Friday, September 09, 2005

Hoops: Javaris Crittenton & Lewis Clinch Mention

Good article mentioning both Lewis Clinch and Javaris Crittenton. This interview at was held with the 3 recruiting analyists at Of course it's no suprise that we get some love from Justin Young, as he happens to live in the ATL area and closely follows the Jackets, along with his national recruiting job.....

Top PG in rising Sr class?

JY: That’s a tough one. Javaris Crittenton is our No. 1 PG in the class of 2006 because of his size, ability to score, defend, court vision, ball-handling and athleticism. He just doesn’t shoot it very well.

TW: I love Javaris Crittenton. I wasn't sold on him heading into the AAU season but I saw him battle Paul Harris and Wayne Ellington, who are two of the top defenders in the country and he answered any doubts I had. Javaris has great NBA size for a lead guard. He'll probably never be a great shooter but he has height, strength and handle which is enough. Also, he's a major competitor who doesn't back down against tough competition. He'll be a standout at Georgia Tech.

JM: Javaris Crittenton definitely has the best pro potential. I am also a huge Mike Conley, Jr. fan. Really knows how to play the game. More athletic than he gets credit for. Can shoot it. Looks like he has a growth spurt and some physical maturing ahead of him. If that happens, he could be the best.

A sleeper recruit (rising college freshman) who isn’t among anyone’s top 10-20 recruits but has huge upside?

JY: Lewis Clinch will have a chance to get a lot of run at Georgia Tech. He’s stepping into the scorer’s role and with all of the players that left GT’s backcourt (Jack, Bynum, Elder), he’ll have plenty of chances to show off his game. He’s got the body to compete right away, too.