Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Where are they now - JP Foschi

On the Oakland Raiders, that's where. But here's the real surprise - he's a fullback. That's right. Forget tight end. Here's a blurb:

One of the surprises when the Raiders made their final cut to 53 was the
fact former second-round draft pick Teyo Johnson was let go and undrafted second
year player John Paul Foschi was retained.At 270 pounds, Foschi looked the part
of a tight end. But what escaped notice was that Foschi, though listed at tight
end where he played at Georgia Tech, was actually going to play fullback.That
makes him one of the league's largest fullbacks. Foschi, though, at 6-4, doesn't
look like he weighs that much."That's because it's all muscle," he said. "I have
good hands but I wouldn't say I have great speed. Actually, I think the team is
looking for me to be more of a blocker than anything."