Monday, June 27, 2005

From Our Advertisers

Thought I would highlight our latest advertisers, because of course that's who pays the bills around here...........

..............First you notice the catchy photo of the two monkeys? Well, this was created by a former Georgia Tech student - Bryan Gross - who happens to have quite the knack for investing. In fact, he is so talented at it, that he decided to quit his life as an engineer and go back to school to get his MBA. He has developed some tried and true techniques for investing and they're not the typical "travisshamockeries" you would find on a lot of sites. He's talking fundamental investment techniques made famous by guys like Peter Lynch and John Neff, but with his bit of flavor added in. Here's what you need to do. Sign up for his newsletter. Poke around his website. Bookmark it. There's some interesting stuff there........ He is offering five customized model portfolios completely for free while he finishes his graduate degree. You can sign up for his free monthly newsletter and track his performance as he either proves himself right or proves himself wrong. That won't cost you a dime. But if you like what you see, you will want to stay in contact when he starts working as an independent investment advisor............ And to my audience, you know he'll have some extra special advice for Techies. Check it out!!

"Hell on Heels". Now that's a web title if I ever heard one........ and the tagline "Drop in on Andi for her daily views on politics, pop culture and military matters.". That's fantastic. I checked it out, and you know what - she's not kidding!...... This is actually a serious miliatary blog, with tons of new content and topics. While I don't endorse anyone's politics here on the GT Blog, I do promote dealing with facts, and not getting caught up in what the media wants us to believe. So go check it out.

Lastly, HHHUUULLLKKKAAAMMMAANNNNIIIIAAAA is runnin' wild...... Whatchaaaaa gonna do....... That's right - your friendly neighborhood Hulk Hogan has his own show coming soon to VH1 and the folks over there want you to know about it. Cool!!!!

Below that you will see the ever-changing Google box. All kinds of stuff there to check out. Just a reminder. While these links "pay the bills", I am not suggesting you click on them a bunch of times to drive of my revenue. That's not the goal. In fact the top 3 ads don't even pay by the click, so it wouldn't matter. Just go check out those sites and poke around. As for google, I do get paid by the click, but only click if you see something interesting. Those folks at Google can spot people pushing up the clicks falsely and I'm not looking for them to cancel my account. So if you see something interesting check it out. Otherwise don't click over and over and over just for little old me.

In addition, you might notice that there is a new box on the right column. I am not trying to shower you with ads. Instead I am trying to provide links to good Georgia Tech stuff. In this case, it might be Tech-related books, magazines or goodies. Just for the sake of disclosure, I only get a commission at Amazone when something is sold after someone clicks to their site from my link. So I will try to highlight good Tech related stuff you might be interested in. If you like it, order it by clicking the link here, then ordering on the Amazon site. I am going to start with the book "Kim King's Tales from the Georgia Tech Sidelines". My wife bought it for me as an X-mas present and it is well worth it for Jacket fans...........