Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Beesball / Hoops & Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson was drafted by the Yankees in the 8th round with the 259th overall pick......Well, I had an entire arguement set out for you explaining why I think Austin Jackson will play basketball. Then I see this tiny innocent, almost non-chalant blurb from the Dallas-Star Telegram about 5 minutes ago:

Denton Ryan outfielder Austin Jackson, who has signed to play basketball at Georgia Tech, might be willing to forgo his original two-sport plan. Jackson said if he receives a fair offer, he will give up basketball.


Well, let's go through the arguments anyhow.

1. The Yankees seemed to be the team talking to Jackson the most prior to the draft. I have some level of confidence in that information, but not 100%. So it came as no surprise to me that he was chosen by the Yanks. They seem to have been interested in Jackson for a long time.

2. By taking him in the 8th round (#259), they are really taking a fairly low risk, knowing there's a decent chance he never shows up.

3. I don't think there's any doubt they will throw some significant money his way (probably 3-5 round money or better) to see if he would jump.

4. Key question #1 - what does Austin Jackson want to do? Every bit of media info we have gotten our paws on has pointed to his desire to play hoops (up until that little brown nugget above). But what does he really want.........now? Is the impending immediacy of the draft clouding his thinking? Clearing his thinking? Are the whole Jarrett Jack / Buck Fredrick sagas impacting his decision? Does the fact that it is the Yankees make a difference to him? Does it make a difference that he was drafted in the 8th round?

5. Key question #2 - What will the Yankees do? Will they support Austin Jackson's desire to play both minor league baseball and college hoops? I have heard one source claim strongly that the Yanks will never allow it - that they've been through that mess before and would force him to chose. I have another source that says they will be VERY supportive of the concept. That they would encourage him to show up at GT and give his hoops dream a shot.

Well, at the end of the day, if all Austin Jackson wants to give up hoops is a "fair offer", then it's all over. The Yankees are CERTAIN to give him a more than "fair" offer. So we'll see what happens. Don't assume this is a done deal though. Also, don't assume we'll hear anything soon either.................. Amazing how one tiny sentence in a newspaper can change your perspective so strongly (even though there are no direct quotes)..................