Saturday, June 11, 2005

Evidently Dr. Wayne Clough will be on vacation

Is there a doctor in the house? What would you do if you had vacation planned for more than a year, non-refundable tickets booked and the NCAA was ready to meet with you on that date? That's what Dr.Wayne Clough has on his plate......... Speaking of this issue, the AJC is reporting in it's print version that Georgia Tech is putting the blame for the entire situation on Frank Roper, a GT grad, who was the registrar from 1968-2000, until he retired. His name very well could be on your diploma. They (the school) are saying he was responsible for incorrectly certifying the athletes because he did not keep up with academic regulations and that he was responsible for improperly training the people doing the job after he left.

Ok, here's my take. Frank Roper is only partially responsible for making sure he upgraded his training and kept current. Someone in the administration should have had a training program in place to keep the skills current. Obviously they didn't, if Roper was allowed to miss training classes and seminars with no recourse. Then the system allowed a guy not properly trained to train the other people on the staff. Can you say "fox guarding henhouse"?

At the end of the day, it was still just stupidity. It is still highly embarrassing to Tech alumni, no matter what the outcome.........