Friday, July 29, 2005

What's Buzzin for Friday

Dez White has had some internal cramping and abdominal problems. However, he's back at practice after a hospital visit.............. A brief mention of Georgia Tech by Auburn coach Tommy Tubberville........... Who ARE these ACC quarterbacks anyway????. Also note the poll on this page for the best QB in the ACC. Right now Charlie Whitehurst gets the nod with 40% of the note, while Reggie Ball gets 31%. Not bad............ Auburn's new starting running back Trey Smith had to have an emergency appendectomy, but it looks like he'll be back in the line-up for the opener against Tech. Damn medical science......... Here's some quick thoughts on Auburn's strengths and weaknesses......

Georgia Tech is the top producer of African-American engineers.................. A former Georgia Tech admin person in the liberal arts college was shot and killed yesterday by police......... Interesting situation with former UGA recruit Jamar Chaney. The Bulldogs wouldn't take him, but Miss St did, thanks to Mark Richt personally vouching for him. "He's good enough for Miss St, just not UGA".....

Ok, PaulWesterDawg has thrown down the gauntlet - time for Jacket fans to respond. Just remember - keep it to a 2nd grade reading level or he'll never get it.

Here are a few thing overheard by Freshmen at UGA:

- Is there a campus dental plan? My tooth is getting dirty
- Where's da bookstore. I need me a new box of crayons. Ya know, the kind wid da sharpener in da back.
- Now where do I sign me up for Jim Harrick's class?
- I know I's gonna end up working for a Georgia Tech graduate, but we'll win us some dang football games. Whooo, partieee.
- Mommy, why did I come to Georgia again? I already have a high school diploma.
- I know that I am inferior in most ways to Georgia Tech people, so I must learn to strike out against them, calling them names and making fun of the very things I fall short on (oh wait, that is one of the top things THOUGHT at UGA, not said).