Sunday, June 26, 2005

Beesball: Texas A&M as good luck charm

We've reported it here already, but now the more mainstream media picked up on the story - that Texas A&M single-handedly changed the market for top coaches in the past few weeks. A call from their AD was a sure ticket for a raise and contract extension for at least 5 head coaches......

BILL BYRNE IS owed a few steak dinners by members of the college baseball coaching ranks. The Texas A&M athletics director’s recent play for the sport’s big-name coaches resulted in salary increases for South Carolina’s Ray Tanner, Clemson’s Jack Leggett, Georgia Tech’s Danny Hall, Cal State Fullerton’s George Horton and Rice’s Wayne Graham.

By putting a $500,000 price tag on those coaches’ heads as he attempted to woo them to Texas A&M, Byrne single-handedly help drive the salary levels for college baseball coaches to unprecedented heights.