Saturday, June 11, 2005

Football: Tickets to Auburn Game

Info on mini-ticket packages for those who REALLY want to go to GT....... Meanwhile, the GT / Auburn rivalry is evidently helping create a demand for tickets. Our little rivalry is a pretty good one in the minds of Tiger fans:

Naughton says he believes the interest by Auburn fans in the Georgia Tech game has helped spark interest in the mini-season books, noting that the Tech game is becoming a “hot” ticket. “I believe Georgia Tech has sold all of its allotment of 8,000 tickets,” he says. “They asked us for more tickets, but we told them that we aren’t going to have any available for them.”

Naughton says he remembers the Tech game being a popular one for fans when he was a student at AU during the 1980s. “It looks like Georgia Tech is still a popular opponent,” he notes.

Tech was an original member of the Southeastern Conference and became one of Auburn’s main rivals during that period. The two teams continued to play annually even after Tech elected to leave the SEC and play in the ACC. However, the Yellow Jackets decided to drop the series, which was dormant for 17 years.