Monday, June 13, 2005

Hoops: More wierdness with John Salley

One of our readers found this interesting tidbit on John Salley vs Shaq:

Ms. Rodgers will tell you a story about a Steve Harvey and John Salley conversation that took place on 100.3 FM The Beat over a month ago. She'll tell you how Steve and John got into an argument on the air about the whole Shaq/Kobe deal. She'll tell you how Steve sided with Diesel while John said Shaquille needs to let the whole thing die. Saying to Steve, "You're talking about Kobe, but Shaq's the one running around here not letting it go. He's the one saying the Lakers did him wrong. Kobe isn't saying anything. He's in Europe, vacationing with his wife."

She'll tell you how on the next day, Shaq himself called in to the radio station and said, "[Salley] rode our backs to get his rings."

She'll tell you how Shaq then called Salley a sellout, an Uncle Tom.

Then she'll pop in a cassette. She'll speak no longer. The next voice you hear belongs to John Salley.

"A sellout? If I see Shaq, I'm punching him in the face. I mean, I love the brotha and he's [my] frat, but … "

But even on the bench, Shaq has continued to help counsel Dwyane Wade.
For over 10 minutes, Salley, who considered Shaq a friend, who played with him, who won a ring with him, publicly severed his relationship with one of the most "untouchable" athletes in sports.

And he didn't seem to care.