Friday, June 24, 2005

John Salley is at it again

This time, making bets with Eva Longoria, of Desparate Housewives fame. There is another connection with Salley and that show, as it was reported that he had a heavy petting session with Teri Hatcher at some party....... All I can say is the fact that the Pistons lost means a huge ratings drop for Best Damn Sports Show:

DELIVER ME FROM EVA II. While the Pistons were mauling the bejesus out of the Spurs, I kept moving around the arena looking for Tony Parker's girlfriend, hot babe Eva Longoria of the Desperate Housewives fame.

I didn't find her. Or maybe, she just didn't want to be found.

Anyway, the Pistons just got a little more incentive to beat the Spurs because Eva just made a bet with ex-Pistons John Salley who is now one of the hosts of Fox TV's Best Damn Sports Show Period.

"I have a bet with John Salley. If the Spurs lost, I would come on in a bikini. If the Spurs won, he's coming on in a Speedo."

All of a sudden I now want Detroit to win. Not because I want to see Eva with as little clothing as possible, but because I'm afraid that the sight of John Salley in a Speedo might hasten the coming of the apocalypse.