Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hoops: Will "the Thrill" doing just that...

...evindently Willie B (Bynum) is lighting up the field at the Chicago Pre-Draft Camp. Not bad for a guy not even invited until Louis Williams pulled out..........

Will Bynum isn't supposed to be here, much less be the most impressive player after one game of the 2005 NBA pre-draft camp. But that was Bynum out there Wednesday, dunking on bigger players, blocking shots and getting to the rim whenever he wanted.

Could Bynum slip into the 2nd or even the first round?

"I've heard anything from second round to maybe slipping into the first if I do well here," Bynum said. "I've had private workouts for nine teams so far."

Wouldn't it just be fantastic to see Elder, Luke and Bynum drafted? What a day that would be, along with the bittersweet when Jack is drafted before them all.......

Here's another article on Bynum, "seemingly born with springs in his heels".

Of course, this is not good on Luke, labeled in the "other duds" column:

Other duds include Georgia Tech C Luke Schenscher (two points, six turnovers), North Carolina F Jawad Williams (five points, 2-of-9 shooting), Pittsburgh G Carl Krauser (two points, three turnovers) and Texas C Jason Klotz (four points, three fouls, one turnover).