Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Football - 1960 vs Alabama

Interesting story about a GT / 'Bama football game from 1960:

For many years the Alabama placekicker was not a specialist. He played another position until called on for a field goal or extra point try. Tommy Brooker, who kicked on Bama’s 1960 and 1961 teams, would go on to pro football as and end, but have his greatest fame as a placekicker, ending what was then the longest game in history. And although Brooker kicked Alabama to a 3-0 win over Auburn in 1960, he is best known for a kick he did not make–or even attempt. He was injured when Alabama played Georgia Tech that year and Digger O’Dell, and end from Lincoln, was called on to make the only field goal of his career. Bama won 16-15 as time ran out, but those listening to the Alabama radio network didn’t know until the newspapers came out the next day that it wasn’t Brooker.