Friday, September 09, 2005

Hoops - Strange Comment on Will Bynum

Sherron Collins is a major class of 2006 Point Guard recruit. He also happens to be very close friends with Will Bynum. Check out the quote in this article:

Collins and Bynum are very close. Collins said they have frequent
conversations about the recruiting process, and Bynum, who went to Arizona, then
transferred to Georgia Tech, where he was played out of position, is concerned
that his younger friend will be exploited.

"He had an unpleasant experience,'' Collins said. "He advises me to
take my time and not to end up like he did. I don't want it to happen to

I hope the unpleasant experience he's referring to was at Arizona, not Georgia Tech. Of course we know he had early frustrations that later were redeemed with his heroics in the NCAA tourney. What do you think he meant?