Friday, July 29, 2005

Hoops: What a Pisser

No return trip from Kansas this season to AMC. Forget about it. Evidently AMC was double-booked, so the re-match with Kansas will have to wait until next season. Sorry, but that sucks..... Here's Bill Self's comment:

"It's not (ideal situation) in a perfect world, but it was an innocent mistake," KU coach Bill Self said. "They didn't want to play it downtown (at Georgia Dome). I certainly understand why they want to play it on campus. After they experienced the atmosphere we had at the fieldhouse, they want to have the same home-court advantage. With a young team, it's OK for us to put it off a year. We'll be facing very tough competition in Maui this year."

Here's Coach Hewitt:

"I am not going to play that game in Philips Arena," Tech coach Paul Hewitt said. "I want to play that game on campus."

The most important lesson in all this? Academics are still #1 at Georgia Tech, as graduation ceremonies trumped college basketball. Go figure!!!

On another note, notice in that Macon Telegraph article that Willie Reese and John O'Connor have switched jobs, with Reese now Director of Basketball Operations and O'Connor hitting the recruiting trail...........