Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Where are they now - Jason Varitek

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" 'Tek came off the field telling me, 'Here's the reason why I wanted to throw so-and-so," Myers explained. "We work together well. He's very cerebral. He studies everything. He learns the hitters' weaknesses and the pitchers' strengths. He knows how to attack a hitter in the first game in a way that will set him up for the third game."

"I have a lot of confidence in Varitek," Clement said. ''He's a special player. Unless you're on his team or get to play with him, you don't get the stuff that isn't out there -- like the home runs, or throwing a guy out stealing -- the communication with his pitchers, the taking the extra base when a guy gives it to him, getting the guys ready to go in the clubhouse, the dugout.

"For any pitcher, no matter what your role, the least amount of times you have to shake off what you have in mind is better for everyone, particularly for the rhythm of your appearance," Myers said. "I've had catchers call pitches before that I don't throw. They think it's best in a certain situation, but they've forgotten. They think I'm a typical lefthander.

"That's not going to ever happen with 'Tek."

Listen closely, and the buzz in the clubhouse is that Varitek has done wonders for Clement. Aside from his improved control, he hasn't given up a home run in 45{dbcomma} innings and has expanded his pitches. The pitcher deserves all the credit for putting the ball where it needs to go, but the catcher has played a role in suggesting just where those pitches might work best.