Sunday, June 05, 2005

Where are they now - Joe Hamilton

Well, Joe Hamilton got jobbed bigtime. More specifically, his entire Olando AFL team. In a match-up versus the GA Force, Little Joe threw a TD pass as time expired to bring his team within 2 points. Then the jobbing began. He threw what looked to be a clear 2-pt conversion, when Michael Brown (WR) mysteriously fell backwards, like gravity had tripled for a split second. What really happened is that GA's Chris Jackson yanked on his shoulder pad, preventing him from catching the ball. No call from the ref. Game over. Season over...... At least for Orlando. If you are a GA Force fan, no problem. If you are a Joe Hamilton fan, a bit disappointing. This from the guy who committed the foul:

"I just didn't want to get beat," said Jackson, who also caught four touchdown passes as a wide receiver. "And I held, and I'll admit it, and we got away with it. But that's football."

Here's the AP Story..........