Thursday, September 08, 2005

Buzz Needs Some Official Backing

OK - this is a message to the GTAA and Evidently Purdue U has decided to pull out the heavy artillery in the battle of the mascots. They have posted the following story on the official Purdue Sports website. They have even posted it on the official Purdue University Homepage. See the "Vote for Pete" Icon........... Come on now GT. Let's go!!!!

Buzz currently has a 1279 point lead as of about 10:30 on Thursday morning.

I am asking the official site of Georgia Tech Sports ( to post something similar. We need our own icon on the homepage over at Come on folks..........There is certainly some level of marketing credibility to this contest and winning will certainly mean something. So how about it folks - we need the big guns!!!!!

You can vote once a day and if you have multiple computers, use them all.

By the way, Buzz currently has more votes than any other mascot in the challenge. Keep it up!