Friday, July 01, 2005

Hoops Notes

Hey, talk about media savy and fact-checking - NOT!!

Don’t expect Hodge to be rattled by Karl’s reluctance to play young players. Hodge has taken a lot of hits in his life — including one in the groin from Georgia Tech guard Chris Paul during the recent college season — and he has always rebounded. He’s ready to prove his worth to his new team.

Jarrett Jack made his first public appearance with the Blazers on Thursday along with high school phenom Martell Webster....

Here's a quote from Jack in this story:

Jack, a 6-3 guard from Georgia Tech, is being brought in to compete with Sebastian Telfair, the New York prep guard the Blazers took with the 13th overall selection a year ago.

"I think me and Martell are coming in to do the same thing, add some more of that young energy and get the program back in a winning direction," Jack said.