Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Taking Stock of Hurricane Katrina

We all remember the moving scene prior to the Georgia Tech / Auburn game, where both teams met at mid-field for a prayer for those dealing with Hurricane Katrina. We also saw the focus on Eric Henderson, who hadn't heard from some family members. Then we were told at halftime that he did get a message that his family had been located and was ok.

What you didn't hear is that Auburn freshman DE Alonzo Horton lost his aunt in the Hurricane. She died........................ On Saturday he also learned that his two younger brothers died as well.... Talk about tragic. Just heartbreaking

In addition, the idea for the prayer vigil came from Georgia Tech team chaplain Derrick Moore:

It was the idea of Georgia Tech team chaplain Derrick Moore.
Moore called Chette Williams, Auburn's team chaplain, early in the week, and Williams quickly signed on. Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey and Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville signed on, too. With both teams affected by the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina, the players for both teams gathered in the middle of the
field 30 minutes before game time to pray as one group. After spending several minutes in prayer, they went their separate ways to a roar of approval from the sellout Jordan-Hare Stadium crowd.

So with all the celebration. let's not forget what's REALLY important...........

The Lord works in mysterious ways. He giveth and he taketh away. Case in point. My buddy who joined me in the last Podcast (Bryan) just helped delivery his first child, a healthy baby girl. Congrats!!! A new Jacket is born. And I kid you not - this is the email I received (I don't think he would mind):

Height: 1 foot, 8 inches...Weight: 7 pounds 11
ounces...Scouts have mixed opinions: "At her size I'm not sure what
position she projects to at the next level"..."No vertical leap to
speak of"..."Strong for her size, but that's not saying
much"..."Definitely needs to work on her 40. Being able to stand would
be a good start"..."Very raw, but hopefully coachable"...Nonetheless,
her father is very excited about her "tremendous upside potential."

God is good................ Sometimes it is just not our place to question why, just to know there is a plan............