Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Very Cool Stuff

In the "did you know" category, did you know that the first nationally telecast college football game in color was between the Georgia Tech YellowJackets and the Miami Hurricanes on Sept 17, 1955?

Georgia Tech's Don Ellis ran across the television screen for the first time in color.

And as a new father.

Ellis' gold helmet stood out that day, Sept. 17, 1955, as Georgia Tech played Miami in the first college football game nationally telecast in color.

Those yet to upgrade from black-and-white gathered any place they could to see Tech as vividly as if they were sitting in Grant Field.

That game will be honored this weekend in the ATL:

That special day will be remembered Saturday when Georgia Tech plays UConn at Bobby Dodd Stadium in front of thousands of fans, some of whom have never seen a black-and-white TV.

Cable giant ESPN, which will show the game on its subsidiary network ESPNU, will highlight the 50th anniversary of the first college game to be broadcast in color. It will remember a time when watching yellow uniforms and green fields on TV was an extravagance.

Several members of the 1955 team will gather in the stadium lettermen's club and reminisce over their 14-6 victory that September day.