Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hoops: The Back-Story on Zam Fredrick

Well, we had a sense of things, but one thing is for sure - Brian Murphy's article on Buck is a good first step in setting the recored straight on what really happened between Zam and his father and Coach Hewitt. If the article is true, then Buck never wanted to leave, only explored the transfer to appease his father, and is happy to be here. In addition he just wants to be GT's PG. He doesn't want to be "the guy who was going to transfer"

"He (his father) had a different perspective of what was going on. I let him
talk. He called and talked to whoever he wanted to talk to. Me and coach Hewitt
had an understanding. The understanding wasn't the same for everybody. My father
and coach Hewitt got into it," Zam Fredrick said. "I always wanted to come

Here's what I like - we finally get to hear from Zam himself. What I hated the most about all those other media stories was never hearing from Zam. Now in hindsight, it's pretty clear the pickle he was in. He's trying to establish an identity, make his own mark, while playing in the shadow of his ex-playing star / coach / father who is clearly overbearing, but means well.

Here's the best part of the articles an old quote from Coach Hewitt:

"He was the most rapidly improving as a freshman. Nobody wanted to hear it because he was playing behind Jarrett and Will," Hewitt said. "But we saw it everyday in practice."