Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hoops Draft Updates

Well, here is the latest.......Will Bynum looks to be joining the Celtics summer league roster:

Undrafted Vermont star Taylor Coppenrath was added to the Celtics' summer league roster. He joins Tony Allen, Delonte West, Al Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins, first-round pick Gerald Green, second-rounder Orien Greene, Gomes, and likely Marcus Banks and undrafted Georgia Tech guard Will Bynum.

Now, Danny Ainge has some pretty high praise for Bynum:

Ainge was also pleased to pull in Will Bynum, a 6-footer from Georgia Tech who averaged 12.5 points a game and threw in 35 against North Carolina in the ACC tournament.

``I'm going to say I think Will Bynum is better than at least 25 to 30 players that were drafted,'' Ainge said. ``That's my honest opinion.

``I think Will Bynum is in the same category as a Nate Robinson, and he's a first-round pick. I think those guys are very similar.''

However, Bynum's stint will be short:

Bynum will only be with the summer squad for five days.

Don't ask me what that means......... Looks like the Bulls are interested in Bynum (too late) and Luke Schenscher:

The Bulls were hoping to get Charlotte’s Eddie Basden, Michigan State’s Alan Anderson, Iowa State’s Jared Homan, along with Will Bynum and Luke Schenscher from Georgia Tech to attend their rookie-free agent camp that begins Saturday.

Luke is not getting down about being drafted.

"I was just talking to my agent and he said there was a couple of times where teams wanted to take me (in the second round) but they wouldn't guarantee me a contract for next year," Schenscher said. "So it was probably better not to be drafted in that situation.

"There are summer leagues coming up, so I'll have to find a team to play on for summer league and hopefully get picked up by a team that way.

"The hard work doesn't stop, I'll keep going and see what happens from here."

And an interesting perspective about being drafted in the 2nd round versus not at all:

"In the first round of the draft your contract is guaranteed but in the second round there is no contract guarantee," Ames said.

"If the team that drafts you has a lot of interest in you, then you are in a good situation. But if the team drafts you just to hold your rights, then you don't have any other teams to negotiate with. In some cases you are better off not being drafted because now we can talk to all 30 teams and find the best spot. From our standpoint he's got a bright future in the NBA. He's just got to work to get there."

Meanwhile, here's a brief AP mention of Jack and the threat he poses to diaper-dandy Sebastian Telfair. The truth - look for Jack to backup Telfair and get 15-20 minutes per game........

Here's a site grading the draft with this on Jack's pick:

Portland: (Overall Draft Grade: B-)
6. Martell Webster, SG, Seattle Prep; 27. Linas Kleiza, PF, Missouri (Kleiza was traded to Denver); 35. Ricky Sanchez, F, IMG Academy (Sanchez was traded to Denver)
Comments: I love the pick of Martell Webster, he should be a great fit for Portland. He was hands down the better overall player than Gerald Green and he’ll stay out of trouble. The fact he is somewhat local doesn’t hurt either. He’s used to the weather and the lifestyle. The Blazers also nabbed Jarret Jack, which is surprising considering all the hype they put on Sebastian Telfair as the future point guard, he and Jack are developmentally at about the same place. Odd decision – surely points to Damon Stoudamire being let loose.

This on Orien Greene working out with Jarrett Jack. Remember that Boston had a pick in the high teens and wanted a PG. They ended up picking Gerald Greene, but took Orien Greene with the 53rd pick:

Greene sealed his draft status in his second workout with the Boston Celtics. The defensive player of the year in his conference, Greene shut down Georgia Tech guard Jarrett Jack and Croatian guard Roko Ukic in private workouts.

Here's a case of taking one comment out of context and putting the rest of the quote with it. Jarrett, get used to it - it's call the media.....

Less than a ringing endorsement. Georgia Tech point guard Jarrett Jack was drafted 22d by Denver and then traded to Portland. When asked his thoughts on Portland, he responded: "It's definitely a team that's rebuilding."

You have to hand it to the Hawks - they tried to get the hometown guy with Jack. Check it out:

They tried to acquire each pick from No. 17 through No. 22 in order to take Georgia Tech point guard Jarrett Jack.

Chasing Jack

"Carole," Knight said to his executive assistant, Carole Harding, as the draft moved through the middle of the first round, "can you get Isiah on the phone for me?"

A little later: "Carole, can you call Joe for me, Joe Dumars? No, Carole, Sacramento first, Wayne Cooper."

A series of conversations — with Knicks president Isiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons president Dumars, Sacramento Kings vice president Wayne Cooper, Memphis Grizzlies president Jerry West, Phoenix Suns president Bryan Colangelo and others — were part of an intense effort by Knight to get a pick in time to take Jarrett Jack, the Georgia Tech point guard. "We tried from 17 on to get a pick," Knight said. "Jack was our target."

The calls were friendly but succinct. Knight would ask if a team was committed to keeping its upcoming pick. If the team said yes, end of conversation. If the team expressed openness to trading or selling the pick, Knight would discuss asking price and offering price.

Talks included various combinations of cash, future picks and rights to players under Hawks control. Some teams wanted the Hawks to take large contracts of undesirable players in return for a pick. Some wanted the Los Angeles Lakers' conditional 2006 first-round pick, which the Hawks own via an earlier trade if it is not in the top 10.

"That could be the 11th pick in the draft next year," Knight said. "To give it up for No. 17 or No. 22 . . . does it make sense to do that?"

The flurry of calls stopped when Denver selected Jack with the 22nd pick and traded him to Portland.

Here's a nice review of the Blazer's draft night:

Never have I been so happy to see Russ Granik, NBA deputy commissioner. Granik announced the trade of Kleiza and Sanchez for Jarrett Jack (pg, Georgia Tech), selected 22nd by the Denver Nuggets. The trade was easy on the ears. Portland gains more backcourt presence in Jack who brings a larger frame (6’3) to the picture along with a nice outside touch (.442 3 pt %). Those in the NBA studio who chimed in (Smith and Greg Anthony) called the trade “a good move” and a “mature” choice by Portland. I’m not too sure many can argue with that. Yes, Portland was rumored to make more moves during the draft. One trade scenario had Ruben Patterson and another being shipped to Utah for Gordan Giricek and Kirk Snyder. But it never came to fruition. Perhaps swapping pre-draft picks with Utah and the trade with Denver was more logical. Either way the decision made on draft night by Portland was win-win.

Imagine: Portland gains Martell Webster and Jarrett Jack, two players who display strong NBA potential, solid character, along with basketball genes. Webster is cousins to Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Terry, while Jack is related to Chris Duhon of the Chicago Bulls. Not bad genes at all. Add this to the Sebastian Telfair-Stephon Marbury connection and it’s a family affair in Portland.

Only time will tell if this family tree will blossom or need pruning.

Here's more on the Curtis Kelly decision to commit to UConn........ Here's more on Curtis Kelly and mention of 2 UConn players being investigated for a series of burgleries. Just dandy...... Yet another story, with hints of his issues with effort and academics......