Saturday, September 03, 2005

GT / Auburn Halftime Report

Game Notes: 17-14 Georgia Tech at the half.

1. Reggie Ball looks in control. His only bad decision was to attempt a pass in traffic in the endzone to the tight end. It turned out ok, but a bad decision. However, very solid the rest of the way. Interesting though 10-21, 119 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT. The zero int's is the key.

2. The O-Line is looking pretty dang decent. They certainly pushed around the Auburn line on that drive late in the 2nd quarter. You can see a few breakdowns here and there, but really not too bad.

3. The BAD - did our secondary forget how to tackle? We all know that Jon Tenuta's blitzing scheme requires excellent man-to-man coverage. We've let them catch the ball in front of us twice one-on-one and then break a tackle for a TD. However, the real problem is...............

4. The D-Line is not getting enough penetration and pressure on Cox at QB. He has entirely too much time, and he finally got into a rhythm. We need to make some adjustments defensively to pressure Cox better.

5. Having said that, we are stuffing their running game. They are at 16 yards rushing in the 1st half. No doubt they are missing the Williams / Brown tandem.

6. Here are our drives:

1st Quarter:

2nd Quarter:
1-0-end of half

7. Here's the problem. Auburn has made adjustments and figured out how to move:

1st quarter:

2nd Quarter:

So their last 3 drives they have been moving the ball. Time for the defense to step up again. All in all, not a lot to complain about. The team looks read and prepared and they are executing against a top 20 team...................

Now on to the 2nd half.