Monday, July 25, 2005

Football - More on Media Day

Defense could be the name of the game (again) in the ACC........ The Georgia Tech defense still has swagger. Note that the article says that Mansfield Wrotto will in fact start fall practice back on the defensive side of the ball......... Here's mention of Georgia Tech's inconsistent play......... Here's more from PJ Daniels.......... This blogger has a problem with Tony Barnhart not picking Chan Gailey as one of the coaches on the hotseat.......... Here are comments from Gerris Wilkinson, including this on incoming freshman Michael Johnson:

Have any of the freshmen been impressive in the voluntary summer workouts?

"At least once a week, Eric Henderson will come up to me and say, You've got to see Michael Johnson. It's a similar kind of buzz to what there was for Calvin last year, but it's different for a defensive player. You have to wait to see how he will do with pads on, going against a 300-pound offensive lineman.

And this on Calvin Johnson:

"It's rare that you see someone with that type of talent go into the weight room every day and work as hard as he does. And on top of that, he's humble."

Now this is cool - the wikipedia site has a clear documentation on the 1990 Colorado 5th down fiasco and the impact on Georgia Tech.

Although it was almost immediately apparent what had happened, because time had run out there could be no appeal for Missouri. Colorado went on to win the Big Eight Conference championship. After defeating Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl, Colorado shared the national championship with Georgia Tech. If Colorado had not won the Missouri game Georgia Tech would have been the undisputed national champion. The Colorado coach, Bill McCartney, defended Colorado and himself against accusations of cheating by arguing that Colorado would have never thrown the second intentionally incomplete pass if they had realized that it was actually 4th down.

Miami's Eric Winston will be back in action on their O-Line, after his season-ending injury against Georgia Tech last season.......... More from around the ACC.................. Reggie Ball and Calvin Johnson could be the difference........ Three ACC teams will have early challenges, including Georgia Tech............ Here's a Boston College blogger living in ATL.......

Now I'm not one to criticize a coaches game-day prep schools (oh wait, yes I am), so check out this comment by Tye Hill, on the scouting report on Calvin Johnson going into the Clemson game last season. Look, I know he was unproven, but come on - he was ranked one of the top 5 receivers coming out of high school and the reports all summer were how physically gifted the kid was. Ok, nobody knew he would have the incredible catching ability he showed, but Tommy Bowden, where were you?

On Georgia Tech sophomore receiver Calvin Johnson:
I was very impressed by the way he played. He showed the ability to stay composed under pressure. We didn't know anything about him last year. He wasn't on the scouting report and we went into that game blind.

We know about him now. His name will be highlighted everywhere on this year's scouting report. We'll probably have arrows pointing every which way at him. I'll probably know his favorite movie by kickoff.