Sunday, February 29, 2004

Daily Swarm

Will recruiting change with all the scandals? It should (story here).

In another "Where are they now" - Joe Hamilton has a good outing for the Orlando Predators - going 19-29 with 6 TD passes and he runs for 2 more. Fantastic Little Joe!! His team wins 59-43. Here is a re-cap.

Ok, does it hurt GT that we are running a 9-10 man rotation. I say no. Here is an ESPN story asking the question - is there such a thing as too much depth? Here was my response at the Hive:

To me the importance of a strong bench is MORE critical than ever, but the importance has shifted. Fifteen years ago, the strong bench mattered IN the game most. It was less important from season to season because coaches could make plans for graduating starter, etc.

In today's game, the bench matters more for the continuity of a program from season to season and longterm. With players leaving early and injuries someone has to be able to step into those roles. Coaches cannot plan for departures like they used to. We were helped with a bench when BJ / Isma'il were suffering from late game cramping early in the year. We were helped when Nelson / Bosh left the program unexpectedly. It has been an advantage with Hewitt's strategy of rotating up to 5 different guys on the opposing team's leading scorer.

However, players today are generally in such good shape that running 35-40 minutes a game is not that big of a deal. So a coach can do fine with 8 or less in the rotation. Cremins did very well with that scheme. But watch out if one or two guys leave early or someone gets hurt. It can be a quick downward spiral.

One of the Hivers reported that he talked to Coach Hewitt at Morris's recent playoff game and asked him about Morris and GT. Here was his comments. No change in announcements - we should hear something probably in April.

In the continuing St.John's coaching saga, one writer finally makes some sense (story here). Hey, St.John's people, you once had a nice little program with Chris Mullin and Sweet Lou coaching. They're gone and you haven't been much since. You live in a basketball mecca (NY city), but you are no longer a basketball power. Your leaders have made a personal shambles of the entire program and you're lucky you will still have a hoops program at all. Thank your powerful wall street alums for that. But take the advice of the writer - aim lower. Your perceptions of yourself are very different from the rest of the world's perceptions. Much like the Nebraska football program. Get a clue. Wake up. The sad part is that you will continue to delude yourselves through March until the season is over. Then will come what is coming, Hewitt saying "no thanks" in his polite classy way.

To add insult to injury, the other "Top Candidate" St.John's has named along with Hewitt is Providence coach Tim Welsh. Well, here is his latest response - no thanks. Like I said - set your sights lower. Bring back Chris Mullin - then you can pretend it is the good 'ole days all over again.

Evidently Brown figured out he might have special stuff during his tenure at GT. No doubt everytime Brown or Garciappara or Veritek or any of the GT guys do well, it helps the current program. Our recruiting classes the last 2 years should be a good testament to that fact.

Mark my words - this will be a monster year for Garicappara. He feels jilted by the Sox when they tried to trade him and he had to find out on TV. He becomes a free agent after this season (along with teammate Jason Veritek). Watch out, I expect numbers in the range of .330 35 HR 120 RBIS, 100 runs, etc. Maybe even a gold-glove now that A-Rod is moving to 3rd. In other BoSox news, Matt Murton, who was drafted by the Sox has been put on the top 10 Sox prospects by Baseball America.

Here's a guy (Jason Stephens) who was going to attend GT, but didn't. You can read about how his story is playing out in the Yankees farm system. Basically he was told he would get drafted in the 1st 3 rounds, but teams were scared he was going to attend GT instead. So he didn't go until the 6th round, but he decided to join the Yankees anyhow.

Congrats to A.Morrow. His Charlotte Latin team beat Christ School in the NC Independent School's AA 3-A championship game. Morrow scored 28 points to lead the team (another site said he scored 29). This is their 2nd straight boys title.

Well, let's see. Should GT travel to the west coast on a regular basis? Probably not. GT dropped their 2nd in a row, this time to Cal St. Fullerton (#13) 7-1. In some ways, this is probably a good thing, a learning experience, whatever. But baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. Just like hoops, we can't worry too much about the polls early in the season. It is about building something over the course of the season, then firing on all cylinders come post-season.

Hey, let's not forget about our ladies softball team. They happen to be 15-2 and building quite a nice season.

Where are they now - Dion Glover

Looks like Dion has signed on with Toronto Raptors, so he will join Chris Bosh. Obviously he knew what he was doing when he asked for his release.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Jackets win with a strong performance over Clemson

Well, I went to the game today and enjoyed a solid victory. Some nice scoring, outside shooting and even a little 20 minute power outage for drama. The power on that side of campus cut off after about 4 minutes into the game. At the time we were up 9-0 to start the game. The power problem couldn't have come at a worse time. I turned to my wife and said that when these things happen the momentum usually goes the other way. Sure enough, once power was restored, the Jackets went 0-10 shooting. Clemson got it back to 9-8, then we went on another run. After that Clemson never got closer than about 8 points.

Overall a good game. BJ had another typical Jeckyl and Hide performance from one half to the other. Marvin Lewis gets props for an outstanding road performance. I think BJ / Marvin were a combined 6-10 in the 2nd half from 3pt range - hard to beat that. Jack had a very nice game, ending with 11 points, 9 assists, 8 boards, 7-7 from the line, 2 steals and only 2 to's.

In the end, it once again came down to hitting shots. Both Clemson and GT were cold in the 1st half. As good as our defense was, Clemson just flat out missed a lot of open shots. In the 2nd half, both teams shot much better. Every time Clemson tried to get a rally going, we would hit a shot a squash it. And GT actually hit 24-28 free throws - WOW. Even McHenry went 4-5 from the line.

I was also fairly impressed with the fan support. My guess is that there was over 500 Jacket fans - a good bit of yellow spread throughout LJC.

It is important to note that this victory pushes us to the 20-win mark. For those really frustrated with this team, remember that this is the 1st 20-win season in 8 years. That's a long time. No doubt Paul Hewitt is taking us in the right direction.

Nice win today on the road in a place we have had our troubles over the years. Now we get to visit the Crazies of Dook. Bring'em on I say!! Time for GT to take down the Dookies. Let's take this momentum and go!!!! GO JACKETS!!!!

Daily Swarm

Well, I'm headed to the Clemson game in a about an hour. Of course I HAVE to pick a victory for the Jackets - somewhere in the neighborhood of 78-70, but like many fans, I'm worried about the game. I have been to every game at Clemson the last number of years and we don't traditionally play very well at LittleJohn. Last year, we let Will Solomen take over at the end of a close one. Hope we can pull away at the end this time ourselves. It is also senior day, which just adds to my worry (story here). It looks like Hewitt will change the line-up today. I predicted he would do it LAST game, but unfortunately he is one game too late. If only he would listen...... Well, it was a rough day for Jeremis Smith - his Dunbar team was shocked in the playoffs and their season is over. (story here). Smith scored 32 points & 6 boards, including all 5 of his team's points in OT, but it wasn't enough............. Better news for Anthony Morrow, who's CL team won their playoff game. Morrow led the team with 14 points as they now head to the finals................ Looks like Buck Fredrick's "snub" for the SC all-star game has created a bit of a dispute............. So is it inexusable for a player to leave a college program in the middle of a season? Yes, it my book - and Dave Odom's (story here).......... Meanwhile, Pete Gillen is holding on to his job by a thread (story here)........ Well, FSU will be looking on our game as critical for their NCAA hopes, so we better be ready for THAT game (of course, who should we NOT be ready for?)............ Here are Oliver Purnell's comments about GT........... Wow, you want to talk about cutting to the heart. Check out Emeka Okafor's comments about recruiting and the schools that got interested in him late (including GT) - "Okafor had interest in Stanford, Georgia Tech and North Carolina, among others, but they weren't as interested in him until he had signed with UConn. "The only reason I got much attention," he said last month with disarming introspection, "is because so many high-profile guys signed early. I was an after-Christmas sale." No doubt Hewitt chose to take to first guy who would ink his name (Southall), but he still petitioned the NCAA to waive the 5/8 rule so he could sign Okafor.......... HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!! This Paul Hewitt thing WILL NOT END!!!!! Look at the latest NY Post article listing Hewitt as the leading candidate for the St.John's job - basically saying it was his job to turn down. Hewitt will not be contacted by St.John's until the season is over, so we'll just have to be patient............... Here's more on Dion Glover getting waived by the Hawks, as he looks to latch on with a playoff team......

Well, Nat Dorsey did not impress people at the combines. Check out this comment - "Nat Dorsey OT Georgia Tech – he was in awful physical shape and really turned off the scouts. His overall poor performance could knock him completely off most NFL teams draft boards." OUCH!! Well, if he didn't sign with an agent and doesn't get drafted, does that mean he can come back? Not sure - maybe one of our viewers knows the answer.......... Comments on recruiting and parties from our new guy David Brown (about ND, not GT)...........

Well, the team was upset on Friday against USC, bringing their record to 6-1...........

Michael Clark II is competing well at the Chrysler Classic in Tuscon.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Daily Swarm

Interesting story on Bobby Knight and his difficulties. Interesting, Knight himself once said that his antics would only work if he was winning. Once he started losing, he would no longer be "essentric", just a freak. Personally I think he has always been a freak......... Looks like Hewitt is voting for Sendek as ACC COY. I have to say I agree, hands down............. Well, Dion Glover and the Atlanta Hawks have parted company. (story here). He was having his best year and it will be interesting to see where he shows up........... On the recruiting trail, this article talks about the danger of all the potential early entrants into the NBA draft. The college class is believed to be weak this year (compared to last year), so scouts are whispering in the ears of high school recruits that this is a good year to go early. Morris gets mention in the article (and they even say he is believed to be a GT lean!!)............ Here's a story on NC high school players putting up big scoring numbers, including our guy A.Morrow, who scored 37 a couple of weeks ago on 7-8 from 3pt range............ Buck Fredrick's Calhoun hs team won in the playoffs again, beating Emerald in the class 2A semi-finals. Buck had an off-night from the outside, but adjusted his game by driving to the hoop. He finished with 36 points............... Here's another story on depth at the college level, with a focus on AZ, with mention of Bynum. It talks about players leaving in the MIDDLE of the college season to go play in Europe which has now happened again............. Looks like Luke Schenscher has taken 1st team spot on Grant Wahl's "All Hobbitt" team (see bottom here). The "Aussie Fro" comes through in the clutch............ During today's call-in show, evidently Coach Hewitt said they are close to signing a deal to bring in Kansas to AMC in the 2006 season. That would be great, as I think some fans were a little disappointed at the weak HOME non-conference schedule.

The Washington Wild Things have signed former GT player Wes Rynders. From the article - "Outfielder Wes Rynders, a native of Marietta, GA, is a 2002 graduate of Georgia Tech. During his senior year, Rynders led the 8th ranked Yellow Jackets with a .375 batting average. In addition, Rynders turned in his second errorless season of his collegiate career while patrolling center field and was Georgia Tech's lone All-ACC Tournament selection after going 7-for-11 in four games. He went on to hit an opposite field home run in the opening game of College World Series on June 14, 2002 against South Carolina.".................. Did you know that 9 of the 11 players that are freshman on the beesball team were in the top 115 from Baseball America. Danny Hall sure is recruiting strong. Now we just need to take that talent and move to the next level, winning the big show..........

Evidently Mel Kiper has said that Daryl Smith is the #1 rated middle linerbacker prospect in the draft and will probably go in the 2nd round. Nice to see (thanks to "NoMatterWhat" at the Hive for the tip).............. In this article about recruiting tactics, UGAg and GT get called out for excessive expenses (GT on a $1000+ dinner bill for recruits). Hey the NCAA is the most hypocritical organization on Earth. Change will take YEARS, if it actually even happens. But lets not put spending money on an expensive dinner in the same category as sex parties..............

For racing fans, GT just announced a partnership with SilverStone Racing (story here). Evidently the owner happens to be a GT grad and the deal involves GT Motorsports and even the Dupree College of Management. Now that sounds a heckuva a lot more fun than I had dealing with how heat exchangers work.

The golf team finished tied for 8th in Puerto Rico at the PR Classic. The finish was #1 Florida, then Clemson, Oklahoma, UGAg, OkSt, NCST, UVA, GT/Minn, E.TennSt, VaTech, Purdue, Kent St, NW, Dook, Ill, Mich.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Too frustrated and emotional to talk

I am not going to say much, because it won't be good. The Pack came in to our house and took control. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppp!! I will wait an post when my emotions are settled and I can look at the bigger picture.

Prediction time


#1. Paul Hewitt changes the starting line-up again. Last time we came out flat a few games in a row, he changed the line-up and we started strong. My gut says he does it again

#2. GT does NOT give up 21 offensive rebounds. We will outrebound NCST

#3. Hodge will FINALLY have a decent game against GT. Not great but will probably end with about 15 points

#4. GT wins (I hardly ever predict a loss) with a final score of 77-70.

By the way, to warm us up, ESPN Classic is showing the following:

1pm - 2:30pm, 1987 GaTech @ NCSU = we lose 63-62
3pm - 5pm, 1988 NCSU @ GaTech = we lose 76-74
5pm - 7pm, 1990 GaTech @ NCSU = we win in 2OT 95-92

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Coach Gailey visits the Macon GT club

Nice re-cap of some of Coach Gailey's comments at a recent regional GT club.

Ain't ACC hoops great

Only in the ACC....... Todd Billet, the little punk guy we held to 3 points (the same 3 points that beat us 2 weeks ago at the buzzer), did the same thing to Clemson last week. Guess what.......... He just did it again - this time against UNC. With about 13 seconds left he drops a 3 pointer to put UVA up by 2. Then the refs do a great job icing the UNC shooters for about 15 minutes while they figure out how much time should be on the clock. UNC misses their shot and UVA wins. A very important win for GT, in that UNC moves behind us again. We were tied with them at 6-6, but this moves them to 6-7. Now all we have to do is take care of business Wed night.

Here are the standings:

NC ST.............9-3
Wake F...........7-5

The ACC is BRUTAL..... just brutal!!!

Here's one guy's take on the top tourney seeds.

Daily Swarm

Paul Hewitt was the guest speaker today at the "Lunch Bunch" - here is the re-cap from the visit.............. Texas Roundball has updated their high school state player rankings, and still have Jeremis Smith listed #1 (thanks RRed for the tip). As I stated on the HIVE, how do the #2, #3 and #6 players in Texas become McDonalds All-Americans and the #1 player does not? My own opinion is that Smith is just not high on the national radar outside of Texas. Time will tell what he can do at the college level............. Jeremis has entered his latest online journal. Jeremis finished the regular season the 2nd leading scorer in 4A at 26.1 per game. He was also the 10th leading rebounder in 4A at 8.3 per game. In Jeremis's latest game, his Dunbar came back from a big half-time deficit to win 86-73. Smith had 27 points, 6 boards. The paper account said he had plenty of impressive dunks, but it was a no-look pass he made at the end of the game to Jarred Watley for a lay-up that might have been his best play............. In other recruit news, Buck Fredrick scored 33 points as Calhoun County won 72-58 to send them to the 3rd round of the playoffs. For those of you who want a video clip of the thug play by the Wake Forest Euro-trash player on McHenry, click here................ Justin Gray of WF was named ACC POW, partly due to his performance against GT............ TarHole fans are thinking that everyone seems to have their career night against, citing BJ Elder's last performance. Here is Adam Lucas's mail-bag answer to this question (see bottom question)............. Maryland fans and writers are starting to see the writing on the wall (story here). Bottom line is that they need some W's to have a hope of getting in the big dance. RPI and SOS numbers support their inclusion but their win total does not. Get a few more W's and win at least one in the ACC tourney and they should have a legit claim........... GT owns Julius Hodge. It hasn't always helped us get W's, but he does not play well against us. From the "Daily News", a NC paper - "Holding down Hodge: North Carolina State's Julius Hodge has managed just 31 total points in five career games against Georgia Tech, a statistic Yellow Jackets coach Paul Hewitt was at a loss to explain Monday. "We don't do anything special, we just try to guard him very hard every night," said Hewitt, whose team plays the Wolfpack on Wednesday night in Atlanta. "It's probably a matter of him just having a bad night when he plays against us." Hodge has averaged almost 15.6 points in his 82 college games that haven't come against Georgia Tech. The junior has yet to score in double figures in any game against the Yellow Jackets and managed just two points in a game earlier this season." .............. The officiating situation has made the papers again, as a result of comments by Hewitt in the post-game interview versus WF. Even Fred Barakat, head of ACC officiating has made statements about the game (story here). Hey, we all know ACC officiating sucks. They are doing a terrible job in MOST games. Every team in the ACC can point to loads of plays that were called incorrectly. Bottom-line is that we just have to figure out how to play our aggressive game with that reality. In my mind, it does no good to complain and might even hurt us. Look, if Isma'il is going to body up on the opposing PG in the BACKCOURT, he is going to get called for a foul. Happens about once per game with Isma'il. He should know. Occassionaly is results in a turnover, but more often than not a foul. That's life. The reffing sucks. Accept it. I will say one thing. When ANYONE is playing Dook, would the opposing coach please not let Coach K dominate the conversation with the refs? He has done it time and time again. Go back and look at our last Dook game. After the JJ incident, the ref sits and listens to Coach K for 5 minutes, while Coach Hewitt stood and watched. Then when Hewitt wanted to say something the ref shuffled him away and wouldn't listen. There is a hilarious picture of him doing the same thing during the WF game, while Prosser is in the background with an amazed look on his face (but doing nothing). That's not bashing Hewitt, but someone needs to put K in his place. He plays the refs like a fiddle..................... Could Perry Clark be on his way out in Miami? The former GT assistant is hanging on by a thread........ Dennis Scott was recently interviewed on (story here), and he is attempting a comeback by the way.

GT has moved up to #3 in the Collegiate Baseball Poll............

Monday, February 23, 2004

Polls are out

We dropped again

#20......Coaches (were #16)
#18......AP (no change)

Probably about right - can't keep getting losses and expect to move up. Actually we are hanging in the top 20 pretty well.

Strength of Schedule in the ACC

Check out the Strength of Schedule of ACC teams:

per Sagarin (actual Sagarin ranking in parenthesis)
#1......UNC (14)
#2......DOOK (2)
#3......Clemson (92)
#5......Maryland (26)
#6......WF (6)
#7......GT (9)
#9......NC ST (12)
#13....Virginia (66)
#29....FSU (30)

per (actual RPI in parenthesis)
#2.....Clemson (64)
#3.....DOOK (1)
#5.....Maryland (34)
#6.....UNC (13)
#7.....WF (10)
#11...NC ST (14)
#14...GT (15)
#37...Virginia (59)
#41...FSU (41)

Bottom line is that the ACC is the toughest conference. And playing each other means our schedule strength consistently stays high. In my mind there is ZERO doubt that the ACC will get 6 in, and Maryland can help their case in the final weeks by winning a few more games.

Daily Swarm

Evidently there were some sub-plots during last night's WF game. For instance, if you watched the 1st WF/GT game, you saw 80 different camera takes of Eric Williams mother in a pimpaliscious yellow hat and get-up. Well, she was at the GT game, and evidently Buzz took her hat and ran off with it. Read this thread for some serious discussion about the merits of screwing around with opposing player's mothers............ Here's a look at the ACC.............. Here's a very good article about early NBA entrants, with a particular focus on Chris Bosh. A lot of good points............... On the recruiting trail, Randolph Morris scored 29 points as his Landmark team won 77-60 in a playoff game against Lakeview............ For those of you wanting the Isma'il clip of his dunk versus Maryland, click here and look at the video links.

This is a serious deal and I would ask for your thoughts and prayers for the family involved. This family used to go to the same church I attend in Greenville SC, before they moved to Denver. You can read details here, but basically the wife was murdered and their 6-year old girl is missing and presumed dead. The husband has been charged with murder and has maintained his innocence all along. There are two personal links - one is that my church has been affected tremendously and less importantly, the husband did in fact attend Georgia Tech before going into the Navy. Sorry for the downer.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Jackets lose a heartbreaker to WF

Well, what can you say. It was an emotional game, but you just cannot get so far behind in your own house. The Jackets fought valiantly from a 13 pt half-time deficit (was as large as 17 points) and tied the game, but couldn't take it to the next level. Jackets lose 80-76. Funny, below I predicted a final score of 80-75 but with the Jackets on the winning end. But also notice I smelled an upset. My heart has sunk deep into my stomach with this game.

You know, if the Jackets had only played even just a little better in the 1st half, what could have been - just terrible basketball. Elder scores 1 point in the 1st half. But they played with heart and fire and passion in the 2nd half. Elder and Jack try to put the team on their shoulders and almost get it done. Elder scores 25 in the 2nd half. Just wasn't enough to overcome such a poor showing in the 1st half.

Well, we have only lost 2 games this year at home - to Dook and WF. Last year we lost 2 games at home - to Dook and WF. HHHhhhhhmmmm. Know what really sucks about this game? This is the 2nd time in a little over a week that we held a guy to ZERO points until he hits a shot at the end to win the game. Billet knocks down that stupid 3 pointer and now Paul hits a shot in the lane to seal it tonight. If you look at a replay of this game, there is one reason we lost - WF hit shots. They fricken hit shots. One interesting thing about GT. Usually every game, Hewitt focuses on 1-2 guys to shutdown. We have been very successful at doing that, but it hasn't always made a difference. We shut down Billet, and lose. We shut down Hodge and lose. We shut down Reddick and lose. Good teams have other players step up.

Well, lets use that 24 hour rule and get past this one. Because now we have to defend our turf against NC ST. Nothing comes easy. GO JACKETS!!!

Beesball team beats Villinova again

4-1 was the final score (story here), moving the Jackets to 6-0. this was a 3-game sweep versus Villinova.

Where are they now - Ken Whisenhunt

Nice story on this guy and the game where he helped GT tie #1 Notre Dame and de-rail their National Championship hopes back in 1980.

Recruiting Update - Morris

The more time goes on, the more I think Morris is NBA bound (story here). Maybe he will surprise us, but I just can't see him passing up a chance at the big dance, especially if he is going to be a 1st round draft pick.

Where are they now - Bobby Cremins

While Cremins sort of played off his possible taking of the St.John's job during a recent ACC broadcast (hinting that St.John's was looking in another direction), here is an eye-opener. Mr.Cremins is getting some consideration as head coach of the LA Clippers (story here). Wouldn't that be something? Here is the quote from the story - "The word in L.A. is that Clippers owner Donald Sterling is seriously considering ex-Knicks coach Hubie Brown for the job there, while Sterling's advisers, Arn Tellem and Alan Rothenberg, are leaning toward a proven college coach like Georgia Tech's Bobby Cremins or Arizona's Lute Olson"

Reason to Worry

We should be very worried about tonight's game against WF. It just smells like a WF upset to me. That is compounded even more by, who has picked GT (story here). Every pick I have seen from them involving GT goes the other way. Last week they picked MD to beat us. Let's hope they finally get it right.

WF is playing some of their best ball of the year and now is about the time that Paul Hewitt teams start their good stretch runs. Should be a close one, but I do expect us to win down the stretch, with a final score in the range of 80-75. But I just can't get rid of this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. Ok, prove me wrong boys!!

Having said all that, the "G-Squad" could come to the rescue. Who is the G-Squad you ask. That would be the nickname of the GT bench hoops players, given by themselves, complete with their own handshake. I love it (story here).

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Daily Swarm

Darren Bragg is in camp with the Yankees after signing a minor league contract. Bragg, who played at Georgia Tech, hit .241 as a pinch-hitter and backup outfielder with the Braves last season............ Micah Owings earned his 2nd victory as the Jackets beat Villanova Friday 5-1. GT is now 4-0. And GT has just moved to 5-0 by crushing Villinova in a Saturday afternoon game 19-1.

GT women lead after day 1 of the ACC Indoor Championships

Tim Pickett and FSU are gearing up for their stretch run, where they will need at least 1 more win to help themselves get a ticket for the dance. Here is an story pointing out how odd it would be if FSU got in and UFl did not..... Well, the hits just keep on coming for UGAg. Now a booster has been arrested and put in jail for trying to fix the SAT scores of Alexander Johnson, who now plays at FSU. If they actually link the activities with UGAg it could be more trouble for the program.

Nat Dorsey will be doing a draft diary for (story here).

Bryce Molder held on to get his Canadian Tour exemption (scores here). Also, notice that Matt Weibring finished 8, but only the top 5 get exemptions. Weibring is non-exempt.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Nuts - ranking all college players

This is a funny list over at Someone trying to rank every college player. Here is where GT stacks up:

#82.....J.Jack (also listed as the #35 guard in the nation)
#164...BJ Elder (also listed as the #82 guard in the nation)
#258...M.Lewis (also listed as the #130 guard in the nation)
#356...L.Schenscher (also listed as the #18 center in the nation)
#403...Isma'il M. (also listed as the #171 forward in the nation)
#647...C-Moore (also listed as the #271 forward in the nation)
#673...W.Bynum (also listed as the #354 guard in the nation)

Two conclusions:

#1. These people are idiots
#2. A team is the sum of its parts.

No way there are 672 players BETTER than Will Bynum. No way there are 402 players better than Isma'il. Not buying it. Well, anyway, how can a team be ranked in the top 20 and only have one guy considered one of the top 100 players in the nation? I'll tell you - chemistry, coaching and hustle. Oh, and did I mention that the people at Sportsline are idiots?

Final McDonalds All-American Roster

Here is the final roster. The game will be played March 31 in Ok.City:


Corey Brewer
Portland High (Tenn.), SG, 6-8, 185

Rudy Gay
Archbishop Spalding High (Md.), SF, 6-7, 215

Dwight Howard
SW Atlanta Christian (Ga.), C, 6-11, 235

Al Jefferson
Prentiss High (Miss.), C, 6-9, 260

Randolph Morris
Landmark Christian (Ga.), C, 6-11, 270

Rajon Rondo
Oak Hill Academy (Va.), PG, 6-1, 165

J.R. Smith
St. Benedict’s Prep (N.J.), SF, 6-6, 220
North Carolina

Josh Smith
Oak Hill Academy (Va.), SF, 6-9, 215

Sebastian Telfair
Lincoln High (N.Y.), PG, 6-0, 180

Darius Washington
Edgewater High (Fla.), PG, 6-1, 185

D.J. White
Hillcrest High (Ala.), PF, 6-7, 235

Mike Williams
Wilcox Central High (Ala.), PF, 6-9, 230

Head Coach: Bob Flynn, Cardinal Gibbons School (Md.)


Arron Afflalo
Centennial High (Calif.), SG, 6-5, 205

LaMarcus Aldridge
Seagoville High (Texas), PF, 6-11, 225

Joe Crawford
Renaissance High (Mich.), SG, 6-4, 205

Glen Davis
University Lab (La.), C, 6-9, 330

Jordan Farmar
Taft High (Calif.), PG, 6-2, 170

Daniel Gibson
Jesse Jones High (Texas), PG, 6-3, 185

Malik Hairston
Renaissance High (Mich.), SF, 6-6, 200

Shaun Livingston
Peoria Central High (Ill.), PG, 6-7, 170

Jawann McClellan
Milby High (Texas), SG, 6-4, 200

DeMarcus Nelson
Sheldon High (Calif.), SG, 6-3, 195

Robert Swift
Bakersfield High (Calif.), C, 7-1, 250

Marvin Williams
Bremerton High (Wash.), SF, 6-8, 215
North Carolina

Head Coach: A.D. Burtschi, Putnam City High (Okla.)

Daily Swarm

For those of you who missed Sportscenter today, you missed yet ANOTHER Isma'il showing in the Top10 POD. In fact - our man finished #1 AGAIN!!!! I think it is his 3rd #1 finish for the POD. He's been on the list about 6-7 times now. In fact Linda Cohn said "The top 10 wouldn't be complete without an Isma'il Muhammad siting". I love this game.......... The Technique has done a nice interview with C-Moore (click here). In fact, you might notice the author is, the fantastic GT sports photog................ has done a profile on black coaches with Paul Hewitt figuring prominently. In fact, it states pretty unequivacobly that he will NOT be leaving GT. Hewitt's own quote - ""It makes sense because I'm from New York, but it doesn't work for me now,'' Hewitt says of the rumors. "There was a time when I would have absolutely run to it. My situation here is very solid now. And if my situation at Georgia Tech stays the way it is, then you won't see me even thinking about going anywhere, regardless if it is St. John's or anywhere. "I got an outstanding athletic director and a good president. And we got too good of a recruiting class and too solid a program.''. Mr. Hewitt - thanks for saying it!! Thanks for your committment to GT. We look forward to many years of you roaming the sidelines, waving that finger. By the way, Hewitt must have the longest fingers in the history of coaching. But I digress.......... Bobby Cremins will be hosting the ACC Legends Brunch during the ACC tourney (story here)............... So what will UConn look like next year without Okafor and with Ed Nelson finally hitting the floor? Based on this story, Nelson will play the role of "enforcer" next year. I wish him the best - whatever.............. Lute Olsen said a mouthful when talking about the problems with kids going to the NBA early and why all the foreign players are having success - """Our kids are too involved with the dunk and trying to get on ESPN," he said. "There is a reason for all the foreign players in the NBA. It's fundamentals.". No doubt that fundamental basketball is what is lacking in high school and college. The foreign players learn the fundamentals early and if they are 6'10" at 15 years old, people don't tell them to stay in the lane and dunk the ball. The tell them to learn the outside game, learn how to dribble, learn pick-and-rolls, learn how to shoot a mid-range jumper. Not in the US. We tell kids to DUNK!! Go STRONG!!! AAU ball is the worst of all, encouraging kids away from team ball for the purpose of making yourself look good............. Here's some of the after-shocks in Twerp nation over the loss. These guys are right on top of the NCAA bubble and unless they make a run, there will be 6 in the dance and the twerps will be NIT bound............ The McDonalds All-America team was announced yesterday - I'll cover that in another post, but here is talking about the players leaving early and to get used to it!!............. Marvin Lewis gets another academic honor..........

Bryce Molder will be competing at the Rheem Classic in April (story here), along with Don Shula.

Jackets "steal" a road win taking down Maryland in their house. Final score 75-64 (I predicted 77-72). Unfortunately I didn't see the game or even have a chance to review the stats. I did tape it, so I'll watch it tonight. This is certainly a critical victory for the Jackets. It keeps them on pace with WF at 6-5 in the conference, helps separate Maryland and GT in the dreaded 7-spot (don't end there) and garners another important quality win on the road come dance time. At this point, we should be a lock - now we are playing for seeding. When we look back, I'm sure that UVA loss is going to sting, but the team bounced back last night. Next up is a huge game against WF. We beat them at their house and they will be looking for revenge. We are tied at 3rd in the conference. WF is playing their best ball of the year - the last time we beat them they were in the midst of a losing streak. So we better be ready.

I'll provide some more commentary on the game after reviewing the tape. GO JACKETS!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Daily Swarm

The Jackets look to gain one of those elusive road wins against MD tonight (story here). Personally, I think they can do it.... and I think they WILL do it. GT 77 MD 72. However, did you know that we have not won at MD since 1995?............ Here is a look at the game from Brian Murphy at the Macon Telegraph........... Here is a look at the up-and-down MD Twerps........ Here is a story on Gary Williams and how he gets the most from him players. Did you know he was a soccer head coach for 6 years?............ Are fans out of control, storming the courts after wins? IMO, the best way to stop this is actually to have a more successful program. When you win consistently, victories are not often "shockers". I mean how often do you see FSU football fans or Dook hoops fans storming the court. Just win baby and people will behave. However, UGAg may be an exception as they find a way to do obnoxious things even when they are winning like peeing on fans at games. But hey, what's a little urine amongst friendly rivalries, right? (yeah right!).................. For more ACC notes, see here, including more discussion of 7 in the dance......... Here are more random notes on the ACC, including R.McCants bid for 1st team ACC........ Looks like Hotlanta is getting another pro-hoops team - ABA this time, in the Gwinnett area. Guess who is being mentioned as a possible head coach - our old friend Mark Price. Also being mentioned with a possible roster spot is former GT player Jason Collier, who is currently in the NBA dev. league................ In ladyhoops, Shantrell Moss is headed to GT on a track 'ship, but happens to excel on the hardcourt, averaging about 32 points a game (story here).................... Looks like John Salley was on the O'Reilly show dropping hints that he may have been involved in recruiting parties when he was getting recruited at GT. (see this thread for re-cap of his interview)......... Want your head to spin, thinking about the Morris UK/GT recruiting situation? Read this thread about UK's 'ship story and be totally confused. One very strong comment from a UK insider about Morris cutting ties with GT. As usual, take all this with a grain of salt.

UCF President has written an article / letter to people outlining their goals for the UCF athetic programs, including why the hiring of George O'Leary (story here). Here are excerpts on O'Leary - "The recent hiring of George O'Leary as UCF's head football coach and his appointment of an outstanding staff of assistant coaches have focused attention on the investment UCF is making in its football program. The rationale for our decision is simple: We mean to have a Top-10 football program. To accomplish that goal we need a head coach who is a proven winner at the highest levels of Division I-A. We have that person in George O'Leary. As Georgia Tech's head coach, O'Leary received the Bobby Dodd Award as Division I-A National Coach of the Year, and he was twice named the ACC Coach of the Year. He sets high standards for his players, and they achieve on the football field. But, equally important, he sets high academic standards, and they achieve in the classroom. The 21 recruits he signed on Feb. 4 have an average high-school grade-point average of 3.02 and an average SAT score of 950. That's a good beginning. Questions have been raised about the salaries of our new coaches. Coach O'Leary's salary is, in fact, about average for Division I-A head football coaches. Considering his coaching accomplishments, UCF is getting a great value. His assistants are a talented group, most recruited from nationally prominent programs. Their salaries are commensurate with Coach O'Leary's high performance standards."..................... has written about 32 kids to look out for in the NFL draft. One of them is Daryl Smith. Here are the comments - "29. Daryl Smith, LB, Georgia Tech: Stock has gone up a bunch in the past month. He played well in the all-star games and could be a late first-round selection. At 6-2, 235, he has the power and speed to play middle linebacker. Keep an eye on him moving on up."............. Meanwhile, Hugh Reilly is working out at CES to prepare for the NFL combines......... Here are the NFL pre-combine offensive draft rankings - notice no Nat Dorsey on the O-Line. Here are the Defensive rankings - notice K-Fox and D-Smith on the linebackers list. Notice that on the entire O / D list, only one UGAg player shows up - tight-end Ben Watson. I don't want to hear from UGAg fans about how much better equipped UGAg is at getting players to the NFL................ Want to check out the entire ACC football schedule for 2004 - click here.

The Jackets moved to 3-0 by beating Savannah St 13-4. Micah Owings paced the team with his first HR of the season, a 3-run shot. Freshman Wes Hodges also got another RBI with a triple. He has RBI's in all games so far............. Here is brief mention of Tyler Greene as the top pro prospect in his class.

Bryce Molder leads the Canadian Tours Qualifying School tourney going into today (story here).

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Poll of the Week

The results are final. Here is where you thought GT would finish the ACC season.

The new poll is up now - so go vote on the team's MVP.

Recruiting Update - Jeremis Smith

Jeremis led his Dubar team to their 30th win of the season, the 4th consecutive year they have reached that plateau. Jeremis scored 26 points in the win over Polytechnic 85-79.

Daily Swarm

Has Bobby Cremins finally found his 2nd career? Is he back on the sidelines for good? For the 1st time in 3 years, Cremins will step back on the sidelines to coach the Stingray Camp 101 all-stars against the Harlem Rockets. The Rockets are basically a Globetrotter type team that travels the country. They are 1600-0 in 11 seasons so obviously a win would be a shocker. Obviously winning is not the goal, as the exhibition is to benefit the youth. Good to see Mr.Cremins still having fun and staying involved.................. OK, UGA just beat former #1 Florida. So that means they have beaten UK twice, GT and Florida, while losing by more than 20 to Winthrop, SC, Tenn and Vandy. Whatever. That team obviously has a problem that should never happen with so many seniors - motivation............... Here is more discussion of the St.John's coaching job with slight mention of Paul Hewitt............. Here is mention of Maryland's chances of getting into the dance with quotes from Paul Hewitt. As of today, I don't see how you could leave them out............. Here's a look at all the ACC teams and the chances of getting 7 teams in the dance.............. So how is Chris Bosh doing at the half-way point in the season? He is averaging 11 points, 7.4 boards, 1.53 blocks, 1 assist, 0.64 steals, shooting 46.2% and 37.5% from 3pt range. A very solid start to his NBA career. He has gotten banged up a bit with shoulder injuries and a knee injury that kept him out a few games. Welcome to the NBA. In his last game before the break he only had 9 points, but had 6 blocks. One area he has been strong is offensive rebounding, where he ranks #19 in the NBA at 2.8 / game. He has already played more games with the Raptors than he did his entire career at GT. Ah, the life of a superstar................ Stephon Marbury seems to have gelled with his new team. His last four games he scored 28,29,24,42 and averaged about 10 assists. Stephon is #2 in the NBA is assists/game, #2 in total assists, #7 in points, #10 in steals/game, #8 in total steals, and in the top in other stat. categories as well.

The Georgia Force Arena leagure football team will honor the GT Football program during halftime of their Feb 22 match-up....... Some of the names in attendence will include - "Taz Anderson (1961 NFL Rookie of the Year wit the St. Louis Cardinals), James Arnett, Ray Beck (All-America), Don Bessilliei, James Breland (All-America), George Broadnax, Chris Brown, John Davis, Charles Floyd, Greg Gathers, George Godsey, Joe Harris, Leon Hardeman (All-America), Andrew Hill, Eddie Lee Ivery (All-America and set the all-time Tech regular season game record for rushing), Robert Lavette, Jerry May, Eddie McShann, Wade Mitchell (All-America), George Morris (All-America), Larry Morris (All-America and Most Valuable Player in the NFL Championship Game for the Chicago Bears in 1963), Jeremy Muyres, Jon Muyres, Craig Page, Kelley Rhino, Randy Rhino, Nick Rogers, Phillip Rogers, Lucius Sanford (All-America), Doug Sims, Lenny Snow (All-America), James Stevens, Ryan Stewart, Ken Swilling, Ben Utt, Carl Vereen and Jack Williams."

Looks like with A-Rod going to the Yanks that the BoSox are trying to lock up Nomar to a long-term deal.............

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Dark Days of David Duval

Golf fans and GT fans should read this long, detailed article on David Duval. It chronicles his rise to the top and fall to the bottom. We all want David to be happy and selfishly we would like to see that happen on the golf course. If not, that's ok - we'll remember what he gave GT and a brief but great career.

Micah Owings named co-ACC Pitcher of the Week

Congrats to Micah for his opening day pitching performance - garnering ACC co-pitcher of the week honors.

Recruiting Update - hoops

Anthony Morrow
Morrow broke out for a big game last week, dropping 37 points as his Charlotte Latin team won 101-66 against Providence Day. CL is now 22-3.

Jeremis Smith
Jeremis has entered his latest entry into his online journal.

Zam "Buck" Fredrick
Buck was just named South Carolina class AA player of the year. He has averaged 34 points, 9 boards and 6 assists this season - just ridiculous numbers. He didn't make the state all-star squad because his paperwork didn't get in on time, but he still may end up on the team. Nice going!!!!

Ra'Sean Dickey
Was just named to the SC state all-star class AAAA squad, along with teammate Casaan Breeden. Dickey is averaging 22 points, 15 boards, 5 blocks and 3 assists this year and has become more consistent as the season has progressed. Here's a nice write-up on Dickey.

From Fayettville Online:
Dickey doing more

Ra'Sean Dickey isn't really doing anything new this season. He's just doing more of the same things.

"He's more consistent," said Kevin Spencer, Dickey's coach at Bennettsville (S.C.) Marlboro County. "There was a little bit of a knock on him that he didn't play hard all the time, and now he's doing that. I think it's maturity more than anything else."

Dickey, a 6-9, 250-pound center who signed with Georgia Tech in November, is ranked No. 36. He is averaging 22 points, 15 rebounds, five blocks and three assists. He has scored a season-high 25 points four times and pulled down 21 boards in one contest.

"Ra'Sean is so strong," Spencer said. "He overpowers people down low; he is really a force. His drop-step is probably his best post move, but he can go out and make the jump shot from 15 feet. He is great with his back to the basket, but he's getting better and better facing the basket.

"One thing people don't notice because of his size, strength and dominance inside is that he is an outstanding passer. Ra'Sean is double-teamed all the time, and he finds open teammates with some nice passes.

"I think he will step right in and play at Georgia Tech. They just don't have anybody like him, and he will really complement all of those quick, athletic guys Coach (Paul) Hewitt has."

A Daily Dose

So how good is NCST (story here). In my opinion, they are very good - just look at win/loss record. They have gotten it done on the road better than anyone but Dook. They deserve any recognition they get. Check out this article - the fan unrest is getting higher over there, with the feelings of not getting proper respect. Be careful NCST what you ask for. Remember as GT fans know all too well - it is how you perform in March that matters. You are playing the best ball in the ACC (better than Dook). Don't peak too early........ The ACC isn't the only conference making noise about sending sub-.500 conference teams to the dance - the SEC is getting into the act............... Here's more on the ACC and the final month of the season....... Here is an interesting story about cussing and hoops. Interesting story there about Mark Price calling a team meeting and saying that he could not play under those circumstances with foul language and practice on Sunday. Talk about cahoonas as a college kid. Very impressive................. The Google search for GT resulted in this story about gay-bashing, in particular against everyone's favorite player JJ Reddick. Evidently NCST guard Scooter Sherrill has accussed Reddick of being gay by the way he holds his hand in the air after he hits a 3pt shot. Ok. Notice the mention of BJ Elder getting into this head during the GT game. Not sure if there was something deeper said during that exchange that we don't know about................ Here's a story talking about Marvin Lewis's plans after the season. Looks like he might give the pro's a shot overseas.......... Chris Paul just won ACC ROWeek for the 5th time this season. Know who holds the all-time record for # weeks having won the award? Try Kenny Anderson, who won it 10 times his freshman year. The next closest is Sam Perkins at 6 times.................. Read the latest Lunch Bunch report over at the Hive where the guest speaker was Jon Babul.

Interesting story on the 40-yard dash times and their importance to scouts - notice the mention of JP Foschi............ Some minor fall-out from the Big East conference shake-up - the San Francisco Bowl has walked away from the Big East and tied in with the PAC-10............... Can things possibly get worse for Colorado football? They just did. Read this story and watch anyone associated with CU run for cover like cockroaches when the light is turned on..

Polls are out

#18.....AP drop from #15
#16.....Coaches - same as last week
#21.....RPI (
#9.......Sagarin (was #7 I think)
#24.....SOS (
#12.....SOS (Sagarin)

SOS=Strength of Schedule

Monday, February 16, 2004

Recruiting Update - Hoops

The speculation is rampant about how Kentucky will find a way to offer Randolph Morris a 'ship under the 5/8 rules. Some have said that Tubby Smith is banking on the NCAA dropping the 5/8 rule. Here is an interesting article saying that the likelihood of this happening is very small.

Here is the UK situation:

Under 5/8 rules, since UK signed 4 players last year, so in theory they can only sign 4 this year. This year they have signed letters of intent from 2 guys (Bradley/Williams). They also have commits from 2 other guys (Rondo / Crawford, late commits - will sign during signing period). That should fill the 4. They also have a transfer (Sparks from W.KY), who is a walk-on this year, but was promised a 'ship for the upcoming season. I do not know how transfers fit into the 5/8 rule. But that would be a 5th 'ship for this season.

The one exception to this rule has to do with players leaving. Per RamblinRed at the Hive, if a player goes to the NBA or transfers to another school in good academic standing, you can get an "extra" 'ship, making it a 5/9 rule. However, you still cannot sign more than 13 total to your squad. And there-in lies the other issue for UK. If everyone they have on their roster returns, AND all the guys sign who said they would, AND they give Sparks (the transfer) his 'ship, they will actually have 14 'ships, and that is BEFORE Morris. So to bring Morris aboard, 2 guys would have to either give up their ships or vacate the squad. There is one guy on the team that keeps coming up in transfer rumors, but in a recent article he said he has no interest in transferring.

Bottom line is that for UK to sign Morris, they will have to have some players leave / transfer / NBA / something. They will have to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. This is certainly possible, but will be interesting to see how Tubby makes it happen. For GT, signing Morris will be no problem. They have a plan for making room for Morris that should not require smoke and mirrors.

Hold you horses, have patience and we will know what happens in a couple of months. It may all be a moot point if Morris goes for the NBA, and the more time goes on, the more that possibility grows (in my opinion). Let's hope at a minimum we get to see him play 1-2 years of college ball. I would just hate to see him "developing" his game at the end of some bench in the NBA.

A Daily Dose

Here is a nice story about Brad Brezina's parents, who have been through a lot in their lifetime. Brad's fathers was an NFL linebacker with the Falcons and an alcoholic. They have changed their lives, and co-founded Christian Families Today. In case you didn't know, Brezina will be moved to the offensive line for 2004................. This mock draft has Daryl Smith projected as the #32 pick by the World Champion New England Patriots. Quote - "Smith is a smart player who can shut down the run. He will cut his teeth on special teams as a rookie and provide excellent depth for the defending Superbowl Champions".

Here is USAToday's look at the NCAA tourney............... Well, someone in the ACC finally beat Dook, and it was 2nd place NCST. No doubt those two teams are the class of the ACC right now. Nobody else wants to step up and separate themselves................... Looks like Ra'Sean Dickey was selected for the SC state all-star squad, but Zam "Buck" Fredrick was not. Why - the selection group said he was never nominated - wooops. No comment from his head coach (and father)......... Want to read a great debate comparing BJ Elder and Dennis Scott - check it out.

Check out the bio on Wes Hodges, the frosh who hit a grandslam and the game winning hit in the 10th during our double header sweep of GaSouthern. From his bio - "...Hit .430 with one home run and 20 RBI as a senior in leading Baylor to the Tennessee state championship … Broke a bone in his left hand prior to his senior season and was forced to bat left handed for the first time in his career..." Wow - broke a bone in his hand...... had to switch to lefty at the plate for the 1st time ever....... hits .430. Nice. Very nice.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Beesball - Jackets sweep GaSouthern

In a Sat. rainout double-header the Jackets swept Georgia Southern to move their record to 2-0 to start the season. GT frosh Wes Hodges hit a grand slam in game 1 and had a 2-RBI single in the 10th inning of game 2. Super-sophmore Micah Owings pitched 7 strong innings to get the W in game 1. The Jackets play Savannah State on Wed at 4:00pm for the home opener in Hotlanta.

Recruiting Update - hoops

An article by the Fayettville online looks at ACC hoops recruiting. One of the coveted junior prospects that verballed to Clemson (Joey Cameron) has now backed out of his commit. I don't understand how you could commit so early anyhow. Also, there's a good shot that the hot-shot PG Dook has coming in next year goes to the NBA. With Duhon leaving, I wonder where that would leave their PG situation. Interesting.

Here's an article mentioning Randolph Morris, just confirming that he will wait until probably May to make his decision.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

A Daily Dose

Here's the risk of players leaving college early in football.............. Buddy Geis interviewed for the Auburn offensive coordinator job but didn't get it. The job went to Al Borges from Indiana............... Chan Gailey has entered a new update over at his site (link here). Notice some position changes shown.......... Well, looks like FSU has now taken away one signed recruits 'ships after being arrested. So what is going to be the reputation of the ACC moving forward?

Here is a very nice story about BJ Elder and what he has been through recently with the death of his grandfather.............. Well, had us pegged with a W prior to the UVA game. Of course, who didn't? We should have won. Tell you what - don't write down a W for the Clemson game either................ Here's the story on Lamarcus Aldridge, a 6'11" kid out of Texas (#2 player behind Jeremis Smith in some state rankings). Another young man facing the pressure of college or the NBA............... Interesting take on Pete Gillen's career at UVA, even comparing it to Bobby Cremins............ Speaking of Cremins, did you know that current Clemson standout Shawan Robinson attended a Bobby Cremins camp when he was 6 years old? (story here)............... Is JJ Reddik the best shooter in ACC history - NO WAY!!! Finally, someone has written about this, in print - including a focus on Dennis Scott............... Tim Brando spouts off about the St.John's coaching job........... Here are some interesting questions for ACC teams going into the final stretch of the season.......... Here's one guy's take on the field of 65............ This is a very interesting look at what it takes to get to the final four - NBA talent on your NCAA team........... Here's a look at some misc sports stuff......... And here is another look at the ACC getting 7 teams in the dance, which has never happened..........

The game against GaSouthern was rained out today and they will play a double header on Sunday starting at noon............. This year's team has Omaha in the sites. (story here).............. Standout ACC Frosh of the Year Micah Owings is on all the watch lists. Could this be a standout year again? Let's hope.............. Here's more on the team and their focus.

The GT Golf team went wire-to-wire to win the Taylor Made / Waikoloa Intercollegiate over in Hawaii. Nice going guys (story here).

Another road loss - UVA takes us down 82-80

Well, I really thought we could get it done in Virginia, but today was not the day. An OK effort, but not great. Pretty stale on the offensive end in the 1st half, and not a great defensive effort all game. On the whole, the defensive effort is what lost the game. Lots of open shots by UVA, lots of dribble penetration, just not a good GT effort. This game was shades of last season. Up by 6 points with 2 minutes to go and we falter.

So what does that mean? Instead of clearly claiming our stake on 3rd place in the ACC, we are now mired in the middle muck along with WF, UNC, FSU. Where do we go from here? A road game at MD and a home match-up against WF. Two tough games. Need 2 W's.

The only individual performance I will mention is T.Tarver. He had his best game so far, finishing with 8 points (2-2), 4-4 from the line, 4 boards, 1 block and 1 steal. Hopefully this is the start of his progression towards the postseason. Would be a huge boost to have his presence underneath.

So, life on the road in the ACC continues its cruel ways.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Not that we need him, but...

Anyone remember Brendan Plavich? He signed at Tech along with Marvin Lewis, but then bailed when Cremins resigned and Hewitt came in. Now he's at Charlotte, which beat Louisville last night. You could argue that he should have stayed, but it's tough to imagine him beating out Bynum or Jack for a spot in the back court.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

A Daily Dose

Well I finally have a chance to post again. Been tied up in meetings for the last two days in Tampa. So without further wait, let's see what's happening in GT sports.............. Here's a look at the tough ACC and how many teams might get into the big dance. How about Gary Williams suggesting we go to 128 teams? Ok.

First, I have to give my props to the hoops team for the strong win versus UNC. BJ really stepped up and was the man. It was great to see him do it in an important ACC game like this. Now let us hope this is the start of something big for BJ going into the stretch leading up to March. We all have concerns about the team, including turnovers (which have increased) and rebounding (particularly offensive). But overall a lot of good things happening, including ending the game by hitting 12-14 free throws. Better half-court offense, the defense is still solid and players are starting to hit shots. Funny how hitting shots can make a difference. In fact, here's a nice look by the AP at the Elder / McCants show last night. Based on this article, looks like Roy Williams and McCants are blaming the refs for the loss (of course this is a biased Tarheel rag). Didn't see the game, so I can't comment................. What's up with this guy at He picked UNC outright to beat GT and virtually everything he said would happen didn't. And to top it off, he didn't have the nerve to put his name on the article.............. Here was a very nice write-up on Paul Hewitt by Bark Madley. One of his most postivie columns on the team.................... On the recruiting trail, Sharaud Curry is a young man who is getting a look from Paul Hewitt as a potential PG. Check it out................ So who is ACC coach of the year at this point? Here's a case for Herb Sendek - know what, I while Hewitt has a strong case, NCST is 8-2 in the ACC and for that, Herb should be the man (for now)................ So who's crowds in the ACC need a jumpstart. The folks over at the Duke Chronicle look like they are not impressed with the Cameron Crazies compared to the atmosphere at GT.............. Here's a look at UNC's struggle with defense.............. Congrats go to Marvin Lewis, who was awarded an ACC post-graduate scholarship - Marving you are the man! You are what GT is all aobut................ On the recruiting hoops trail, looks like Randolph Morris will wait until his season is officially over before making any decisions. Also, this is an interesting short article on last second shots, with mention of Zam "Buck" Fredrick from a Columbia SC rag............... Hey, Luke is even getting a few props from other fans now, including a guy who is a combined UGA/Dook fan. Wow, I that's about as bad as it gets.............. In the GOOD NEWS category, we all hope T.Tarver is getting back his hoops legs and timing. This article talks about him being close. Let's hope - he could really make a difference for us down the stretch.......... Here's an interesting look at the TV contract impact on the players, who have to play all these Sunday night games.........

Evidently Darrell Robertson's decision to de-commit from FSU and join the Jackets was known for an entire week by the coaches prior to the announcement on signing day. Looks like we are talking with Marietta HS QB Brett White about joining the team as a long snapper.................. Hey Calvin Johnson, stay off the baseball diamond. Why do you want to pitch (story here) when you are about to join the team as our potential starting WR?................... Looks like we have added a new walk-on WR as well - "Milton’s Charles Krauth, the area’s leading receiver this season with 48 catches for 870 yards and 11 touchdowns, turned down scholarships to smaller school to accept a walk-on opportunity at Georgia Tech. "...................... Well, the start of the money rolling in for the newly expanded ACC is starting. Looks like the new TV contract will double TV revenue to $37 million (the SEC brings in $50million by the way).................... Here's a look at some of the Georgia athletes involve in the Georgia Force, the Arena Football team. Past UGAg and GT people are involved. The owner is a former GT grad, and has hired Vince Dooley as Chairman of the Board.................. Here's something on Bill Curry.......... Looks like we might have another assistant coaching vacancy, as Buddy Geis has interviewed for the Auburn offensive coordinator job.

Here's more on Ric Hill, the co-author of Pete Rose's book, who is a former GT football player.

Poll Results - Greatest Center in GT history

Well, I knew I let the voting go on too long. Obviously someone has been stuffing the ballot boxes for Luke lately. Here is how the voting finished:

Question: "Who was the best CENTER in GT history"

43.2%.....Jim Caldwell
41.1%.....Luke Schenscher
5.6%.......Rich Yunkus
4.5%.......John Salley
2.6%.......Alvin Jones
1.5%.......Yvon Joseph
1.0%.......Chris Bosh
0.4%.......Malcolm Mackey
0.2%.......Matt Geiger
(1870 votes cast)

At the end of the day, Jim Caldwell is a great choice for #1. He holds the single season rebounding record with 364, as well as the highest rebounding average in a season (14 per game (1963-64). His career per game average was 12.9 (highest in GT history), although the all-time rebound total belongs to Mackey at 1205. Caldwell is 27th on the all-time scoring list at GT.

While Luke is very popular he is not yet in the top centers in GT history imo. However, if he continues his progression, he could certainly move up that list. Other guys like Yunkus and Joseph are great choices. Not having seen them play either makes it difficult for a personal assesment - would have to rely on our oldtimers for that.

The new poll is now up - the question is how we will end up in the ACC race. Vote now.

Recruiting Update - Hoops

Some good updates from our recruits:

Jeremis Smith
Had a busy week. His team lost for only the 2nd time last week, losing to Eastern Hills (after beating them twice this season already). Smith ended that game with 27 points and 11 boards. In Smith's latest game, Dunbar won 81-65. There were 55 fouls called in this game, resulting in 74 free throws - no kidding. Smith was 20-27 from the foul line and ended with 34 points and 12 boards. Dunbar clinched a playoff birth with the win.

Ra'Sean Dickey
His Marlboro team has a big win against Socastee. One totally unofficial posting had Dickey scoring something like 40 points with about 18 boards, but that was NOT official - didn't see a box score.

Anthony Morrow
Morrow scored 22 points in Charlotte Latin's latest victory. In a game earlier in the week, he scored 19 points. Here's an article on Morrow's team and that victory.

Zam "Buck" Fredrick
Talk about some big games lately. Here's a recap of his team's victory over Edisto, where he went for 30+. In the prior game, he helped beat Columbia by dropping 29 points. Per RamblinRed over at the Hive, he went for 52 points in another game last week. Wow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Nice win

Two things stand out: 1. Felton and May combined for 17 points. Maybe they both had off nights, or maybe we played well defensively. I'll choose the latter. 2. Nice to see Elder play well in important ACC game. He definitely recovered from whatever was bothering him during the Duke and FSU games. Maybe it was because UNC tried playing some zone against us, but Elder still deserves some credit for a huge night.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A Daily Dose

Travelling in Tampa this week, so won't have much time to provide updates - although I'm sure I can depend on my other buds to pick up the slack. So, time for UNC at home. I will tell you one thing - they will NOT score 100 points on us again. Will not happen. Mark it down. However, this will be a high scoring affair. Teams that like to run, push the ball, great point guards. Should be an interesting battle. UNC is coming off a nice game where they beat WF at Wake. We are coming off the win in Knoxville. We should win this one at home. My prediction is a final score in the range of 80-74. Should be tight all the way, but our momentum at home should carry us the rest of the way for the W.

AJC sees the objective as slowing down Felton. Can't argue that too much. Funny quote from Hewitt - "Not everybody loves Raymond". Get it?

Here's looking at what teams could peak during the tourney.

Ok, the polls are out.
#16 in the Coaches Poll - no change
#15 in the AP - no change
#16 RPI
#6 Sagarin

Meanwhile, our favorite hoops writer (Jeremis Smith) has entered another chapter in his online jounal - again well written.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hewitt and St.John's

Here's a story with the following quote about Hewitt and the St.John's job:

Paul Hewitt, among the candidates St. John's passed on last time around, isn't leaving his little slice of Camelot at Georgia Tech no matter how often Harrington tells him Jarvis' old job is his to turn down.

This article asks the question - "Paul Hewitt, who also grew up in Long Island, would be a tremendous hire, but why would he leave Georgia Tech to take over a program in shambles?"

Recruiting Update - Morris's father speaks

Sounds like no decision will be coming soon from Randolph Morris (of course this is from a Louisville paper, the archrival of UK):

Morris' decision apparently won't come soon
While speculation about the college destination of high school center Randolph Morris continues to percolate, his father, Ralph, said Friday that he doubts a decision will be announced before May.

The Morris family has been adamant that Randolph, a 6-foot-11 center from Landmark Christian near Atlanta, will attend college. But Ralph Morris said they are considering professional basketball as an option. The University of Kentucky and Georgia Tech are the two colleges the younger Morris is considering.

"We're still trying to sort through everything," Ralph Morris said. "We're going to before we make any kind of announcement. Nothing has really changed."

Even though UK stands one over its scholarship limit for next season with its signees and commitments, it apparently continues to pursue Morris, judging by coach Tubby Smith's attendance at a recent Landmark game in Atlanta.

Coach Hewitt - time to buy Isma'il the "ArcAngel"

Check out this story about a device that has helped many platers improve their free throw shooting. Come on Mr.Hewitt, drop the $70. Anything to help Isma'il make a FT, as he has missed 11 in a row at this point over 3 games.

BJ "Fletcher" scores 20

All this talk about recruits and we have a guy on the team we didn't even know about - BJ Fletcher. Check out the link here from the Atl-Journal Constitution. In case it gets fixed, here's the visual proof:

Meanwhile Bark Madley wrote this column prior to the Tenn. game. Certainly a lot of truth there.

Gerald Fitch

Interesting story of the PG at UK - mentions that GT never recruited him at all.

Pete Rose won a bundle on GT in 1973

Check out this blurb from the Denver Post. In case you weren't aware, the co-writer of Rose's book is a former GT football player, Rick Hill.

For Pete's sake

The critical backlash to Pete Rose's confession to baseball gambling last month hasn't hurt his book sales. His autobiography, "Pete Rose: My Prison Without Bars," finished its fourth week at No. 6 on The New York Times' best-seller nonfiction list.

A large literary/pro-Rose crowd is expected Monday night for his book signing at the Tattered Cover Book Store in LoDo.

Rose first met his co-author, Rick Hill, through former Rockies manager Jim Leyland in 1986. Leyland had helped coach Hill's Little League team in their hometown of Perrysburg, Ohio. Hill later played football at Georgia Tech, and it was a charity softball game at Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium where Leyland, the Pirates' first-year manager, introduced Rose to Hill.

"1973 Georgia Tech played Southern Cal in Atlanta," were the first words Hill heard from Rose. "The Trojans were national champs but Tech had a great defense and covered the point spread. I won a bundle on that game."

Said Leyland, "Far as I knew, that was the last time they talked to each other. I didn't know they kept in contact to the point Rick would write Pete's book."

Rating the ACC home courts for atmosphere

Well, I guess I can't argue too much with the list (list here). There is no doubt that GT has had one of the biggest disparities in play at home versus play on the road. However, is this a function of player's comfort at home, the atmosphere, who knows. Bottom line is that AMC is a tough place for opponents to win. Lost 2 total there last year and have only lost to Duke at home this year.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Jackets top Tennessee

Well, revenge a year later was sweet. Yet my day wasn't. Here is good old Greenville SC, the GT game was blacked out. Instead we had NC ST / UVA. So someone over at the Hive says - Bailey's Sports Bar will have the game on. So I head over with a buddy from church (another GT grad). We get to Bailey's and guess what - no game!! We ended up shooting pool and watching other games and catching to score on the tickers. So I didn't even get to listen on the radio - but the company was better.

So with all that - those of you who SAW the game or HEARD the game are in better shape to comment. Here is my take based on the stats:

1. Stat #1 - the score - GT 77 Tenn 62. The most telling stat of all and probably the most important one of all. I predicted 70-62 so I picked this one fairly well.

2. 30% - Tenn's shooting %. Either a nice defensive effort or Tenn just missed a lot of shots. 5-23 from 3pt range.

3. 19-9. Tenn's margin in offensive rebounding. Again not very strong. We did protect the defensive boards, evening up total rebounds at 36 apiece.

4. 20 - the total of GT's turnovers. We have to protect the ball better.

Individual performances

This was Marvin Lewis's game. Ended with 24 points on 8-11 shooting and 5-6 from 3pt range. My only question - why didn't he shoot more shots? When the guy is hot, GET HIM THE BALL!!! BJ also had a decent outing with 20 points on 8-14 shooting. The only negative I will mention is that this is the 3rd game in a row where Isma'il has FAILED to make a free throw. I think he has missed about 11 in a row now.

Bottom line is that this is a strong road win, it will help our RPI, will help show people that the ACC is superior and should give us momentum going into the UNC game. Time to kick some major tail this week.

Recruiting Update - Randolph Morris

In Morris's latest game he scored 35 points, had 22 rebounds as Landmark won 85-58. Morris will play on March 24 in the Chicago Roundball Classic with most of the other top players in the nation.

Battle of the Border Pictures

I have some of the pictures from Battle of the Border a few weeks back. As a bonus I have found a place to store them online so you can see them all. Haven't finished uploading everthing, but first, here are some pictures of Ra'Sean Dickey (password = stinger). Each pic can be seen fullsize by clicking on it. You can get a good feel for Dickey's size because these pics were a game where he went head-to-head with 6'10" Dwight Howard.

Also, here are some pics of Randolph Morris (same password). Enjoy - when I get all the Zam Fredrick pics in I'll send you a link there also.

Here is a picture of Dickey guarding Dwight Howard with the ball.

Hoops Notes

Time to exact revenge on the Vols. They beat us last year on a halfcourt shot at the buzzer. Here is a story recounting that shot.......... Time to get our revenge. The Vols are coming off a poor road loss to LSU, but they are getting ready for GT................ Luke S is getting used to life in the states (story here). I love the comment about the sign at the last home game a female student held up - "Hey Luke, I'll help you score tonight". You have got to be kidding me? That is hilarious............... So who for the Jackets is going to break out of their slump today? Hollis at AJC asks that question here............. Here is a Washington Post article about the ACC's hoops strength. I love Gary Williams's comments standing up for the league............

For today's game, my prediction is that the Jackets take home the revenge W, 70-62. Hit the boards I say - that is the key.

Football Notes

Nice story on Gary Guyton, who signed with the team last week......... Here's another one from the same paper about the fact that Guyton is the 4th player from the Bradwell institute signed by GTech.......... Here's nice story about the fact that Guyton is buddies with GT signee Eric Williams as well. Williams was recruited as an outside linebacker.

Want to see a picture of Michael Cox playing hoops? Cox signed with the Jackets football team last week. He is a 6'2 248lb powerful fullback described as a "bruiser".

Here's a picture of James Johnson signing his LOI. Watch out because this talented wide receiver could become a star in Hotlanta.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Recruiting - Willie Williams

No doubt FSU is probably not sweating the loss of Williams now to Miami. Not only is this kid facing possible charges for fondling a UF student, punching out another at a nightclub and setting off a fire extinguisher (all on his official visit no less), turns out the guy has been arrested 10 times in the last 5 years and is on probation to felony charges. Let's look at the list of charges / felonies:

1. Preventing / Obstructing fire extinguishment
2. Assault / Battery (2 separate incidents)
3. Petty Larceny
4. Burglary
5. Possesion of burglary tools

He was arrested 5 times in 2000 - none of those charges have been released.

All I have to say is that Miami and FSU HAAAAADDDD to know about these things. Any coach who brings in a kid like this has to live with it. But honestly, if that is the kind of crap that Miami is going to bring into this conference, then I'm not so high on expansion any longer. Sorry, but if this kid actually makes something of himself, that will be grounds for a movie of the week.

This is no longer about giving a kid "a 2nd chance". Sorry, the legal system appears to have been giving him chances since he was about 13 years old.

Football notes

Major props to the YellowJackets as they led all ACC schools with 8 players on the All-ACC academic squad. Quite an accomplishment considering the curriculum they face at GT. Fantastic!!!

You'll notice that most of the majors are in management or building construction. Did you know that GT's Dupree College of Management was named by Forbes as the #29 management school in the nation, 9th among public universities and the Financial Times has named it #70 internationally comparing against schools from all over the world. Sorry, but you don't hide players in easy majors at GT!

Will "The Thrill" Bynum

Check out this blurb on Bynum on his past dunking ability:

Two years ago Chicago-Crane's Will "The Thrill" Bynum (Georgia Tech) wowed the crowd with a tomahawk dunk that started at the free-throw line.

Where are they now - Matt Kuchar / David Duval

Playing well at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. More on Kuchar.

Meanwhile, David Duval will re-surface on the PGA tour once again. He is also getting married. And even his sponsers are sticking with him - From Golf Digest:"We hear of companies dumping players when they've lost their games, but here's a case of faith winning out over return-on-investment. Nike has extended David Duval's contract through 2006 even though his career has gone south. The deal is incentive-based, which it should be when you're 249th in the world. If Duval gets the bug to play soon, he should test himself at the Chrysler Classic of Tucson. He won there in 1998, and most of the world's best players, plus the national media, will be focused that week on the WGC-Match Play."

Here is a story on Duval's return to the game. Here's another story on Duval buying a home in Denver. Here is a story from the Orlando Sentinel, which says his return will be March 25-28 at The Players Championship.

Let's hope David is happy and finding contentment in his life. We would all love nothing more than to see him return to the form that led him to the top 10 all-time money list and the last guy to be #1 befor Tiger. But if not, hopefully he has found some peace and contentment.