Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What's Buzzin' on Tuesday

Well, I have recorded a brand new Podcast, but I'm having trouble getting it hosted. If I had recorded the same way as last time (through my cell phone), no problem. But I had to go and get fancy. The challenge is finding a site that will allow free hosting and unlimited bandwidth for these files (this one is about 29 meg). The show covers the college football preview magazines and my take on them. In addition there are some goodies in there that should make the show fun and interesting.

In addition, the GT Sports Blog Podcast is now listed in the ITunes Podcast directory, which will increase the traffic. Unfortunately, they have it listed as "GT Sports Podcast", without any mention of "Georgia Tech", which I need to fix. Cool though.

Mark Bradley had an article in the AJC about Chan Gailey losing 30lbs. Says he looks great................... The AJC also has an article on Dennis Davis, who is ready to return to the line-up. He's faster than Reubon Houston and even Kenny Scott, but just not as physical. After two shoulder surguries (the first one side-by-side with Houston, who had the same surgury at the same time)............... In that same article there's an interesting comment about Reubon Houston, implying that he could actually play in the fall. That's right. Coach Gailey says that a lot can happen between now and September and that they are at the mercy of the courts and the school. Why is this possible? Well, there are rumors around campus that there is actually more to the story than you read in the papers. Evidently one of the players started a petition as well, indicating there is more to the truth than has been let out. I haven't seen it, but that's the scuttlebutt. Looking at the events, what if they were actually quite different than they appeared? What if Reubon got into that SUV thinking he was going out on the town. What if the guy with him told him about the drugs in the vehicle during the ride and Houston immediately said let me out, and they ditched the vehicle? Remember, that one article indicated Houston had a small child with him before he got into the vehicle (reports are that he has a daughter). Is it possible that Houston was so flippant and careless that he would actually bring a child into the situation? Hard to imagine. Anyhow, stay tuned. There just may be more to this story, but personally, I hate this kind of speculation. I mean, what are the real odds of Houston being acquitted and reinstated to school again?................ Another note - the article says that Reggie Ball called a team meeting to make sure everyone understand that no matter who shows up on the field, they have a championship to win. Well, you go dude!! Nice leadership.................. Want to know about Georgia Tech's summer workout schedule? Click here and read the USA Today article - evidently every player on the team is in this summer participating........... Here's a jumbled, hard to read article about the pre-season football magazines..........

How about this - Anthony McHenry is showing up on the San Antonio Spurs summer league roster. He didn't play in their first game, but did get 3 minutes in yesterday's game. Total zero's across the stat line. Do you think Paul Hewitt had something to do with getting him on that roster? Do you think it was a coincidence that T-Mac was added after Luke Schenscher dropped off after signing a deal with the Nuggetts? I don't know. Just speculating.................. BJ Elder has played a couple of summer league games with mediocre results (39 minutes, 1-9, 0-2 3pt, 1 board, 1 assist, no steals, 1 to, 5 fouls, 2 pts)........... Will Bynum is now playing in the Hudson Campbell Pro Am League on the Chicago team, along with Shawn Marion of the Suns...................... Wow, you want to see how business really works. Want to see how Nike treats 16-year old kids who might be able to make them money? Take a close look. Nice find by RamblinRed. It is sick and disturbing, and they all do it. Don't think that Nike is alone in this behavior. They are all about the mighty dollar and it's big business locking in the next Lebron James early...................... Recruit Alex Stephenson is mentioned here............... Some recruiting notes, mostly on Greg Oden.................. As expected the Raptors picked up their option on Chris Bosh. And here's a "build Toronto around Bosh" article..................... Here's an interview with Jarrett Jack.........