Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hoops: Jack - What's the Deal?

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Well, Jacket fans will be counting the ticking clock to the deadline for Jarrett Jack to pull his name out of the draft. Today is the day. Now or never. ESPN says 7:00pm is the deadline, while other sources say 5:00pm (which I think is correct)....... The AJC is reporting that as of yesterday, Jack had still not made up his mind.......... This website is offering a glimmer of hope to Jacket fans:

Jarrett Jack- One NBA team we spoke to has been informed that Jarrett Jack pulled his name out of the draft. Despite the progress that has been made recently, Jack is still worried about the possibility of a lockout next year, and therefore has decided to play it safe and return to college for his senior year. Jack cancelled a workout today with the Grizzlies.

Having read that though, the AJC reported that the league has received no official notification of Jack removing his name from the draft and quotes Jack as saying it might be right at the end of the day when he makes his decision................. Here the Macon Telegraph writes about his decision. They say there will be a press conference today at Tech. Jack was at Coach Hewitt's hoops camp and had dinner with Coach Hewitt last night.......... The Charlotte paper talks about the "plethora" of Point Guards in this draft......... More on the Bobcats and their desire for a PG......... Here's a Canadian site with a mock draft showing Toronto getting Jack with the 16th pick:

Toronto Raptors - Jarrett Jack, PG, Georgia Tech (6'3", 202 lbs.)
Jarrett Jack is a gritty guard with a pro-style body. He plays with a lot of passion and will push for playing time at the point. He's also tight with former Yellow Jacket teammate Chris Bosh and the Raptors surely want to keep him happy.

Look, I'm going to say it again - the chances of Jack staying are not 50% - more like 10%. Maybe I'm just preparing not to be disappointed, but I'm already ready for a team with no back-up PG and an inexperienced sophomore leading the way.........

In other draft news, BJ Elder works out for the Utah Jazz today......... Luke Schenscher worked out for the Nuggets on Monday.......Here's a draft preview.......