Thursday, June 09, 2005

NBA Draft Notes

This is a few days old, but thought I would post it anyhow:

First, LISTEN to what Jarrett Jack had to say about his workout with the Raptors. Evidently he tweaked an ankle but it seems to be minor. Jack will get ready for the Chicago Pre-Draft Camp next, then he's off to workout for the Lakers. His final decision will come sometime soon after that workout..... Here's the Raptor's scouting report on Jack....

Hey, Isma'il Muhammad is getting a look from the Denver Nuggets:

The Nuggets will work out four draft prospects Sunday. They are Ersan Ilyasova of Turkey; Isma'il Muhammad of Georgia Tech; Ellis Myles of Louisville; and Sean Banks of Memphis.

A brief mention of Jarrett Jack in a story about Monte Ellis:

Phoenix also loves high schooler Monta Ellis, and is was said to be hoping he will slip to them at 21, but they may figure he'll be gone by the time they pick.

According to sources, Ellis had a favorable match up with Jarrett Jack in their workout in Minnesota. Ellis is considered a likely top 20 pick with a legit chance to quick-first-step his way into the late lottery. Minnesota has been searching for a talented young point guard to pair with KG for years, and could make a pick for the future with Ellis.

Here's mention of Jack and the Hawks again in a "mailbag" at the AJC:

Jack would be ideal for a Hawks team that selects Marvin Williams or Andrew Bogut at No. 2 — hypothetically speaking, of course.