Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Football - Stewart Mandel is an idiot

Well look, Chan Gailey's tenure has been far from perfect, but let's be real - many of the problems we have gone through are not his responsibility. But you know what - when an institution repeatedly has these things pop up, the head coach is going to take the heat, even when reporters like super-weasel Stewart Mandel are not willing to research the truth. It shows that perceptions drive the day. They drive Wall Street and they drive major media as well. Hey Ian O'Connor - did you know that?

This from the super-weasel, who ranks Gailey as THE WORST coach in college football:

1. Chan Gailey, Georgia Tech: What's the difference between failed NFL coach Carroll and failed NFL coach Gailey? An ability to command respect from his players. For three years, the Jackets have demonstrated a lack of discipline both on the field (where they continually lay eggs just before or after flashing potential brilliance) and off it (numerous academic and legal casualties).

Look Stewie, you're entitled to your opinion, but why don't you lay at Chan Gailey's feet that which is in his control. Hey Tech fans, why don't you write Stewie and give him your "thoughts".

Having said all that, there is a new story over at the AJC on our on-going headaches. Evidently Tech is going to hire a lawyer to dispute the statement "lack of institutional control" that the NCAA handed down. Why are they doing this? Because the NCAA rejected Tech's summary disposition and decided to have a hearing on the case in the fall, everything is open. Theoretically the NCAA rejection should be a bad thing - or you would think. But interestingly, we had hints a few weeks back that this might have been a GOOD thing, sort of in the vain of the NCAA completely erasing the UGA Jim Herrick penalties. You know - the NCAA puts their arm around us and says - you guys are so good we're going to let you off with a warning - at least that's what Dave Braine thought. However, now it sounds more like Braine and the admin have no clue as to what the NCAA has in mind and they have decided to cover their bases, so they have hired a guy who used to work for the NCAA and has represented bunches of schools.

I will tell you one thing. Spin this anyway you want. If Dave Braine has to pull in the troops to avoid our first probation in school history, then by gosh we should do it. Even though that penalty is exactly what our own school recommended, since the NCAA rejected their disposition, now it's in play. I say fight against it................ then go make sure there are no other skeletons in our closet.