Friday, September 09, 2005

Auburn - all class....... wweeellllll, maybe not

Can you believe this from the Auburn school paper?

Halftime etiquette

“I would like to thank the fraternities in the lower portion of student
section(s) 27-26 for showing their clASS by throwing cups and beverages at
the Georgia Tech band before halftime. Thanks for representing Auburn University
on national television. You're an inspiration to us all.”

Thank God for the Georgia Tech band

“Normally I would be appalled by the actions of those who launch missiles
masquerading as Coke cups toward an opposing team’s band members. However, like
a U.S. Patriot missile, they all found their intended targets: the white
uniforms of those pesky insects from Atlanta. Thank you to everyone who threw a
cup, since those few minutes were the most entertaining of the first

I guess this is a Point/Counterpoint segment with a little venting. Of course I remember a few games back in my heyday at Tech with flying missle cups as well.