Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hoops: Coach Hewitt on 790thezone

Coach Hewitt was on the local radio this morning with the following info:

- Will Bynum is headed to Boston.
- Luke Schenscher is chosing between Denver and San Antonio. Evidently Denver was looking to draft him but would not guarantee any $, so Luke's agent took a pass.
- New Orleans is interested in BJ Elder. Evidently they were set to draft him but had another player fall into place for them.
- Said Jarrett Jack and Deron Williams were THE premiere guards in this draft and people will see that a few years from now. He stood by this point even when asked about Chris Paul and Raymond Felton.
- Of the 4 UNC guys, he thinks Sean May will have the best career
- He was puzzled by Toronto's choice of Villanueva - that while Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor lit us up in the championship game, Villanueva did not.
- He felt bad for all these high school kids getting bad advice. He thinks some of these mock draft sites should be sued.
- Feels like the age-limit should be 20-years old and that college players are harder to fool into joining the draft.
- Said Tech fans should not worry about this year's team. Zam has lost 20lbs, the offense looks great, but he does have concerns on defense.