
- The Florida State safety, #20, lets him go because he's instructed that he'll either come back to him or block for the mid-line option with Josh Nesbitt. He stays on the left side of the field.
- The only problem is that Anthony Allen isn't coming back to him or blocking for the mid-line option. Anthony Allen is in full speed on the right side.
- 3 blockers on one defender equals a 60 yard run for Anthony Allen.

As Bob Davie said after the play. Wow.