Monday, June 20, 2005

Around The Hive - Monday

Roberto Castro named to the Academic All-American Team. Congrats!!!!........ Troy Matteson had team support, and it worked, as he fared well, finishing tied for 10th in Knoxville......... Some Gwinnett kids are helping their recruiting stock..........

On the recruiting front, committed DT Ben Anderson, from the state of SC, was named the 22nd best recruit in the state by, and the 3rd best DT overall in SC. Not only that, but at a recent Nike camp, he dominated as the strongest of over 400 players, by repping 185lb on the bench 40 times. He's got good grades and a promising future on the gridiron, and he's firmly committed to Georgia Tech............ On the football scheduling front, the folks down at Georgia Southern are obviously a little upset that Georgia Tech wouldn't schedule them:

I have to admit I was disappointed to learn that Georgia Tech had scheduled football dates with Samford and Jacksonville State. Even recently I had discussed the possibility of scheduling a game with the Yellow Jackets. Just as we have done in Athens, I am confident we could sell 10,000-plus tickets for a game at Tech. Scheduling is a lot like love. You cannot make someone love you and you cannot make someone schedule you.

Any idea who this might be, talking about Arena League Football or maybe some lesser league?

His first indoor experience came the following spring. His agent told Jenkins about an Intense Football League team in Texas, the Lubbock Lone Stars. Their starting quarterback from Georgia Tech had bailed after one game. In his first appearance, Jenkins says he was "like 11 for 13 and four or five touchdowns."

He was surprised "the game came to me kind of quick." He started two games but had to leave before 2004 season's end to keep a commitment to join his father at Caroline County. "I didn't want to leave my dad dry, but I hated leaving [Lubbock]. Had I stayed, I would have had a chance at Arena1," Jenkins said.

In the "where are they now", a mention of Will Glover.

Wide receiver Will Glover recently left the Thunderbolts for a tryout with the Ottawa Rough Riders of the CFL after catching 33 passes for 431 yards and seven touchdowns in seven games.

Here's mention of Mark Logan helping at camp:

One of the most unsung factors in the development of young athletes is the opportunity to see where the fruits of their labor might take them. Attendees of Shell Dula’s Greenwood Eagles Football Camp at Greenwood High School will have a chance to do just that June 13-15. One of the highlights of the camp will be the appearance of two former Eagles who have gone on to play football at the NCAA Division I level: Clemson University’s Jad Dean and former Georgia Tech player Mark Logan.

Logan enjoyed a four-year career with the Yellow Jackets, seeing action at quarterback, punt returner, and wide receiver. The Georgia Tech graduate’s collegiate career was highlighted by a diving 26-yard TD catch in the team’s upset win over Auburn in 2003.

Is Conference USA the land of lost coaches?

After making a return to head coaching after serving under father Lou Holtz at South Carolina, ECU's first-year coach said he was awestruck upon seeing all of C-USA's football bosses in front of him.

"You start looking around, and there's Mike Price, George O'Leary, Tommy West," Holtz said. "I look down that line and think, alright, Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Clemson – these guys are good football coaches."

Where is Coach Gailey when it comes to coaches "on the hot seat"? Well, Sportsline sees him as "Safe - Solid Position" with their ranking system. Of course, there is only 1 ACC coach ranked worse - UNC's Bunting, while T.Bowden of Clemson and Larry Coker of Miami also garner the 2.5.............. Jonathan Smith played in the NFL Europe championship game and scored a TD........

Is Jarrett Jack on the verge of taking his name out of the draft. A quick read over at might lead you to believe that, but don't. Read it again, and realize that it only casts doubt based on the fact that Jack has yet to hire an agent, even as the dealine approaches.

With the June 21st early entry withdrawal date quickly approaching, the big question right now is who will stay in? Several players on the bubble trying to dec
ide whether to stay in or pull out include Jarrett Jack, Ike Diogu, Rudy Fernandez and big men Randolph Morris and Andrew Bynum.

Both Jack and Diogu are considered very good shots to get into the first round. However both players would like to be solidly in the first round with a good idea they will be taken at or around 20. And for now that appears to be uncertain.

Jack coming back would be an absolute miracle, so don't go getting your hopes up. I've been telling you that since the end of the season, and I haven't changed my mind yet............. Here's mention of Will Bynum getting thrashed recently:

Former Brevard Community College standout Daryl Dorsey created quite a buzz at the NBA camp with his point-guard play throughout the week. Dorsey, the nation's No. 2 junior-college scorer (28.6 ppg.) while at BCC, demolished Georgia Tech point guard Will Bynum on Friday and might have played well enough to get himself drafted in the second round.

Here's one guy's mock draft with Jarrett Jack staying on the board until pick #24, where he thinks the Rockets will take. Sorry, but not likely he'll still be around then.......

Anyone heard of "Doozie"? Well, that's Braves Bullpen Coach Bobby Dews:

Also retained, of course, is Bullpen Coach Bobby Dews. “Doozie has been the picture of youth and vigor for so many years that he fits in with the “New” Braves,” Ms. Cox said. “Besides with his degree in English from Georgia Tech, he will be able to help the boys with homework while on the road.”

For some good older Buzz logo's and pics check out this thread over at the Hive.......... The first woman dean in GT school history is stepping down........... A great father's day read - worth the time.....

"....I talk to him when I'm sitting at Bobby Dodd Stadium watching Georgia Tech play football. When we had no other common ground and had nothing to talk about, we could always talk about football. I remember watching this man, so quiet and stoic around the house, blossom into this fist pumping, clapping, hollering joyful soul with a cigar in the corner of his mouth that seemed to really enjoy life when he was watching the Yellow Jackets. The smell of cigars and Old Spice aftershave permeate my memories of those fall afternoons. My family and I still have Tech season tickets and I find myself on those gameday mornings in my bathroom slapping Old Spice on my face, wishing that I wasn't asthmatic so that I could smoke a cigar......"