Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where are they now - Mark Teixeira

Big Tex has a big night. In his first all-star appearance, Mark Teixeira goes yard. Ok, he didn't fare too well in the HR-Derby, but he in the game situation he hits an opposite field shot - right handed no less. In fact, it was his first long-ball from the right side of the plate all season. I tell you, I saw Mark interviewed at the HR-Derby and after the game tonight, and he's just so well-spoken, and seemed so humble. It's obvious that he's just enjoying the ride....... The folks over at USA Today have followed Mark and chronicled some his activities...... However, for a truly OUTSTANDING article, you must read this. The Dallas Morning News talks about his mother having breast cancer, one of his best friends dying in a car wreck and how he has dealt with adversity. Also, notice the props from Alex Rodriquez, his former teammate........... In this article, Mark comments on the steroid issue and the HR-Derby:

"I don't know how much steroids had to do with the home runs before, because I thought it got way too much publicity in the media," said Texas first baseman Mark Teixeira, who didn't make it out of the first round Monday night. "But I don't want to be labeled as a non-steroids home-run hitter. So if people perceived that before, I think it's good they'll stop thinking that way."

Here's more from his local papers about his first all-star trip.......... Evidently Tex is more than willing to play in the first World Baseball Classic.............. In this mid-season progress report, Tex gets the team MVP nod........... Mark seems to like the swank treatment the players received in Detroit......... Here's an interesting Q&A about the Rangers' image problem - mainly that the players want to win now, but management doesn't give a crap.............. This writer wrote his story on the game before it happened, and had Tex hitting a grad slam.......... Here's more great stuff from his hometown paper..........