Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hoops Draft Notes

For those of you following the NBA lockout issues, here's the latest..... Here's an article on Jarrett Jack from a few days ago, talking about how Jack is trying to confirm his status in the draft.

"The feedback I'm getting isn't too concrete and the information varies as to where they see me going," Jack said. "Everyone knows I'm a first-round lock, but where in the first round? Some say in the back end and some say early. Hopefully, I'll have more substantial information next week."

Jack said he has worked out for Charlotte (No. 5 and 13), Minnesota (No. 15) and Toronto (No. 7 and 16). He said he's got a workout with the L.A. Lakers (No. 10) this week. All of these teams are looking for a point guard.

If you're noticing, the team with the lowest pick that Jack is working out for is Toronto, and the Raptors second selection is at No. 16. If Jack were to hear that he is a lock not to slip past Toronto, he's likely gone.

"That's something I'd like to hear," Jack said. "I'd like to go there [Toronto] and help them and create a buzz and help them get into the playoffs. I'll probably wait until [June] 20th, down to the last moment. I have to make sure I'm 100 percent going, not 60-40 and have regrets."

Now, since that time, I can tell you that momentum has been building and his draft status is solidifying. The reality is that he is not likely to end up on the board much past #16, but of course anything's possible.

If you want proof that his status is starting to solidify, then look at this - he's close to signing with an agent:

If the Lakers stand pat and don't make a deal, the two names that most NBA people think they will take at #10 are (in this order) Jarrett Jack, Ike Diogu or Sean May. Jack seems to fit in perfectly with what Phil Jackson looks for in his "point guard" as he can distribute the ball unselfishly, shoot a good percentage from behind the arc, defend NBA players better than any PG in this draft thanks to his outstanding height and strength, and also excel when playing off the ball. Jack, who is close to hiring Chicago based agent Henry Thomas according to sources, has a workout scheduled this Saturday at Boston going up against Roko Leni-Ukic.

Oh, by the way, guess who else is a client of agent Henry Thomas? Try Chris Bosh...........